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  1. ...and back to sleet. Here's a live look from 700mb.
  2. Huge flakes. They're hitting the ground and rolling like tumbleweeds. (Okay. That's a bit of an exaggeration.)
  3. Trying to go back to all snow. Still a few sleet pellets mixed in.
  4. Some sleet mixing in but still mostly snow in Long Beach.
  5. Yes. Thank you. I need another cup of coffee. I was just about the edit my post. Haha.
  6. LIDAR soundings in the metro are already looking sketchy. Temps in the 700mb level are flirting with 0C. The heavy snow will help, but if/when things lighten up is when we'll be in trouble. EDIT: I need another cup of coffee. Not nearly as close as I first interpreted.
  7. Wind is whipping in Long Beach. Thankfully it's keeping the sidewalk clear. Haha.
  8. Same here. Thankfully we didn't lose power. However, we did lose internet...from a car hitting a power pole.
  9. I slept through most of it. I remember hearing a lot of sleet. The pinging stopped early this morning. I'm guessing we have about 3-4", at best, of concrete. The wind was howling at times last night. Enough to wake me up. I was just waiting for it to take the power out.