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  1. Storms firing around E PA ahead of a weak mcs worth watching. Lifting ne
  2. Box noted earlier this entire thing was delayed. Can see some storms over mid Atlantic. They are heading toward western sne.
  3. Big temperature difference. I work mornings so I leave forf work at 3:30am. Chilly chilly lately. Today was no different. 47f and fall like. But now up to 70 as this warm front punches into CT. Dews higher too.
  4. Enjoying an IPA here new place is finally starting to come together. Football today. Looking forward to it. Taking the Raiders and Bengals spread
  5. Our chief met emailed some amazing pics of this so it must have been pretty widespread
  6. Beautiful crisp fall evening in the Great west. I can feel warm coastal huggers coming soon to new England near you. Soon scooter will meet lord taint.
  7. Looks like it's gonna dump here at work in Rocky Hill. Was very warm and mild when I left for work. Had an unstable feel. Damage
  8. I got weenied twice but it Was very gusty. I think eastern steiners just jealous of the qpf
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