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  1. Can you even touch the rim Jongirl? I’m 5’8, 27yo and I can do this. . . Guarantee my nuts will be in yo face if we ball.
  2. Radar lighting up in Iowa. Looking forward to seeing some TSSN reports the next few hours. Noticeably larger flake size the last few minutes here.
  3. Meh Native Americans have been living in the brutal midwestern climate for thousands of years. Nothing really impressive about what the colonists did. They would have failed mightily without the thousands of years of wisdom that the Native people shared.
  4. LOL Don't expect many of us here on this SCIENCE board to take Mr. Creationist/Denier/Heartland stooge Dr. Roy Spencer too seriously.. Here are some of his gems for those of you unaware.. More goodies below.. This guy brings his religious views into ALL of his climate "research". Any one who follows this hack's work is not interested in legitimate climate change discussion...
  5. Wanna look up Spring/Summer Temp trends ? Cuz I'm pretty sure the warming will be much more visible in that data along with overall yearly temperature trends..
  6. Pwned! I gotta give you a big round for sticking around in this place as long as you have dude! I know I couldn't stand it for more than a day
  7. Growing up, I loved watching good-ole Rick! Especially the wink he gave at the end of his forecasts and the "big snow" graphics on his forecasts
  8. I also remember that storm producing some of the lightest and fluffiest snow that I have ever seen thanks to the insane ratios( 50:1 - 100:1). The stuff was literally like pixie dust.. Unique/ once in a life-time type event for sure..
  9. These bring back some good memories.. Great Work ChiStorm!