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  1. Just rain here in Rockinham sitting at 40 degrees too though
  2. its been sleeting on and off here in Rockingham, NC all day sitting at 41 degrees
  3. Heavy sleet in rockingham right now, had some earlier as well.
  4. ya'll are just gonna be disappointed again! I'm not looking at anything unless its 2-3 days out
  5. That's why you wait 2-3 days to get excited about anything now days! Yea, its fun to track 7-10 days in advance...only to be disappointed.
  6. 39 degrees, 24 dewpoint, wetbulb 33.53
  7. yes! that's means in get paid for working from home!
  8. ALL RAIN here... maybe a little sleet mixed in but didn't even cover anything...glad I went with my gut on this one!
  9. I'm under a Winter Storm Watch for rain
  10. no one knows what to expect, some models point me at all rain, some with T-1" and then others with 3-4" total snow accumulations. Then there are those facebook post that put out makes that say major accumulation possible in my area. Im just gonna go with the all rain event and be happy that way I don't get my hopes up.
  11. Still looking like all rain for me here in Rockingham, NC never gets below freezing here...low only gets to 35.
  12. That's horrible, my area doesn't get jack if we are comparing. All rain for me.