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  1. Atlanta storm. Deep south special to start the season. Congratulations everyone who got this one. Really a great way to start the winter.
  2. Wonder how accurate this will be. 15z tomorrow. HRRR is similar
  3. Dry slot and the weak slp is transitioning from the gulf to the Atlantic across the Fla peninsula
  4. Here is the low level (700mb) temp advection. Tells the woeful tale for most of NC and SC.
  5. Bah! Back to mainly rain/zr now. I'm not on the line, I'm IN the line!
  6. I agree the RGEM handled the system pretty well 24-36 hrs out so far. However, it missed the dividing line a bit in my area. Showed me in the liquid for the duration other than the final wrap around. But missed it by what looks to be 20-30 miles at this point. The freezing line is now south and east of me! I have accumulating snow!
  7. I've been easing down all day, now right at freezing, started the day around 40. I'm pretty far north and east though. I did see the undulation of temps also though with rate changes. Everything is getting solid. Noticeable glaze accumulation.
  8. I'm now at freezing. Mix of snow, sleet, and zr. The ground and deck surfaces are glazed over!
  9. Yeah, that backside on this one really seems to be persistent. Still some snow in LA, MS, and AL at this hour.
  10. Might be in the game after all, sleeting here now. Apologies for the banter mods and admins.
  11. That area of cold air advection looks like it is downsloping off the frozen mountains.
  12. For the other folks on the borderline or just interested: Current 850 temp advection. That blue cold air advection area has just popped up very close to the area of waa.
  13. Got some sleet mixed in with the rain just now with heavier rates. Air temp is 38
  14. It would be typical climo for the mountains to get a moderate snow event and not much anywhere else for this sort of weak lp system with basically no CAD in place. Its the snow in the deep south over the last 24 hours that keeps the sense of maybe something more alive.
  15. I'm close but no cigar either guys. Just too close to coast for me, whatever warm nose slight as it is keeping me in the upper 30s temp and so is the dewpoint. I guess enough cold dry air could get here at 925 and agree that might get some backend here as well. NAM showed my area in the rather small sleet pocket later today, so we shall see. 925 current: http://www.spc.ncep.noaa.gov/exper/mesoanalysis/new/viewsector.php?sector=17# Click on the Upper air -925 tab