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  1. We're tracking d6 snow showers I see.
  2. Say goodbye to the band shortly. Fizzle fizzle fizzle. Deep sadness ensues.
  3. I'm guessing we're at about 7" in Dorchester
  4. I should have changed my name to midlevel magic
  5. Storms like this are great. The snow lingers. It continue to pile up. It seems like it will just last all day. But then it stops. And when it does. It's sad. I wish it would snow forever.
  6. I think all snow bands should rotate around 93 like this.
  7. Heaviest snow of the event here in Dorchester. Can tell this is the final hurrah. Snow winds down in Boston around 3pm.
  8. Well, it was triggered by two completely different things. That's probably why.
  9. I had my little hissy fit before logging on to actually see the meso page last night. Seemed pretty obvious it would be a nice little 3-6" event despite the models being out to lunch. Follow 700-850 track, and it was pretty textbook actually.
  10. It latched on to that convection and never let go. Might be something to keep in mind when dealing with mid level related snowfalls going forward.
  11. One hell of a death band forming NW of Portland ME
  12. As we see the outer (weaker) band rotate down from ME, we probably see the stuff over ORH-Kevin consolidate over the far eastern portions of SNE into a dominant band, with light snow elsewhere.
  13. I would say the 4.3 at Logan is likely accurate. I have no problem with that measurement.