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  1. Radar lighting up in Iowa. Looking forward to seeing some TSSN reports the next few hours. Noticeably larger flake size the last few minutes here.
  2. BeastFromTheEast

    April 14-15 Snow Potential

  3. BeastFromTheEast

    Fall/Winter 2018-19 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Meh Native Americans have been living in the brutal midwestern climate for thousands of years. Nothing really impressive about what the colonists did. They would have failed mightily without the thousands of years of wisdom that the Native people shared.
  4. BeastFromTheEast

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    First flakes. -SN here in Hoffman Estates
  5. BeastFromTheEast

    January 20-? Cold snap

    MPS closed both Monday and Tuesday. http://fox6now.com/2014/01/26/milwaukee-public-schools-closed-monday-and-tuesday/
  6. BeastFromTheEast

    January 30-February 2nd Wave Train

  7. BeastFromTheEast

    January 3-6th Winter Storm Part 2

    Skilling via FB ..
  8. BeastFromTheEast

    January 3-6th Winter Storm Part 2

    Skilling all in.
  9. BeastFromTheEast

    Adjusting Global Temperature for ONI, TSI, and Pinatubo

    LOL Don't expect many of us here on this SCIENCE board to take Mr. Creationist/Denier/Heartland stooge Dr. Roy Spencer too seriously.. Here are some of his gems for those of you unaware.. More goodies below.. http://www.skepticalscience.com/skeptic_Roy_Spencer.htm This guy brings his religious views into ALL of his climate "research". Any one who follows this hack's work is not interested in legitimate climate change discussion...
  10. BeastFromTheEast

    2013 Global Sea Level Thread

    LOL^ FFS A simple Met Degree does NOT = Expert in climate science... SMH..
  11. BeastFromTheEast

    Climate Change Banter

    Wanna look up Spring/Summer Temp trends ? Cuz I'm pretty sure the warming will be much more visible in that data along with overall yearly temperature trends..
  12. BeastFromTheEast

    This is not good.

    Claimed It is
  13. BeastFromTheEast

    This is not good.

  14. BeastFromTheEast

    This is not good.

    BUMP for dabize