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  1. Just checked out mPING, still reporting sleet in the Oxford area
  2. No doubt. The sleet band has been training over my location for most of that loop, which I'll gladly take over cold rain....(No offense Cold Rain)
  3. Sleet is accumulating on most elevated surfaces here. Haven't seen snowflakes yet.
  4. Sleeting for the past 15 minutes here in Durham. Back deck is now crunchy.
  5. Wrapping up at my location with some light flurries. Another 2" today brings my overall total to ~11.5" for the storm.
  6. Huge flakes here in the Sherron Road area of Durham. It's been snowing now since 0800, and appear to have 1.5" of additional snow on the deck rails.
  7. Switched to light snow 20 minutes ago and just now picked up in intensity.
  8. Well, it's nearly all liquid falling currently and we are a smidge below freezing. Hopefully it makes the switch to sleet soon....
  9. Believe I'm finally done with the snow here in Durham. Measured 10.75" on the deck. Around 9.5" in the back yard. After the dog did around a thousand zoomies, the yard is now a very compact 3".
  10. Around 8 inches now here in Durham. Been switching between snow and sleet for the last 20 minutes. Also the puppy’s first snow!
  11. Just had a few minutes of graupel here in Durham.
  12. Still has a ways to go to hit the ~80K CFS mark from 1945, but it's still the second highest flow since the USGS gauge was installed in the 1930s. Currently at 61K and rising quickly. There are river flow records broken or soon to be broken all over NC this week. That 1945 flood, also resulting from a tropical system, was what ultimately led to the construction of B. Everett Jordan Lake in Moncure.
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