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  1. it's just an opinion i'm not saying i'm right. hope you're doing well.
  2. euro shows a nice one to two hours of snow even for the city tomorrow afternoon with temps in the mid 30's. probably comes in as sleet more likely and if it does come in as snow the temps will drop from dynamic cooling effect. a dusting is definitely possible
  3. he's the man wish he was here more often for PBP and also ulstercountysnowz
  4. what happen to mr.know it all yanksfan?
  5. Anthony you're the man and i love your passion! you're also a very good at it! screw the haters
  6. snow has entered the chat room!
  7. he's alright. sounds like he uses a lot of big words and you can never really understand his final call.
  8. we may see some snow monday guys!
  9. did you guys see the snowstorm for january 8th on the GFS? one can only dream
  10. merry christmas guys! hope next year is a much brighter year for all of us!
  11. covid sucks it's just annoying how i'm getting drained this morning!
  12. bro we've been officially two days in winter, lol i don't think it's wise to shut off heat and hot water. i'm sure the weather is going to get colder
  13. nobody wants 110 degrees here God forbid that happens. that's a disaster and people will die especially in new york because it gets oppressed no matter how much snow i get during the winter.
  14. oh Good i got 102+ fever this morning and it really hit me. not terrible but i feel sick. lol sucks ima spend christmas at home! everybody is gathering at my parents.
  15. that was a nice surprise. woke up cause of this coronavirus and boom there's snow on the ground. i got some high fever and i can't seem to warm up. i don't know what's going on right now. weird virus definitely not as bad as earlier this year when i got it but it confused me, yesterday i was fine and now today i got high fever and i'm cold and i can't stop peeing! nothing major though. back to weather we had a nice surprise and evaporative cooling and dynamic cooling lowered the temperature to below 32 and now there's a nice coating on the ground. i'll take what i can at least!
  16. that's a nice batch of moderate snow showing up on the radar for NYC on christmas eve. maybe we can squeeze a nice dusting and call it even!
  17. i mean we're getting snow showers tomorrow is that considered a white christmas
  18. great idea maybe if we get a bit more patient it'll pay off by new years
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