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  1. Becoming irrationally excited now. Might not even see a coating here (worst case) but it's so good to be in the snow season.
  2. Ha.. That's what my gf said. I've started working out a ton again. I think body is just tired. Or maybe gout. Loaded up on the colchicine today.
  3. There must be a big storm coming, because every joint in my body is Killing me
  4. What time am I waking up if I want to watch the transition in the morning?
  5. So you're forecasting 3-6 for Dorchester, got it
  6. A couple snowflakes in the air? Sign me up
  7. Gimme all the snow. Screw ct and Mack valley hehehe
  8. I'm supposed to be going to Greenwich CT Friday evening. I don't want to go, so I hope it snows lol
  9. Time to start another glorious winter in this board. I miss obsessively checking it during a threat. Good to be here again for another year.
  10. Mawnin folks. Back in MA. I'm loving this fall weather. Feels so damn good!
  11. Haha. No pimp. I will never see a Vacation this long again until I retire. Thank you real estate. But I'm about to get into something a little different. Yes, correct regarding Florida and covid. Not the best move. The old man needed to come down for business. He was in the hospital a lot this year and needed help. So here I am.
  12. Been in Florida since mid September. Had some biz to take care of. Sitting at an outdoor bar in pompano right now drinking G and T's. Watching the dodgers murder the braves. Finally coming back on Friday. I'm going to miss this beautiful weather. Why am I coming back? Good question.
  13. Boarding up my windows tonight