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  1. JIT is great for nominal conditions (no major wars, no pandemics, no massive natural disasters). it's terrible for off-nominal conditions, like a pandemic, where they have no reliable means of predicting demand. you may want to stick with dogecoin advice.
  2. not really. over-reliance on "just in time" manufacturing is a much bigger reason.
  3. Yeah, good luck with that. zombie reaganites will fight tooth and nail to never let this happen. after all, the sole purpose of a corporation is to maximize shareholder value (Friedman doctrine), and the sole objective of antitrust law is to minimize consumer prices (Robert Bork doctrine). this toxic value system has been indoctrinated in our business schools since the 1980s and it's going to take a while to undo that.
  4. keep those mask fields reports coming! Maybe we should set up a CoCoRaHS network for mask reporting.
  5. a biased website (summit news) reporting on a purportedly biased journal (lancet). that about sums up our news ecosystem today.
  6. LOL. would a social animal voluntarily choose to live in randolph, NH, Kingsville MD or Milville DE? you must really hate being around people. keep projecting, bro.
  7. always a pleasure to login and read the mask field reports! I'm really sorry this wasn't the berlin wall coming down, or the V-J day times square moment, for the anti-mask ragers. this surely means we are slipping and sliding on that slippery slope towards totalitarianism.
  8. it's very rare for an incumbent President to lose re-election, so I guess the american people must've thought the orange man was really, really bad. it's time to move on, buddy.
  9. aww, he misses the orange demagogue. so cute.
  10. yes, this is probably true, but i would argue that seasonality plays a big part here. the northern latitudes (northern US and europe) had low covid prevalence last summer - and that's without vaccines. in fact, i would willing to bet that the positivity rates were < 1% in the new england states last summer. seychelles and maldives are two of the most vaccinated countries in the world, yet they are having their biggest outbreaks right now. vaccines help prevent serious outcomes, which should be the main point, but it wouldn't surprise me if mask mandates come back locally or regionally in the winter as prevalence rises again.
  11. i don't think you read my post carefully. I said if you're unvaxxed, and you knowingly don't wear a mask after you read the sign at the door, you are also virtue signaling.
  12. yes, virtue is subjective. unvaxxed people who aren't wearing masks in stores are also virtue signaling. their virtue is "the gubmint" can't tell them what to do. unfortunately we have to smell their halitosis while their virtue is signaled.
  13. of course, I'll be happy to take a social dynamics course from a dude who lives in Randolph, NH and has 27000 posts on a message board. I'm sure I'll learn wonders. LOL.
  14. many of these anti-mask ragers are actually triggered that others are voluntarily wearing masks, without mandates. when the cdc came out with their new guidelines, these anti-mask ragers really thought people would treat this as the second coming of V-E day, and everyone would throw their masks in the air and start making out. Instead, all we saw was some reduction in mask wearing (especially in gyms) but otherwise it hasn't been a big deal. so now they obsessively go out and estimate the proportion of maskers vs. non-maskers at stores, gyms, etc. and then report their findings on a weather message board. the next step is they will make it a part of their culture war, saying that we are becoming a mask culture like Japan, or that we're becoming "weak", or some other nonsense. it's all very predictable.
  15. i would expect a fall and winter surge, but hopefully it shouldn't cause as many deaths this time due to vaccinations. seasonality, variants, and vaccines will wear off in some people. at the same time, we'll have packed concerts, stadiums, bars. i'm curious if the flu will also make a return this fall. the 'twindemic' never happened last winter. i have a feeling fewer people will get their flu shot this fall.
  16. LOL....yes i kind of agree with you there.
  17. oh it's possible, but a totalitarian state is not going to arise from local mask ordinances or annoying regulations. the descent into totalitarianism almost always begins with the rise of a demagogue. look throughout history and this is the case. the fact that this country was capable of electing a demagogue shows that the conditions are present within society to take us there. the brazen attempt to steal an election by convincing your supporters that it was stolen is something you see in myanmar or the banana republics of latin america. i honestly never thought i'd see that stuff here. if you're truly worried about totalitarianism, worry about those things...not petty mask ordinances. ironically, george orwell was a democratic socialist. he was a bernie sanders kind of guy who cared deeply about the working class. he'd probably be horrified that his readership turned out to be paranoid libertarians. LOL.
  18. it tends to come from those who were indoctrinated with Orwellian literature in school during their cold war upbringing. they tend to have paranoia issues. even a bureaucrat sneezing could be a "slippery slope" to totaliaranism. i just laugh at them. they are amusing
  19. the indian variant is tearing through the AstraZeneca vaccine in india. i think it's offering pretty good protection against serious outcomes but it's not doing much to prevent spread. there are stories of entire families who were vaxxed who tested positive.
  20. I just got my 2nd shot a couple days ago. so in a couple more weeks, i'll gladly take it off. I never wore it outside so no change there. and if mask mandates come back, i'll put it back on. no big deal. i don't think mask ordinances are a slippery slope to totalitarianism.
  21. nah, i'm not part of the crossfit cult. that's a different type of indoctrination.
  22. mask outrage is so May 2020. even those who find masks annoying don't care about them the way they did a year ago when the idea of wearing a mask was such a foreign and novel concept. 90% of people honestly don't care about this issue that much anymore. the remaining 10% appear to be triggered by the fact that the other 90% don't care about this as much as they do.
  23. we were always destined for an economic boom post-ww2, but new deal policies were the reason workers enjoyed wage growth that was commensurate with productivity and economic growth. that linkage completely broke around the early 1980s, where suddenly productivity gains were all going to the ownership class. the elites in the ownership class hated the new deal policies. there were very few uber-rich people back then -- especially in comparison to today. reaganites tend to view the economy purely in terms of gdp, but not who actually benefits from economic growth. there's a reason why suicides and opioid overdoses have increased every year for the past twenty years -- even during years where we had high gdp. the good news is that reaganism is pretty much dead. but there are still zombie reaganites that are holding on.
  24. the working class did very well from the 1940s through 1960s. very progressive tax rates, strong unions, anti-trust policy that was actually enforced against big businesses that become too large, and strong financial regulation was part of the new deal policies that were very good for workers. stagflation in the 1970s was the 'crisis' (never allow a crisis go to waste, i suppose) exploited by the reaganites to unravel all of that. i understand why those policies seemed like a good idea at the time, but 40 years of these policies have basically created a second gilded age, where we're governed by an oligarchy.
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