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  1. That's a crazy good shot! What an eerie world we're living in now.
  2. Wow. These rainfall totals are unbelievable. I know it rained a lot last night but 4-5" is crazy. Thankfully not too much flooding in my part of Long Beach. The usual trouble spots are flooded but passable.
  3. Yes. Every branch of the NWS does forecast verification. Although, they're usually buried and can be hard to find. Also, I didn't know they did those forecasts either.
  4. Getting quite a bit of lightning and thunder in Long Beach. It looks like the cell over Sandy Hook might graze us.
  5. The HRRR has another line developing from PA to LI in a couple of hours. It's not as intense but at the same time it might be under doing the current storms.
  6. The warm front just enhances the shear locally but the rest of the region is still in play for severe weather. It's just that the tornado threat is much lower.
  7. Wow. So, is there no tornado with storm or can you not see below the wall cloud?
  8. Yikes! Some pretty low CC values with that storm near Amenia.
  9. Looks like that was occluding and I would expect a new one to form to the NW of that one. Scratch that. Maybe not.
  10. The line from Syracuse to Albany is the area to watch. SPC just issued a MCD stating that it's heading into a better environment and will likely become surface-based soon.
  11. This reminds me of severe weather setups in Oklahoma. Sometimes the day before severe weather, the dewpoints can be really low, in the low to mid 50s. At night, the floodgates open up and the moisture starts streaming up from the gulf.
  12. We do get derechos but they're not nearly as common as they are in the midwest.
  13. Hearing a lot of thunder in Long Beach. Looks like something might be going up here.
  14. Got a good first taste here in Long Beach. Probably 20-30 mph gusts. Now I'm wondering if the flashes are lightning or power flashes...
  15. Yikes! This is about as good (bad) as it gets for the region. The lapse rates are still meager and I'd like to see the winds back a little bit in the lower levels, but otherwise...
  16. Anybody looking for archived (or current) radar data, check out WeatherScope. It's not radarscope nor GRLevel but it's Free. Also, I attached my script that you can open in the program and be set up for the NYC metro area. wxmap.wxscript
  17. I'd lean towards a microburst but most likely just straight line winds. There's no evidence of a circulation in the water or rain.
  18. I'm in Long Beach about a block from the ocean. This afternoon should be interesting...
  19. Interesting thread. This thread will probably be responsible for me getting my M.S. in meteorology. Question for NWS/NOAA employees, what route did you take to get your job? I know it's incredibly difficult to get a government job. But what things can you do increase your odds or to make your resume better?