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  1. john i think you will probably bullseye with this storm because most models are bringing this a lot more east than the GFS
  2. it's okay hey so what do you guys think about next weeks potential?
  3. blocking showing up on canadian
  4. any snow showing on models? i want snow man this weather is boring i want snow now. currently 45 degrees expecting some showers in a few hours!
  5. sure feels like winter outside
  6. i'm going with normal temps and frequent small storms averaging to just below normal snowfall! let's hope i'm wrong i want wall to wall snow and cold!
  7. how about winter temps and winter snowfall? can we make a poll or discussion mr? lol
  8. i think we'll get below that way before the winter solstice. we have exactly 3 weeks to do that, we have a warm up but usually warm ups around this time of the year cool down as the models get closer to the dates. ironically the opposite happens after the nighttime cooling peaked which is when winter begins, models moderate cold fronts as they closer to the event. similarly it happens during spring time models could say 75 for let's May 10th and we actually get closer to May 10th they'll print out 78-80 degrees and after the summer starts models print out 95 degrees in 10 days let's say august 10th but by august 8th they'll print out 92. though a lot of times summer it over performs because of global warming! the sun is just stronger nowadays i guess. i have managed to find this trend, you guys can look at this yourselves.
  9. newark is going to drop below freezing at the end of the month 100%
  10. you guys are always lucky with these synoptic systems! we're in new york city and we're always late because of the late development enjoy guys!
  11. so no snow this fall? winter is probably going to be snowy as F just ironic stuff happens all the time! just a guess but i see it snowing often just not a lot!
  12. so what's the verdict here no snow until at least mid december!
  13. i love the tracking part, the next few days are going to be fun. i'm hoping we get a nice slushy inch at least.
  14. 37 here and cold. hear on blast day off just relaxing under my blanket. i lost my damn remote control for my tv and i can't watch tv so i'm just on my phone maybe i'll go to cvs and get me one of those universal remotes when it warms up a bit! if i were to guess for a big storm that could produce some snow even on the coast would be end of this month!
  15. that's a big storm showing up on gfs and euro for next tuesday. looks fun
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