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  1. hospitalizations have dropped significantly in iowa. i think they are pulling the plug on people and that's why death counts are so high but also why there are less hospitalized patients.
  2. I also heard that anti-maskers don't change their underwear for weeks at a time. And wearing the same underwear that long helps spread "Covid"
  3. No, hospitalizations are, by definition, inpatient.
  4. so if they checked into the hospital for blood clots, but they tested positive for Covid upon admission, how do they know Covid didn't cause (or exacerbate) the blood clots? Or if someone with COPD checks into the hospital for shortness of breath, but test positive for Covid upon admission, how do they know Covid wasn't exacerbating their pre-existing lung issues? That's why I don't understand how 30% of Covid hospitalizations are "asymptomatic". They're obviously symptomatic of something -- otherwise they wouldn't be in the hospital. How do they know their symptoms aren't being caused/exacerbated by Covid given that they tested positive?
  5. If they don't have symptoms of anything, why are they checking into a hospital? People generally don't want to spend the night at a hospital unless they're not feeling well. Perhaps Covid is causing their symptoms or exacerbating them
  6. Hospitalizations tend to plateau when the death counts get high. I suspect the hospitalization counts will rise much more slowly given that so many are dying and thus leaving the hospital.
  7. Those 2020 numbers are based on UN projections and do not include impacts from COVID-19. That disclaimer is written at the top of the page where it’s sourced from. I understand you’re a full blown denier but at least read the sources that you reference from.
  8. with vaccines coming soon, I think we might - just might - be rounding the corner. granted, it's a sharp corner with jagged edges.
  9. I think he's going by what one executive at one hospital told him, and extrapolating that to the entire country. I'm surprised to see that level of inductive reasoning on a supposedly scientific message board. We're probably going to hit at least 2000 deaths today, and we'll probably average around 2500 deaths per day during the upcoming peak.
  10. oh boy. we've got a herd immunity guy here. Sweden tried your approach. They hoped that they would get herd immunity during the spring. While the rest of the world would experience a second wave, Sweden would avoid it, or so they thought. That hasn't happened. They are nowhere near herd immunity even though they tried to get there. Now they've backtracked and are issuing restrictions that are more stringent than what we have here. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-24/sweden-says-it-sees-no-signs-herd-immunity-is-stopping-the-virus
  11. If only 20% of the country has been infected, that's basically proof that masks and distancing work. We'd undoubtedly be at 40% at least without those measures.
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