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  1. give it time by than it's going to change most likely. the rest of this year is done
  2. seattle expecting snow the next two weeks. lucky them
  3. feeling good just got a minor headache took some advil and i'm good honestly. it's like a minor cold this time around. just enjoying the time with my family before i get back on the work force! hopefully by than we get a couple of blizzards going @dmillz25hope you're feeling better
  4. nice wish i experienced that. i'm going to read about it right now. something to do since i got nowhere to go lol. man we need some snow right about now!
  5. yes you're right i was thinking off the 95-96; that was the year. it snowed a lot but i hear it rained after too? or maybe i was misinformed.
  6. i remember that year very well. i had just moved to america the year before. i missed the 96-97 winter. what a winter to miss so i hear. haven't seen a 96-97 winter repeat. we had some good runs though the last 20 years.
  7. what day was it on march 98? wasn't it like march 22nd or something like that? i remember it wasn't even forecasted, we were supposed to get freezing rain and sleet, woke up to heavy snow and 5 inches of heavy wet snow! it was a great surprise snowstorm.
  8. not sure i guess not i'm just positive cause i took one of those regular home kit tests. my wife went to the doctor and she's got covid they never specified if it was omicron but honestly man, i feel fine. i just feel a little under the weather. i've had colds and the flu that were 10 times worse. my wife is fine too today she just lost her voice a little. one thing i noticed i gained my appetite i have been eating like non stop the last two days maybe cause i'm home not sure. all is good though the virus itself is easy so far for us, i'm sure it's difficult for some people but to experience the virus for the second time i'd say the media is portraying it a little more than what it is, again i may be wrong and i do know people that have died from the virus that had health problems in the first place but you just never know. just praying to God for a speedy recovery and i can start work next friday. i moved my other interview for next saturday, which was incredible that it worked because a lot of these companies are closed on saturdays but the owner of this company works 6 days per week and he told me he'd be in the office next saturday. it's a great job supervisor for one of the departments. this company is much bigger it's a 400 people crew. the job that i got is small but the pay is good except it's in manhattan and i hate the commute to the city. no parking, etc. this company is westchester county where i can just drive to work. hope all is well with you and yours. merry christmas and have a happy new year bud.
  9. the thing is i don't think he does it on purpose i genuinely think he thinks it's going to snow in june if the we have a negative -EPO and positive +PNA with just enough blocking for the wave to stall off the coast of New Jersey. Snowman19 on the other hand, he purposefully says it's going to rain just to get all the snow weenies mad.
  10. i actually seen tony call for snow showers in late may or some sh*t lmao. tony is number one weenie for a reason guys. i love this place it makes me so calm!
  11. to be fair they are both weenies. snowman is an annoying warm weenie that even if there's a chance he'll twist it and say it's going to be rain. at least anthony gives up when he sees the pattern just won't produce. the upcoming pattern could produce as the cmc just depicted. don't side with the most annoying person on here please. snowman is just annoying but we love him anyway.
  12. looks interesting for end of the week on the latest GFS. boston looks like a great spot for sunday. let's see if we can amplify that wave and move it south by 100mph
  13. doing good so far. piece of cake i've had the virus before this time seems a lot more relaxed. the first time it was a rough flu like. now it's barely anything for me, my wife is congested and she's having a flu type symptoms. i'm going to try to move my interview so i don't miss that opportunity and call the other job that hired me i won't be able to make it until next friday as that's when my quarantine ends. hope they understand
  14. listen to my luck. so i got hired for a really good job last monday to start next monday. so happy cause i got laid off back in march than someone else calls me today for another job which sounds even better cause it's close to my town and i wouldn't have to commute to the city similar pay. so i set up an interview to see what the man has to say. well guess what i got coronavirus today. so now i can't even show up for the interview or work on monday. i feel fine my wife has it a bit worse and she's preggo.
  15. from my understanding it'll be all rain if it doesn't phase with the northern stream wave by Montreal and that doesn't look like it will happen. unless you get to Maine than there it snows for a bit!
  16. cold out there 25 degrees! wind NNW 9MPH wind chill: 16 degrees. New Rochelle
  17. we need to flip the switch like ripple will switch it with xrp
  18. it's definitely cold out there. feels good. wish we'd get some snow friday night that would be a nice present
  19. hard freeze coming for everybody. that's a start!
  20. does the eps show any snow the next 10 days? it's really sad we're not getting anything for christmas!
  21. it's going to snow in january guys don't worry so much. winter usually kicks in from january to late march! i don't think we have a january thaw this year!
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