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  1. Hilarious movie, with one of the best movie-rants ever by Steve Martin! I'm guessing "FOLKS..." is the new "Jaws music"!!
  2. Why do I sense a Piss Boy insult is about to be tossed around in the medium range thread, with all the models useful/not useful argument going on!!!
  3. It looks like it's already adjusting, or trying to so to speak.
  4. Yup...despite it sliding away, I actually like the larger scale changes in some weird fashion and that it's trending toward the Euro-type solution. And even still, we manage to squeeze some light snow out of it. I am feeling more confident in the probability for at least more than a dusting from this, and it will also be quite cold. So definitely a wintry feel.
  5. Hey no problem, like I said it's good of you to issue the apology. I have mixed feelings about JB, I think he was well respected some time ago and that was deserved, but he devolves into anti-global warming BS and hyping every single damned thing, so that kills his credibility (to me, at least). Or he'll try to claim he was right by changing the statistical goalposts, so to speak (like with stuff such as "March was the coldest month of the winter RELATIVE TO AVERAGES and I called it!!" Sure, "relative to averages"...I can also say that July could be colder than January using that!). Anyhow, I do agree with you on the frustration, it's very palpable, and I feel that way myself. All I can do is just keep hoping that we'll land a couple of solid events, and perhaps a big dog (though I'm not "big dog hunting" unless one actually shows up!). Sometimes though, the doom-and-gloom posting can get annoying in there, as I'm sure you'll agree! One measure, so to speak, of how bad it's been...I like to take photos of every snow event we get, at least the decent to epic ones (advisory level to HECS). The last set of snow-related photos I took was from March 2022, when we got a neat little advisory event around mid-month along with a nice cold blast. Last year had NOTHING...and I think that's the only winter in which I literally took zero snow photos (because there was none? LOL!!!...well, I got 0.5" on Feb. 1 last winter, that fell in the pre-dawn hours and was gone by 10AM).
  6. I cannot speak for @brooklynwx99, but I'm sure the apology is welcome. I for one appreciate you admitting that. Gotta say, I think most of the scolding was due to the JB comparison!!! LOL!!! Nobody wants to be told they sound like him!! I also appreciate the optimism, but JB tends to just overhype everything and anything...the red-taggers in here don't do that, even as they're trying to find something good when things suck.
  7. I'd rather have a bottle in front'o'me than a frontal lobotomy! (Can't remember where I heard that from, but always thought it was funny!)
  8. To be honest, you had every right to respond as you did. Being "compared" to JB is a real insult, in my opinion!
  9. Browns looking almost as pathetic vs. the Bungles as the Semi-Noles did in the FSU-UGA Orange Bowl! I guess their playoff seeding is set anyhow, so it's perhaps a meaningless game.
  10. I've discovered a general rule concerning the medium range thread. Perhaps this is obvious, but still. It's all in whom I see posted last when I check, like who's avatar icon I see as the last poster in a thread... If it's @Ji or @osfan24 or even @Heisy, especially if there are multiple posts in a row, then I know things have probably gone to hell in a handbasket and it's perhaps not worth looking much at that time. If it's @psuhoffman, I know I'll need to set aside some reading time (a few hours!), but it's usually difficult to say initially whether there's bad or good news until reading! But I still appreciate his analysis and input. If it's @brooklynwx99, @MillvilleWx, @CAPE, @WxUSAF, or @Bob Chill, I can count on some good analysis as well, and likely fairly positive! If it's @clskinsfan, I know we'll see the term "beatdown" at least once, so it's worth a look at what's going on even if it's for the more western crew! If it's @stormtracker, I expect Jaws music! If it's @H2O, I expect some good, funny memes dammit! If it's @Weather Will, I'll need to clear my internet cache to allow for more images. If it's @WxWatcher007, we'll see shots of the Reaper enjoying retirement, likely involving his skeleton crew sipping a few tropical drinks on the beach!! If it's @Maestrobjwa, I expect something about Beethoven! If it's @yoda, I expect several CVS receipt length copy/pastes of the latest warnings! If it's at @ravensrule, well, nothing need be said! I'll look for the comments that inspired the innuendo!!! And finally, if it's @Scarlet Pimpernel, I just ignore what the hell he has to say!!! I'm sure others can add to this checklist!!
  11. Exactly. I don't expect this to be a situation like the big storms (at least not now, maybe another time??), where every model has it for days on end because the setup is clear and obvious. But...it's nice to see an increase in favorable setups for that time right after what looks to be a cutter next weekend. Heck, the GFS has shown a decent looking event around the 16-17th somewhat consistently and I know the ensembles have hit that period as well. And it's staying in that same time frame, not moving forward all the time.
  12. But those Squishable avocadoes are so...damned cute!! (Yes, I have one!)
  13. What's 20mb and a few hundred miles among friends???
  14. That's one scary looking puppy!!! LOL!!!
  15. Amazing how the rates picked up today as soon as the snow changed to rain!!
  16. That Hitler parody was a true work of art...hilarious!!! (If something about Hitler can be considered amusing? Like "The Producers"?). Must have taken some work to add those subtitles to that scene.
  17. He made a severe weather one as well?? Don't think I ever saw it, so yeah if you find that one it would be great!
  18. As you wish (still had a link somewhere in my bookmarks!)...
  19. I'll take that as a compliment!!
  20. I wrote that fine work of literature while drinking a nice Chardonnay! (and let my inner PSU flow!)
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