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  1. 1 hour ago, CAPE said:

    The heavy rain in the forecast for here looks like a bust. All too familiar look to the radar. Mesos look very meh for later today too.

    Going to have to do some watering today.

    It’s a rough existence out there in Stephens City.

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  2. 22 hours ago, H2O said:

    The drought is real.  Thoughts and prayers to them.


    I'm def not looking forward to our time trials in the rain buuuuuut I'll take that over 90+.  Mainly the hassle will be having to put up a lot of tents to try and keep most of us from getting drenched.  It won't matter to me.  I'll get soaked just from having to run around with time cards and all that.

    Hoping it’s just some showers on Saturday, but we’re still planning to put up canopies so the time cards can actually be written on and are legible.

    My main concern now is just the kids staying warm. I probably should t worry, but I’m a softie.

  3. 14 hours ago, WxUSAF said:

    @mattie g: the drought is delayed a few more days at least. Over 1” and pouring. Flash flood warning out.

    All of our thoughts and prayers paid off!

    0.20” here, but we didn’t need any more than that, so I’m good…

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  4. 4 hours ago, MN Transplant said:

    Euro remains insistent that Saturday is a dud.  GFS clears out the rain early in the day.

    We have swim team time trials starting at 9:00 am on Saturday, so it looks like we’ll be swimming in the rain as long as there’s no thunder.

    Wouldn’t mind this thing being a dud since I’ve had over 2” of rain in the last two weeks, but I understand that others who are suffering from the drought would like some steady rains.

  5. 14 hours ago, WxUSAF said:

    Going to be bumping the drought thread by July 4 :(


    52 minutes ago, Eskimo Joe said:

    Yea it's starting to get crispy up here in Baltimore County.


    48 minutes ago, nw baltimore wx said:

    Must be June.  @WxUSAF is trolling for the drought thread again.


    Things are looking rough there in Maryland right now:


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  6. 42 minutes ago, H2O said:


    Dude…that’s an awesome story! I love the idea of letting the folks who worked hard all season to have a little fun at the end of it all.

    Our last B Meet is away, last A Meet is at home. We also have the Lollipop Meet a couple days before Divisionals. Might need to see if the folks want to stick around for afternoon drinks after that last A Meet. Now to coordinate with my concessions-lead wife!

    As for the part about the rise from lower to higher divisions, I can only imagine. It’s really too bad that the nature of summer swim seems to have been lost for you guys, but I love that you’re trying to recapture at least some of it.

     I’ve been really intrigued by a team near me that has gone from a perennial Division 11-12 team to Division 3 in just a few seasons. I dont think I’d want that for us because I’m sure a lot of that fun is lost, but I’d love at least grow our team to the point that we don’t have to worry a out filling lanes or having a relay for an age group. That’s kind of my goal over the next couple years. We’ll see if we can at least make some strides!

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  7. 4 minutes ago, vastateofmind said:

    Which is interesting...because LWX has taken a more measured tone with their updated afternoon forecast WRT severe...there was a lot less "slight" and "possibly" in there this morning.


    That's confusing. I think they mean that there's a slight chance early on, then 90% chance of rain later with a chance of storms.

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  8. On 5/31/2022 at 11:10 AM, SnowenOutThere said:

    Also summer swim starts today. For the swim parents in this forum what's it like? @mattie g and @H2O, it seems like a lot of work. 

    As a team rep, my job is a lot bigger than it is for other parents, so it's kind of hard to say. My co-rep and I have been meeting since January. Those were just preliminary meetings, but they started ramping up in March as we got the new website going and started general planning for the season. We see each other almost every day at the bus stop, so we always have a little chat about things, and of course we see each other at practices now. We're also always texting about plans, budget, etc. and coordinating on communications to the families. I'm fully expecting it to get even crazier in a couple weeks as we start real planning for the meets and coordinating with the coaches and data coordinators on getting the meet sheets squared away.

    My wife ran concessions last year, which was a huge job. People like Referee, Data Coordinator, Starter, and Chief Timer (among others) have a big part to play, but their jobs are generally "just" day of meets (Data Coordinator is more than just day of). I always mention that we're a small team, and that means that we need lots of families to get really involved. It's a decent amount of work for everyone, but we all generally like each other, so that's a huge help!

    On 5/31/2022 at 11:50 AM, H2O said:

    I’ve dialed back some from the height of what I used to do. 

    But it will be daily trips to the pool for practices starting today and until the end of July. Being Chief timer also means running that group for both our Saturday A meets and Monday B meets. I also get asked on occasion to do that job for divisional meets. 

    Beyond that it’s always working set up and clean up for meets and being involved with coaches and team reps for other things. Thankless jobs by many others so it’s not like it’s awful. 

    I started something last year with our last B meet to provide adult beverages for my timers for fun. Gonna try that again unless I get into trouble. Lol

    I mean...if you have nothing better to do, then you might as well get down to the pool to help! :lol:

    We have some folks on our team who get involved like you do. They sign up for official volunteer slots, but they end up doing a ton more before, during, and after meets. I'm already seeing how important these folks are for us, so we always let them know how appreciated they are!

    Adult beverages, you say? Tell me more...

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  9. 9 hours ago, WxUSAF said:

    Agreed. We just finished episode 2 and my wife exclaimed that it’s way better than Book of Boba Fett already.

    Not hard for a show to be better than Boba’s Book.

  10. 8 minutes ago, H2O said:

    Get ready to deal with parents that can be douchey at times tho.  I've heard horror stories.

    You've only heard? :lol:

    Oh...we know who those parents are already. I've already been called unprofessional by one. :clown:With a small team that pulls almost fully from our 500-home (townhomes and single-family homes) HOA, we mostly know each other really well, so most douchiness is held in check because they don't want to be dicks to their friends and neighbors. Sometimes people just cant help it though. We just roll with the punches when it does happen...

  11. 16 hours ago, [email protected] said:

    Must remember faxes and boosters were developed from earlier strains, not the current strain which seems to be easier to catch but *generally* has less severe effects. No one should be sorry about getting vaxxed even if u get the newer strain.

    Tested positive 8 days after second booster. Minimal impacts personally, almost  nothing symptoms-wise other than a brief headache and slight cough. 

    Exactly. My guess is that by this fall we could well see a more Omicron-focused shot, which would be helpful, though I agree about how it appears that the effects of these subvariants are much less harmful (but unfortunately still harmful enough for many). Follows the general trend of how novel viruses work though - incredibly potent, then new variants pop up, and eventually you get more variants that "like to" infect but not kill their hosts.

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  12. 2 minutes ago, H2O said:

    Look at who is getting sucked into summer swim team life

    Big time. Like...way big time.

    It's scratching that major competitive itch that's been bothering me since I last played soccer about eight years ago. As an athlete through college it's been tough to give up playing anything remotely competitively (due to an ankle injury), so getting involved in summer swim is a really good outlet for me. And I guess it's good to help the kids, too. :lol:

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