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  1. 12 hours ago, StormchaserChuck! said:

    ECMWF ensb still trash.. probably will always be. You need to build a model on science. 

    Are fluid dynamics, mathematics, hydrology, thermodynamics, etc. not science any more?

  2. 18 minutes ago, H2O said:

    Thanks!  Hope y’all get yours in too. And the rest of your season. Being on the good side of .500 means you usually move up one for sure. We’ve been 2-3 and moved up which was just weird. A lot depends on teams above you and if they lose swimmers or suddenly get strong in an age group. 

    My Div is def tight. Had an upset last week where a strong team lost. I’m fine with whatever happens our last two. It might matter to some parents but being any higher won’t be fun next year so I hope we don’t move. 

    I think we swam the pool you are going to a long time ago and it’s small. So find shade and just keep the fun attitude where it doesn’t matter where you are at. It’s all about the kids and having fun. 

    Last year was odd in that we ended at 3-2, but the 2-3 team had more total points than us, and we had more than the 4-1 team. Only the division winner went up, with the 5th and 6th place teams going down. Now it's between us and last year's 4-1 team to see who wins the division. There's a really big gap between us two and the rest of the division this year, so there's no doubt that NVSL will bump us up again.

    I can only imagine what being in some of those higher divisions must be like. We just have so much fun with everything we do that I just can't imagine that stress. I hear you on how some parents would take going up or down. There are two or three families who would love for us to go up even higher so their very talented kids had stiffer competition, but it's not a point of contention or anything. I understand that, for sure, but it wouldn't be best for our team.

    The coaches just finished putting together our line up for this weekend, and that was the most focused I think they've been this year ( :lol: ). It was fun to put it all together, but doing that on a regular basis with a small team to try to remain competitive in a higher division would be a real pain in the azz!

    Yup...that pool is tiny. We were there last year for relay carnival, and it was reeeeally tight. Swimming there again this weekend is going to suck a little! :lol:

  3. 14 minutes ago, H2O said:

    Risky weather today but even if things get rained out tonight they have to have them tomorrow and it looks iffy as well. 

    We have to go all the way out to Centerville for ours. Giant pain with traffic. Not sure how our Div will play out. I don’t think we will win our next two so might be 2-3 and then we see if we stay or drop. 

    Good luck and be careful what you wish for because these higher divs get nasty. The stories I’ve already heard are cringe. Even in our own Div. 

    That's a haul to Centreville, so hope the weather stays away and we all get the relays in tonight! Good luck with your last two meets. Looks like your division is really tight, so it's pretty small margins on who goes up, stays, or drops. Ether way, I hope you can get some fun from the rest of the season!

    We're way down in 16, so even if we go up, it wouldn't be any higher than 14 (more likely 15) just because of our size. It absolutely won't change how we go about our business...and if that means that we went back down, then so be it! We'd still have meet themes and dress up for all of them, dance after meets, etc. I'd like to think that the other teams of our lofty status would be the same! ;)

  4. @H2O...hoping the weather will hold off so we can get Relay Carnival in tonight. Not a huge fan of the pool hosting it, so I hope we can get in and out pretty quickly.

    Big meet for us this weekend. Likely that the winner wins our division, but in any case both of us are almost certain to move up next season (for good or ill).

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Kmlwx said:

    Certainly seems like all this messy convection about to come off the high terrain will be here very early. There's a lot of it too...not just a few cells. If that doesn't intensify it'll probably dampen our instability big time. 

    I have a feeling it's going to consolidate and intensify just as it hits Rt 15, and that will be the event for the day.

  6. 22 hours ago, H2O said:

    Man was it nasty on the pool deck for the swim meet today. Needed more clouds. Didn’t get them

    It was pretty nice at our place for the first 45 minutes or so, then the clouds thinned and the sun popped out with a vengeance. Our deck gets zero shade during most of the day, and the timers have the sun directly in their faces, so they were getting blasted. The team rep area normally has a canopy, but we decided against putting it up to give the live stream a better view. It got toasty.

    As for the team, we're super proud of all the kids right now. They're really been working hard, and we've had some serious time drops in the last week. We also just finished a string of four straight home meets, so all the main volunteers could use the extended weekend for a rest!

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  7. 3 hours ago, MN Transplant said:

    I assume Burke Lake Rd is still underwater 

    The bend in Burke Road is around the corner from me. It floods so easily, but it does recede fairly quickly.

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  8. 1 hour ago, North Balti Zen said:

    That relative precip shadow running up 95 from Baltimore north tracks really well with the areas that have struggled to get snow the last six years...

    Dude…most of us have struggled to get snow the last six years.

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  9. 10 hours ago, LP08 said:

    Up over 1.6” here just east of you.

    That train really ramped up the totals IMBY last night, as it hadn’t rained terribly much during the day and evening compared to some others.

    Closest CoCoRaHs put me at 2.82” for the event.

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  10. 31 minutes ago, SnowenOutThere said:

    Went that way with @NorthArlington101 and my meet but unfortunately for my team it was loss but at least he got a win for his team. It was a fun meet but the pool had a bunch of leaves in it and the starting area wouldn’t drain so there was nowhere to put your towels or anything. 

    I hear you. The pool we swam at was littered with leaves, but there’s not much to be done about it, I guess.

    Sorry to hear that the relays didn’t go your way, but I suppose losing an exciting meet is better than losing an unexciting meet! :lol:

  11. 4 hours ago, H2O said:

    Ours came down to relays. One of theirs DQd and then we stole a 15-18 girls one which was the difference. Weren’t supposed to win the meet at all and somehow we did. I’m saying it was the weather that helped

    Definitely the weather.

    I just checked the NVSL site (stalker), and I think I know which meet was yours. Any meet that comes down to relays and ends like that would be awesome (if you win :lol:)!

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  12. 2 hours ago, H2O said:

    Hell of a great day for swim meets!  Hope all that had to do that had a good one. Beats 100° and melting sun

    The pool we swam at was really shaded, so it was pretty damn chilly!

    Our opponents were unfortunately dealing with a lot of COVID cases, so it ended up not being much of a contest. They were great hosts, though, so we all had a good time! A lot of our kids had uncomfortable swims, but they pushed though it, which is really all we could ask for!

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  13. 36 minutes ago, SnowenOutThere said:

    I got an A meet for swim Saturday morning  and another long course meet for swim Sunday so I don’t really know how to feel about this super nice weekend coming up. That said it will also be awesome for biking and mowing lawns. 

    Yeah...first A Meet of the season is going to be a little chilly!

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