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  1. I think the low tracked pretty much right over metro west. So you might have been on the 40mph side versus the 60mph...
  2. Can you or anyone post the radar loop? Would love to see base velocity and reflectivity for this event. Pissed I fell asleep. EDIT: Doubt it's possible with TDWR
  3. Maine is up to over 200k now without power.
  5. A plane at Logan was blown into the jet way. The large delta hanger lost its roof. Nearly completely ripped off.
  6. Was just driving through Adams Corner and a tree fell right on the back of a car.
  7. My co worker lives in Weymouth and just called out due to it
  8. I fell asleep. Sounds like it went right as planned.
  9. Instability is there. Lightning as this comes onshore.