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  1. The rain is finally about to come to New York City. Though it’s going to be going at a fast speed, it’ll still drop at least an inch of rain today!
  2. Cloudy here the city feels like it’s going to rain anytime now temperature is 81 degrees very muggy
  3. I am new as a member. I’ve been a long time lurker though. Probably since the Boxing Day storm I think! That was my favorite.
  4. I do miss Pam, she was an intelligent South Dakota native if I remember correctly!
  5. No I’m not I can’t be Pam she was smart
  6. @forkyforkif this was a January storm and we had some decent cold with it, would this have been a cold snowstorm or a mixed bag for say New York and as far as east Hampton area?
  7. Turned out to be a perfect day here in the east Hampton area. Really enjoying it. Slept good throughout the storm now it’s time to play some Texas HOLD’EM with my boys.
  8. This would have been a monster snowstorm if it was in January! We’d probably have precip problems with sleet or freezing rain with our luck.
  9. This looks like a disaster in the making for someone in the New York to Long Island. I’m in the hamptons right now and the wind and rain is ridiculous. Sounds scary to be honest! And we’re not even in the middle of it yet!
  10. Mostly a NYC and East event! I doubt this happens I think the precip shield is much wider and distribution is area wide!
  11. I think the worst is over. Yes you’ll have good moderate rain with Elsa but nothing like they’ve experienced earlier today.
  12. Crazy rains in white plains to Yonkers area. My relative sent me these from a city bus
  13. Hi good morning folks. I’m in west Hampton area and there’s a tropical storm warning here. How bad is this not really familiar with these terms? Should I evacuate?
  14. Had to come back to New York for my surgery check up for one day man this weather is disgusting it’s bad today. Take care, I’m going back on vacation today screw New York this is why I hate New York during the summer you can barely breathe!
  15. Well yeah it’s fun but I go on vacation mostly for my son and my wife I’m retired already. It’s interesting to see all this moisture come up to New York this time of the year. Hoping the forecast changes a bit and we got more of a dry pattern, it sure rained enough for at least a few weeks!
  16. Nothing like we’ve experienced. I am on vacation the next three weeks and my forecast looks like nothing but rain. This summer sucks!
  17. How much rain are we expecting tomorrow headed out to Long Island hopefully not too much downpours! I’m always hesitant to drive during a summer time rainstorm cause you never know!
  18. Thank God this heat is about to be over. My father has cancer and it’s AFIB and it’s been bothering his breathing a lot. He’s been home the past few days, yesterday he went outside for a little and it was a bad idea he was having trouble breathing. Very happy this weather is going to get cleared! Still 90 degrees outside, about to pour!
  19. That’s incredible stuff. I wonder what the heat index peak was for today? Also anyone hit 100?
  20. Figured days are getting shorter, the heat in the west is subsiding and so is the heat in the east. I think we’ve peaked here. Don’t get me wrong we can get to 100 soon or later but the real brutal feeling that we’re experiencing right now is the peak!
  21. Does anyone think the peak of the summer happens today?
  22. Damn it’s hot 90 degrees before moon feels like 97. Staying indoors today no doubt!
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