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  1. 22/3 I guess we cant complain when we just got 9 inches of snow after temperatures in the 60's the day before, but it is tough to waste this good cold air.
  2. Not using a snow board, but measured a little over 7" here in Cheverly.
  3. Heavy Sleet with some rimmed flakes.
  4. Everything cover, except roads, here just NE of DC in Cheverly. Very wet and slushy inch.
  5. It looked ugly at the capital, but only a brief gust and rain. Nothing close to the 68mph to our south.
  6. It has been fair heavy for the last hour on Capital Hill. I would have assumed that SN- in the city with temps in the low 20's but here we are SN.
  7. Are we expecting a pivot and the bands coming back through the east? I know they are weakening, but the HRRR and I think the NAMs should some sort of pivot. I want another inch.
  8. That checks out here on Capitol Hill, when the yellow returns come in goes to big flakes. But, right now its lighter and its sleet and a little snow.
  9. Finally got the pic to load. SN currently.
  10. Pretty uniform 5 inches in Cheverly, which is 7.5 miles NE of the Capital. Trying to upload photo, but says it too large.
  11. We had a little sleet on the ground around 6pm. Now a nice coating of snow. Cheverly, MD
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