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  1. Yay, Guardians!!! Won the AL Central today! Of course, I don't expect them to really go very far in the post-season, but still. They have a young team and weren't really expected to be there this season. But they are talented. At any rate, whatever happens, maybe a good lead in to next season at least.
  2. Sad thing is, for awhile (as I recall, could be wrong) that winter 2001-02 actually for a short while looked like it could be decent. But I think as we went through January, it was clear it was a no-go. I also recall some of the longer range models gave some false hope but then backed way off on that. And of course JB pounded that even as it was clear that wasn't going to happen. I'll admit the thing that ticked me off most was the whole "such-and-such month was the coldest...relative to averages!!" That makes no sense, comparing January to March (which I swear he did, or something similar) or some such thing. Hell, by that reasoning you could call a slightly cooler than normal July as being COLDER than JANUARY (relative to averages, in small print!!!)...OMG!!!! I'm exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea.
  3. Oh man, I remember that! First year I was in this area (DC metro). That's where I first heard the "vodka cold" BS!! He kept on keeping on with that ("it's just around the corner in 2 weeks!!), and it never came about even in the face of evidence. I think that's when I first noticed his statistical manipulation to "sound better" (diplomatic phrase for...bulls**t!), as in "March was the coldest month of the winter!!! (small print: relative to averages!)." Yeah let's compare apples and leprechauns!
  4. Yeah, where's his 2002-03 and 2009-10 analogue in addition to those? And calls for vodka cold, Snowmageddon, Blizzard of 2016, 1983, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!! He must be slipping.
  5. Well OK then, pedants gonna pedant!
  6. Thanks! As for collapsing, I cannot speak for the Twins but it would absolutely not surprise me if the Guardians do!! Cleveland fans always expect the worst...The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot, Two Game 7 World Series losses in extra innings (1997, 2016!)! At least "The Shot" (Jordan's game/series winning shot over Craig Ehlo in 1989) has been replaced by the 2016 NBA Game 7 Finals "Shot" (Irving 3 pointer over Curry) and "The Block" (LeBron's block of Iguadala in the same game) when the Cavs won vs. Golden State.
  7. Went to visit my hometown in Cleveland last week. Was able to see a Guardians game against Detroit. What an exciting finish...the Guardians were down 4-2 with 2 outs in the 8th inning and proceeded to score 6 runs (and won 8-4)!! Here are a few photos I got.
  8. Place 'yer bets! What will be the most common comment made this upcoming winter (or ones you would expect to hear)? Or, add your own "favorite" (least favorite!) comments/phrases! --"GFS (NAM, Euro, etc) is a disaster!" --"Fringed " --"GFS (NAM, Euro, etc.) ticked a bit south (north, east, west)." --"Watch list, or Reaper call?" --"Rippin fatties at hour 48 (whenever)!!!" --"Northeast MD PUMMELLED!" --"How much for Short Pump?" --"Crush job!" --"Canadian looks awesome. But it's the Canadian!" --"GFS (NAM, Euro, etc.) took away 32" of my snow compared to yesterday!" --"Guys, it's just snow. Frozen freakin' water!" --"How can a weak 1016mb low push away a huge 1036 high like that?? Meteorologically impossible!" --"The shortwave isn't over land yet, so things could change when it's better sampled!" --"La-la-la-lock it up!!!" --"I'd take the GFS (NAM, Euro, etc.) and call it a winter." --"We take!" --"I don't care for that low over Lake Michigan." --"Looks good to me. I'm in chips fall mode right now for my yard!" --"It's the NAM at 84 hours!" --"Dr. No says..." --"Model X is now the new KING!!"
  9. Dramatic clouds the other weekend (you can see a rain shaft on the left side). And quite the brilliant orange sunset, looks like flames behind the trees!
  10. Happy Birthday!! I hope the Lord High Executioner is having a good one!
  11. Thank you! I am glad you noted and appreciated the composition. I did actually crop these some to cut out some foreground buildings and such. And I totally understand what you mean about not being into much of the festivities.
  12. Happy 4th everyone! Some fireworks from a display near where I live, from the other night...
  13. Hahaha!! Yeah I know you're not anywhere near 85. As for @H2O and "Jurassic", well, that might still apply! Oh and have a great time at your softball game, along with the jello shots! I miss playing, it was fun...but decided to hang up the cleats this year in the league I've been on for a long time. Like 17 years before COVID canceled the past 2 seasons, and that last season ended for me when I broke a finger on one play. Just too much going on now and yeah, dare I say, getting a bit old for it! I'll joke and say that without me playing now, our outfield has probably improved greatly! LOL!!! I may show up at the annual tournament later this summer as a "guest" and take photos (and drink beer!), though.
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