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  1. Dumping rain her again and my street is flooded. Surprised no flash flood warning.
  2. Yuck, once that gets here it's going to be full on disgusting. It's Houston, Texas level gross outside.
  3. Pretty impressive dews, currently 88/78 at the airport. Seeing a lot of stations at or above 80 DP.
  4. Probably should issue a flash flood warning, my street is a river again.
  5. Good storm in dc, probably 40-50 mph winds I would guess.
  6. Actually had some decent wind gusts and thunder lightning during the most intense rain, maybe 25-30 mph.
  7. Trying to upload pics directly off iPhone but it's not working.
  8. My street is a river! This is insane.
  9. Dumping here in petworth, just on the southern edge of the silver spring cell.
  10. Pretty impressive hear IMBY, 98 yesterday and 97/69 right now.
  11. 94.8/71 heat index 102 on the home station.
  12. Dewpoint jumped to 77 at DCA, still in the high 60s here.
  13. Just spiked to 98.2/70 here HI: 105
  14. Terrible out. Did a 6 mile trail run this morning and even that didn't come close to being pleasant. Was like 81/75 when I set out at 6am. Then took my daughter to the zoo for like 2-3 hours. Drank like 3 liters of water and still haven't peed hahaha.
  15. 94.6/70 on the home station, should easily top out at 98/99 at this rate.
  16. And dews are right back up in the low 70s....bleh summer.
  17. 78/76 currently at my house, was hoping for more relief in terms of humidity.
  18. Yeah they should probably issue another heat advisory, feels as bad if not worse than yesterday.
  19. Looking on weather underground quite a few stations are reporting DP at or above 80.
  20. 82/78 at 7:30 this morning.
  21. 95/73 here - absolutely gross.
  22. 95/69 at home now, gonna do some yard work...not gonna be pretty.
  23. 89/69 IMBY, heating up quick now.
  24. Dewpoint of 76 at DCA....gross.
  25. This guy is pretty good IMO.