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  1. All I can say is WTF. Flowers blooming in Cambridge.
  2. Thank you everyone. I truly appreciate it. I'm working that network now as we speak. Scott- not sure real estate is what I want permanently. We've discussed a little one on one about that. There's a lot of scum baggery involved in it. I feel like I'm destined to do something a little more meaningful. Or so I hope.
  3. I know most are hesitant on sharing this type of stuff but I don't care, always worth a shot. Was laid off this AM. Have experience in a variety of areas. Most recently a project manager last few years. If anyone has anything in mind in Boston or South shore please shoot me a message. I can forward resume. Thanks guys.
  4. My girlfriend does her best to make me feel like I'm married. At least she provides structure and I'm no longer a shmuck LOL.
  5. Worst part of weak winters here is the feeling that it is March for about 5 straight months. Gross.
  6. I need to cancel my weather models subscription lol
  7. Nothing crazy here so I must be right on the line.
  8. We got over 100 pages, felt like the time.
  9. Just had two shots of steroids in the ole lower back a few weeks ago. Sciatica a bit better. Need to hit the gym to strengthen my back and legs. If I get in a bit better shape, maybe I break 80 first time this year. If I keep eating pizza, I'll be completely sidelined, LOL.
  10. I would actually log off, but I enjoy weenies wallowing in misery.
  11. I love ice setups, I can log off the board and know rain is coming.