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  1. Golfing tomorrow for the first time. I'm wildly out of shape and my back is a mess. Peloton can't come soon enough
  2. Yesterday might end up being one of the best days of the year. Absolutely epic on the back deck. I enjoyed it so much. Needed that vitamin D, deeze nuts
  3. Drinking twisted teas on my back deck like a frat kid burning my pasty white Irish skin after a nice doobie. My flowers look great. Can hear the homeless fighting in ashmont square. Character>yuppies. We must be down sloping. Winds kicking up. Hot gusts of air.
  4. Haven't posted in here for 2 weeks. Seems like we're really going nowhere. It's a bummer.
  5. Feels like 15 degrees colder in southie compared to dot
  6. This is the thickest fog I've ever seen in Dorchester. Obviously seen it this thick plenty of times in Southie.
  7. There was a few scans were I expected lowell area to receive a tor warning. Wouldn't be surprised if that's a quick spin up.
  8. Lot of damage reports coming out of Lowell area
  9. Looks like the line might be weakening imo
  10. I may have successfully meh'd my way to a svr warning. Learned from watching the rev
  11. The timing is classic SNE. Best north and west. At least east of 91.