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  1. So which model ended up doing better with this last system?
  2. Just rain here in rockingham but some sleet mixed in
  3. I'll take that I'm right on Highway 74 and Highway 1 in Rockingham.
  4. Moore county schools are releasing an hour early tomorrow, not decision yet for Friday.
  5. same here, it's one county above us and one county below us but not for us.
  6. Absolutely, its always threading a needle with us.
  7. I'm below Sanford in Rockingham, so rain down here?
  8. Well if it keeps going north, I'm going to be out of it with only rain
  9. I’m to Far East here in Rockingham to get anything and it’s 44 degrees currently
  10. Just rain here in Rockinham sitting at 40 degrees too though
  11. its been sleeting on and off here in Rockingham, NC all day sitting at 41 degrees
  12. Heavy sleet in rockingham right now, had some earlier as well.