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  1. What is causing the radar to bloom now after dark? Bugs? Birds?
  2. Well. **** the average Americans. Mitch McConnell is going home for 28 days. Talks are off. My unemployment ends in three weeks.
  3. Yup. These big companies are also some of the few who still provide pensions. Actual fair benefits, etc. Best way to head for a job.
  4. Jokes aside, There are a lot of idiots out there. But I am doing well and so are some others... It's about the only thing entertaining me during the pandemic.
  5. Just download RobinHood, put all your savings in the stock market, blindfold yourself, and put money in the stock your dart lands on
  6. LOL, this one is nat gas. I'm sure you can figure it out easy enough. Would be based out of Waltham/West Rox. NW of the city, snowier areas here I come.
  7. My GF is a big four alum, but she refuses to talk to anyone about taxes or advising etc. You need to pick the right type of accountant.
  8. Its not in residential or real estate. It's a large utility company. Union has been notified they will be hiring. They haven't been given the go yet. But sounds like I'm in once it's unfrozen.
  9. And those executive actions don't even do anything for us yet. He's bragging about passing the actions, but they aren't even in effect.
  10. That's what I was in before. Laid off on the real estate construction side of things. I have a job lined up, but hiring is frozen for that particular company. I just hope they hire soon because this sucks.
  11. 17% of MA is out of work. We're on the verge of collapsing. @Ginx snewx will be right about the second great depression if they don't get something passed.
  12. Senate needs to pull their heads out of their asses, especially Mitch Mcconnell. My own unemployment is running out. Probably applied to at least 100 jobs. The market is dead.
  13. Yes, I would have a beach and pool though if that was the case! I would not live in Dot