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  1. So frozen. Worst golf experience of my life. Bayberry in great shape though. Moderate rain, 35 mph winds. Frozen.
  2. There is a common denominator in all the bullshit annoying covid conversations on this board.
  3. You've been on here for like 15 years lol, the special spots should be pretty obvious
  4. It's April. What do you expect. Get real
  5. I'm on the cape for a bachelor party. Dennis by Mayflower Beach. It's absolutely fine out. Wouldn't be able to tell its storming at all. Heading to bayberry for a 12:30 tee time. Very Salty I'm missing snow but golfing is a good way to spend the day considering what it was like back home.
  6. How does my golf look this weekend in Dennis
  7. I wouldn't expect a damn thing other than white rain at the peak inside 495 unless you're on the northern end of that belt near Ray
  8. I worked in RE for a few years. I'm no expert on the matter, but I would always side with personal attorney over realtor on any matter. If you trust the attorney, that is. Some lawyers have their heads up their asses and can make a big deal out of nothing. This might be something to seek a second opinion on from perhaps a different attorney.
  9. Just dropped a pretty penny on B's tickets for tomorrow night. The cool thing is affirm financing now. You can pay off the price of the ticket over 6 or 12 months for not too much of a hit interest wise. Should be warmer than opening day!
  10. Turning 30 next week. Scary. Everyone keeps asking me, where I want to go for dinner? It's a stupid question. The answer will always be Abe & Louie's
  11. It's amazing how much sugar and salt is in something like ketchup
  12. I get your point-and it is respected. I worked for NBC Sports Boston and I heard it directly from the horses mouth. 'beat writers' is my easiest way of saying it w/o revealing who told me
  13. News came out from Celtics beat writers that Jayson Tatum now needs an inhaler full time after covid
  14. Salty food is my issue. I have no attraction to sweets whatsoever. We have multiple bags of Easter candy in the house and I haven't had one single piece since the holiday. Salt on the other hand? I have to challenge myself not to salt extra on top of food. Really when it comes to anything. I'm addicted to Salty popcorn, chips, hell even sodium packed salad dressing.