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  1. bannerdude

    Apr 15 2018 severe weather thread

    Little Lick Creek behind the house is rising quickly.....halfway up the backyard. Round 2 incoming as well. https://waterdata.usgs.gov/nc/nwis/uv/?site_no=0208700550&PARAmeter_cd=00065,00060 Last time I could sit at the window and watch the water come up like this was Hurricane Matthew.
  2. bannerdude

    March 12th-13th ULL Discussion

    Just switched to a 50/50 sleet-snow mixture in Moncure. Big flakes flying. Temp is 34.3
  3. bannerdude

    March 12th-13th ULL Discussion

    Back to mostly sleet again in Moncure with only a few snowflakes mixed in. Can't quite get over the hump. Currently 34.5
  4. bannerdude

    March 12th-13th ULL Discussion

    Mixture of rain, sleet, and snow under the heaviest returns in Moncure a few minutes ago. Now that it's lightened up, it back to mostly rain with some sleet. Temp is slowly dropping, now at 34.6
  5. bannerdude

    1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    Measured 9" at 5 PM at multiple points in the backyard. Should be around 9.5" as it wraps up. What a storm! In SE Durham near Mineral Springs Road
  6. bannerdude

    1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    Transitioning quickly....Nearly all sleet now with some small flakes mixed in.
  7. bannerdude

    1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    Seeing a 50/50 rain/sleet mix 7 miles NW of RDU Temp is 34.3
  8. bannerdude

    Jan 3-4th Coastal Crusher OBS

    Currently sitting at 3/4" near 70/98 in Durham County.
  9. bannerdude

    Jan 3-4th Coastal Crusher OBS

    Flakes started flying about 15 minutes ago in SE Durham
  10. bannerdude

    Jan 3-4th Coastal Crusher OBS

    Still waiting patiently for some frozen action here in SE Durham
  11. bannerdude

    Jan 3-4th Coastal Crusher OBS

    Coworker just told me her husband just called from Sanford, NC with a report of light snow
  12. bannerdude

    December 2017 Observations, reports

    Just went outside to grab some firewood and heard the unmistakable sound of sleet...looked at the security light and saw some snowflakes as well. Wasn't expecting that.... SE Durham
  13. bannerdude

    2017 General Severe Weather thread

    Had what seemed like a 50 mph wind gust here in SE Durham before torrential rains. Something metal in the neighbor's yard definitely went airborne. Hail core missed me to the north. Picked up 2/3" of rain in 15ish minutes though, not bad.
  14. bannerdude

    3/11-3/12 Winter Storm

    Been seeing light snow come down in SE Durham since around 7 AM. Dusting now on elevated surfaces.
  15. bannerdude

    Blizzard of 2016 - Official Obs Thread

    Snowing below the BRP in Wilkes again, the wind has started to pick up as well. Steady at 21 degrees for the past 1.5 hours. Up to 4.25"