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  1. That would mess up a lot of super bowl plans for many many people
  2. How much ice do you really think will accumulate up here ?
  3. Hey head, where in Rockland is your family? I’m in northern Rockland(stony point )
  4. Is the coastal storm very slow to form or just not enough energy with it?? From what I see on Radar and satellite it doesn’t look like it’s fully form, is that true? Thanks
  5. The main storm (coastal) is just in its beginning stages, am I correct??
  6. For us in the lower Hudson valley are we still looking ok or will we be getting less because of this shift??
  7. Switched over to snow about 15 mins ago here in Rockland
  8. The GFS has really been terrible the last few years, right after their update, no??
  9. Good luck to you guys too wherever you are!!! Hope everyone gets at least something
  10. I’m about 3 miles south of stony point.. still considered northern Rockland
  11. Wow why you think so much, only 30-35 miles nw of nyc I was thinking more of 5-7, are we supposed to stay more frozen now?
  12. What do you think for Rockland county as of right now?