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  1. Ahhh, the Maestro storm! Has a ring to it! Might strike the right chord and we can end this winter on a high note!
  2. Yeah, totally agree with that!! Bleah!!
  3. Definitely less separation between the northern stream drink (on the right) and the already neutrally tilted southern stream one. Looks like they definitely could phase into a much larger, more potent beverage. Especially since they are nearly empty so another glass is in order. I predict enhanced vertical motion uplifting the glass and a subsequent strong influx of booze imbibed as well. 00Z will be telling, but I like these trends!
  4. You forgot the "phone a friend" forecast! But not sure where that fits in to the overall order!
  5. Didn't you get the record or near-record for number of weenie reactions for some post awhile ago? LOL!!
  6. @Bob Chill was right, he really must have appeased the snow gods. Maybe offered Jobu's rum to the GFS for happy hour!
  7. It looked great in its normal ICON SUCKS way??
  8. Now that is quite the mixed metaphor there! But now that you mentioned it...
  9. That was an incredible event for sure! I was living in the Cleveland area at the time, working for a small, private forecasting company. Though we obviously didn't get the brunt of the storm, the eastern half of Ohio (especially southeast Ohio) still got hit hard with blizzard conditions. Northeast Ohio got about 6-12" and similar winds to what you had, with temperatures in the teens. For that event, I was at work, and one of the places we had to forecast for was the NY State Thruway (what a chore!). I was literally putting out forecasts to expect on the order of 2-4 FEET of snow across large portions of the Thruway. It seemed so unbelievable that I actually got a call from them asking about it!! The place I worked at actually had to put me up in a downtown hotel that Saturday night because conditions were so bad in the Cleveland area that I couldn't have gotten back to my place (many roads closed or partially closed, including the Shoreway, a highway which connects the east and west sides of town). It's not typical that a nor'easter like that would really affect Ohio much (except perhaps the southern part of the state), but this one impacted such a large area.
  10. Well, that "bites"...just not in the way we would like!!
  11. I guess not a total surprise that it wouldn't appear on the mean. What do individual members look like around then...any that show any kind of hit? I thought the GEFS members earlier showed some good activity at that time with some hits.
  12. Hey Bob...I know this is an old thread now but of course today is the 12th anniversary of Snowmageddon (hard to believe that long now!!). I wasn't here for PD-I but do recall hearing about it in the news even in Ohio. So mostly I'm responding to agree that there are those sort of "life changing" storms that just stick with you and become the benchmark. Even if other storms since have been snowier, etc. For me, it was the Ohio blizzard of 1978 (Jan. 26-27). Yeah, we didn't get a ton of snow, though hard to measure with winds. KCLE officially put down like 7" in their records (on top of a fair bit of existing old snow). But it was so incredibly severe, in a winter that was severe. Sustained winds over 40MPH, reported gusts of 80-100MPH. Complete whiteout. The center of the storm went right through northeast Ohio with a pressure recorded at KCLE of 28.28 inches (~957 mb). Temperatures dropped 30 degrees within two hours from the mid-40s at 4AM, and it hovered in the single digits the remainder of the day. The Ohio Turnpike was closed from gate to gate for the first and only time ever, from what I read. The storm itself, as I recall, bombed out by over 40 mb in a 24 hour period as it moved north...all over land. A pretty unique occurrence.
  13. This is very true. While Pres. Day might be about the time limit for a big HECS event, there have been several solid moderate events in late Feb through mid-March or so. More recently off the top of my head (and giving the amount I recorded at my location)... Feb 27-28, 2003...~5" Feb 25, 2007...5-6" March 3, 2009...6" March 25, 2013...4" March 2-3, 2014...5-6" March 17, 2014...8" March 25, 2014...3" Feb 20, 2015...6" (unusual cold at the start, later turned to sleet and drizzle) March 5, 2015...6-7" March 20, 2018...~5" May have missed some but those are the ones I most recall.
  14. I don't believe it did at 18Z offhand (but too lazy to go back and verify)...
  15. Haha! Yeah and Peter Schickele, of the "University of Southern North Dakota"! ETA... My parents sure twisted my mind by occasionally playing records (yes RECORDS!) of PDQ Bach shows!
  16. So I gather it will be kinda dull in here for awhile until something halfway trackable shows up!
  17. The Wurst of PDQ Bach! @Maestrobjwamight appreciate the reference!
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