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  1. iceman56

    1.5.17-1.6.17 Snow Event Obs

    2.8" here in NW Chesco, up to 3.8" for the season.
  2. iceman56

    Vendor forecast thread

    Yup, warm Nov, Dec, Jan. Backloaded Feb & Mar. He's pretty much on his own.
  3. 41.2 with some light rain NW Chesco. Davis still shows zero.
  4. 29.7 in NW Chesco, widespread frost.
  5. iceman56

    Extended Rain Event 9/28-10/2/16

    2.59" for the event so far in NW Chesco.
  6. iceman56

    PTC Matthew

    But not the nearly 11 year streak since a major has made landfall in the US. Don't see any features to change that on this one.
  7. I got 9.5" in 6 hours from Floyd. Forced me to rebuild my walking bridge over my stream with concrete footers.
  8. Thread title is now two seasons out of date.
  9. A very nice 43.8 in NW Chesco this morning.
  10. Yet another 90 degree day here in NW Chesco - 90.5/68 currently Endless summer...
  11. Late season 90 yesterday in NW Chesco with 90.4.
  12. .19" of rain for yesterday, .10" since midnight here in NW Chesco.
  13. 85.7 for the high in NW Chesco yesterday - hopefully no more 90's here this summer. Average temps start their decline in the next week.
  14. Between pre-dawn action and evening action picked up 1.20" in NW Chesco, up to 2.31" for July. High yesterday 90.7 (4th day in a row 90+) DP maxed at 107.
  15. Nice t-storm in wee hours. Finally got good rain - .95" here in NW Chesco. Up to 2.06" for the month.