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  1. meaning we can't change the course. we won't be able to revert the global warming effect. it's going to happen very soon. i think we can still change course right now but in say 30 years we are f'ed
  2. winter officially hasn't even began lol but seriously it's been so warm the global warming is really taking over now. i wonder how warm it's going to get in say 30 years if we don't change our course!
  3. yes he's still around and how about yanksfan?
  4. what's going on with this pandemic man? i feel like half of it political? it's kinda getting worrisome!
  5. hi does anyone know what happen to yanksfan and billy?
  6. no +PNA for the amplifying systems that we really get dumped on but that to me looks okay as storms will most likely scoot south of us but they'll be small events i don't see a big storm with this look.
  7. to be fair GFS is a crappy model but it only showed that 8-12 inches once for the storm that we missed last time and we just got snow showers! the upcoming pattern is a toss up anything could happen! we have some chances but i wish we had the +PNA trough over the lakes that would give better interactions between the northern and southern jet streams! we'll have to monitor that this weekend. there's still a chance we get a phase next week, i'd say a 25% chance of it happening at this point. have a nice day guys
  8. no matter what this mostly a rain event for the city maybe some sleet at the onset and maybe a few flurries at the end. hudson valley could get into some action. next week is different everything is up in the air for that
  9. remember everything trends south this year so far at least it has!
  10. GFS almost had a phase guys it's almost there honestly!
  11. after this weeks warmth, we're going to produce! just enough for it to snow. we obviously need to get it times right also. let's see what the models depict later today.
  12. actually we have blocking and it's possible we can get a huge snowstorm we just need a little luck!
  13. what if we get a phase for christmas? that would be something
  14. still two more days for this storm to reappear but it's looking like she gone!
  15. everything has been trending south. so expect a colder pattern down the road probably resulting drier also
  16. has GFS become the worst model of all?
  17. i'll be in mahopac for christmas hopefully we hit big there. hey whatever happened to yanks? and billy?
  18. GFS looks perfect wish that low over the great lakes would come in later so it doesn't interfere with warm air because we already have a good high positioned around east of Montreal. the GFS track is perfect if you want a big snowstorm. still so early! good improvement though. GFS is not trustworthy though!
  19. it's 8 days away look in 4 days
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