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  1. We should see radar begin to intensity a little bit. Seems to be something re energizing snowfall just to our north, as it drops south.
  2. I lean MA hit but occlusion concerns up here. Doesn't matter. Interior gets pounded.
  3. I'm scared of rain. Cutoff lows meandering? That stinks of long easterly winds. If this was early December, close the shades. Time of year should help this
  4. 4" in Dennisport. I'm in the wrong place
  5. Went to check out afd, no mention of norlun yet
  6. How far west we talking? Is this really worth keeping an eye on? Dawn awakening?
  7. How do I have 1.5" more than Scott
  8. Ring is huge now. I'd say 25% of houses have it in city
  9. Looking like another burst is coming. Cross hair is scooters
  10. Any idea how this plays out timing wise? @ORH_wxman
  11. Radar really ugly after this burst. Should get very quiet in an hour.