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  1. I would expect nothing less after the improvements this year! Hopefully by then, the new talent won't have to remain 6 feet from you. And...bow ties for the snakes!! Don't forget the bow ties!! Gotta stay...sophisticated! (The top hat helps, too!)
  2. Haha! That is f'ing hilarious!! Do the snakes also serve drinks?? May need to work on their form a bit before December...
  3. Great...many thanks for that correction! That's what I get for reading it all too quickly and having my eyes gloss over the part that restaurants are still allowed. Good to know. My apologies for the misinformation in my earlier comment.
  4. Ha! The one big difference I did see from the order is that now curbside and other pick-up of food from any restaurants is suspended in MD (but not in VA?). Unless I read that incorrectly. That was kind of a shocker, but that may be more temporary, not sure. I believe you can have things delivered...if a place offers that. I had patronized "carry-out" places a couple of times recently just to support them, as I know they're going to really suffer economically.
  5. On a completely different and brighter note...Cherry blossoms with a golden sunset behind them:
  6. I didn't find your comment political. Viruses don't care what one's philosophy is. I was actually worried my long comment below yours sounded too "political" or "charged", but I've about reached my limit so had to vent a little. So I get where you're coming from.
  7. Oy! I don't want to wade into this controversy because I have definite views that are not aligned with yours. And I've got far more than half a brain, thank you very much for the insulting condescension there. But read about 1918. They were no strangers to what we now call "social distancing" or "flattening the curve." Most widely seen image is what St. Louis did vs. Philadelphia at that time, and the difference is stark. And throughout history, quarantines and the like were common practice in the absence of other medicine. As for China, they introduced rather draconian stay-at-home orders. I'm not saying we are headed there, and yes, they haven't gotten "rid" of it, but it did help. The whole idea is to first, keep the emergency facilities from becoming overwhelmed and second, perhaps it will reduce the amount of infection cases at least enough until we can get a vaccine or some other treatment. And we've already got overwhelmed facilities here. You sound like what Boris Johnson in the UK was saying, let everyone get sick and go from there. But even he changed his tune rather dramatically in the past week or so. Fact is if we can keep millions from dying and far more from suffering through bad cases if they do survive, we should do so as a matter of ethics. This whole idea that "it's just the flu" is crazy; it's a virus that nobody has any immunity to, and you may not have permanent immunity after. And it's world-wide. It's also much harsher than the regular seasonal flu or cold. It's not alarmist. And don't even think that even if this settles down through the summer, that it won't come back as we get into the next fall/winter. And by then, we'll have the full complement of the flu season in front of us; not just a couple of months at the end like this year I swear, when I see the complaints, I wonder what those whining about it would have done during WW-II and the Depression, when various laws were put in place to support the war effort or to alleviate the economic disaster...serious sacrifices, etc. Now, there's too much BS about "I don't want the gov'mint taking away my free-dumb during a crisis that they're exaggerating!" OK, sorry to everyone else, I did wade into the controversy, perhaps to my own detriment. But had to vent a apologies!
  8. But he's the Reaper. Can't be a Weenie. Conflict of interest, right?!?! I'm sure he'll get his high-powered Panic Room lawyers on that right away...
  9. You could also release the @Jebman (Kraken??), waving his vaunted shovel around, he'll be sure to keep things plenty cold!!
  10. Yeah. I don't think there's necessarily a *huge* difference from what the orders were before, other than now this gives authority to enforce it if people are blatantly violating. I'd be frustrated if I were him, too. You can still go out for necessities, exercise, that sort of thing. That's mostly all I've done myself the past couple or so weeks. I think they also still have some carry-out at various restaurants...order ahead and pick it up. I've done that a couple of times, too, just to at least still patronize some places to help keep them afloat. Like I said before...yes, this sucks and nobody likes it. But it's what needs to be done if we're to have some chance of curtailing things somewhat.
  11. What are the magic words one needs to say in order to "steal" one of those????
  12. Great day for a bike ride once it started clearing out!!!
  13. You should dust your camera off and get out there, for sure!! Just walk around and see what catches your eye...
  14. Same here...I fully expect at least a month if not more. You do what you's working out OK, I've got my work laptop and access to whatever for the most part that I need. But I won't lie that my attention and amount of stuff I get done isn't at the same level. Mostly just from being concerned and all that of course, plus just being at home. And yeah, everything is all in good fun! Right now, humor and my photography keep me going for the most part. Though at least now it's getting warmer so I can get back to riding my bike too to get out. We can all use some good laughter through all this, at least!!
  15. I would gladly partake of one of those Stouts!!