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  1. Does anyone know how accurate the "serious/critical" category on worldometer is? That number has been increasing.
  2. lol dude you’re nuts. As a teacher i can tell you no one is pushing any curriculum whatsoever in our district. Within the framework of the next generation science standards we are given tremendous flexibility in terms of what specifically we teach.
  3. He did this in the mid Atlantic thread for weeks before it was shut down. He creates straw men and then assigns those beliefs to people. He does occasionally make good points but it gets lost in the culture war stuff he loves. He’s probably one of those people that went into a fit of hysterics when the indian was taken off the butter package. He thrives on an us vs them framework to this debate that isn’t helpful or based in reality.
  4. Great pic, I’ve been meaning to get up there and hike all those peaks for years.
  5. I agree lack of detection was a problem, but I think it was obvious there was widespread community transmission occurring even without tons of data. And I’m just talking a week or week and a earlier, not like a month.
  6. They absolutely do. Diblasio and cuomo were both woefully slow on shutting down. I read an article in the NYer, don’t remember the exact statistics, but something like 50-80% of the deaths in nyc could have been avoided by implementing the stay at home/school closures a few days earlier. It was obvious to me. I was wondering why Maryland, who at the time had very few confirmed infections, was closing quicker than nyc where there was obviously a large problem. Eta: I believe the second week of March diblasio was telling people if they loved their neighborhood bar to go to it and spend money.
  7. Yeah makes sense, can’t argue with it really. I think 2 months is about the maximum shelf life on the stay at home order.
  8. Big Larry opening things up!
  9. Looking into next week we could see some 90s.
  10. Awesome, good hiking and mountain biking there in the summer?
  11. Do you live in the snowshoe area??
  12. Another A+ weather day, feels like November!
  13. I know it’s the obvious choice but you can usually find some space in rock creek park if you take the less popular trails.
  14. But hey we can still track 90+ heat with 75 dewpoints.
  15. lol “for days”, that’s how a negotiation works, you could easily say the other side was holding it up. Just basic politics.
  16. Not sure about that, they all mostly agreed on that relief package. Dems signed off on it and so did trump. Obviously some Dems are conditioned to be anti trump no matter what, but in the far fetched countertfactual where trump handles this remotely competently there would be some Dems who would be ok with it.
  17. Oh yeah, pho would be real nice...might have to do that actually.
  18. Beautiful day out for a run in rock creek park, cranked out 8 miles, then flying a kite with the kids and now a fire. Nice to have this crisp weather in May.
  19. Social distancing will be impossible to implement in schools IMO. Kids are programmed to be social, it’s just natural. There’s no way they’re going to stay away from each other all day. Just have to accept that they will be in contact.
  20. Yeah I’ve been thinking about this. My 4 yr old now yells “look people coming, we have to cross the street!” if we encounter other people on a walk...not normal.
  21. I’m getting more towards your line of thinking although for different reasons, minus the whole culture war aspect. We half assed this process so badly. Im not sure continuing these half baked semi lockdowns that don’t really keep the virus under control serve any long term purpose. I guess most states agree since they’re starting to open. We obviously are far too ignorant and stupid to pull off the test, trace, isolate, thing that Asian countries, Germany, etc are doing. So what are our options?
  22. I have no idea. It would be very inconvenient if my kids schools weren’t open, but the one I teach at is. I teach in a different school system than my kids go to. I hope DC, MD, VA, make a regional decision to avoid this issue.
  23. Yeah I can see that side of it too, but a moot point for my family since we’re both working during the day when homeschooling would happen.
  24. I’m not homeschooling. Not only do I not have a ability to do that because of work, but I think any amount of social interaction is good for them.