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  1. This guy is pretty good IMO.
  2. 3k NAM looks to have about 4-5 hours of snow for D.C....could be fun.
  3. Euro has a low exiting off the Outer Banks at 72, 850s too warm for most of the area. I'm assuming this doesn't have a chance?
  4. I'm not sure I've seen it mentioned here yet, but the U.K. did a good job with this storm IMO. That weird 18z map someone posted showed a track that screwed all the major cities.
  5. Hahahaha but not the snowpack contest!
  6. @DCAlexandriayou told me my snowpack would be instantly vaporized when I said it might hang out for a bit. It's actually doing great! Even on south facing lawns.
  7. Yeah I agree with this. People share the snow model maps on facebook and the public thinks they are snow forecast maps, like the ones NBC/ABC/Capitol Weather Gang make. People don't know the difference between a model snow map and a forecast map.
  8. I had more 70 degree days this winter than inches of snow...F
  9. Rocketing east now, one last hurrah with some yellows.
  10. Really dumping in DC...nice snow globe type stuff. Hope this sticks around for 45 minutes or so.
  11. Yeah it is, and by the time it fills in the whole band will just lift off to the east.
  12. It does appear to be coming together a bit up to the NW of DC now.
  13. Radar has an interesting look to it, things look to be consolidating a little...maybe we can pick up a quick whitening.
  14. Looks like the snowshowers over MD are building west a little, maybe will affect the district.
  15. I kinda liked it. I got a few jebwalks in with my dog while it was dumping last night and surface temps staying below freezing was a nice surprise.
  16. D.C. Just gonna miss pivot but maybe BWI can get some action.
  17. You can see on the latest frames precip starting to fill back in to the west of D.C. Could be a fun finish.
  18. HRRR gives me 0.7 QPF still somehow. That would be cool.
  19. Location?
  20. Need that 850 low to scoot east a little.
  21. Still pouring sleet here in the district...would be nice to change back over to snow.
  22. Starting to ping now (nw D.C.), solid thump while it lasted.
  23. 1.5 inches, temp down to 30.4, SN+, great event so far.
  24. Temp down to 31.3. So glad we didn't bust high on temps. Moderate snow accumulating everywhere.
  25. Bah, that was fast. I guess the warm air push at 850 is serious...better go enjoy this before we ping.