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  1. Please note that this is not a job posting but a business partner opportunity. I am in the final stages of launching a dedicated weather channel for the NYC metro. I need a partner who is serious about being part of startup and has a background in broadcast meteorology. This is not going to pay immediately but you will get up to 40% equity in the company (depending on your qualifications, etc). It would be preferred if you are available during weekdays but any availability is helpful. Minimum qualifications: -US citizen -enrolled in a meteorology program -reliable and self motivated Preferred qualifications: -B.S. in meteorology -experience in broadcasting -strong entrepreneurial sense -knowledgable in NYC metro weather If you are interested, please PM me for more information.
  2. If you haven't already, please submit your observations to http://www.nssl.noaa.gov/projects/ping/. This is not just for this storm but for any day!
  3. Hurricane Sandy OBS

    Somebody in my neighborhood has their wood chipper out. Wasting no time cleaning up...before the worst of the storm is here.
  4. Hurricane Sandy OBS

    I don't know about that. Their robocall said to expect power to be out for 5-7 days but it could just be them CYA. I hope that it is restored quickly.
  5. hurricane sandy thread #2

    I would think the winds would mix down more efficiently if we were in a dry slot versus heavy precip.
  6. September 8th/9th Severe Thread

    EF0- Breezy EF1- Carnarsie width =/= strength
  7. September 8th/9th Severe Thread

    TCU to my west. I might get something.
  8. September 8th/9th Severe Thread

    I could understand if these were borderline but they're not. If people choose to ignore threatening skies, warning or no warning isn't going to change their mind. This is just watering down the effectiveness of the warning and just another reason for people to ignore them.
  9. September 8th/9th Severe Thread

    I don't get it. OKX just extended the svr warning eastward. I've seen other offices do this before and I don't understand it.
  10. September 8th/9th Severe Thread

    No way. The MDT is doing its job just fine.
  11. September 8th/9th Severe Thread

    Storms are firing ahead of the line in E. Pennsylvania and moving into a favorable environment. Looks like it's associated with a pre-frontal trough. Surprised the morning convection hasn't really stabilized the environment too much.
  12. Interesting thread. This thread will probably be responsible for me getting my M.S. in meteorology. Question for NWS/NOAA employees, what route did you take to get your job? I know it's incredibly difficult to get a government job. But what things can you do increase your odds or to make your resume better?