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  1. Dayum! I see the back edge of the Holiday season already!
  2. Sounds like a song that could become like the 12 Days of Christmas for the Mid-Atlantic forum! Actually, that should be more like a 12 Step Grief Plan...but anyhow: 27 not-time-to panics, 29 more yets, 59 i'm-just-keeping-it-realz, An inch of snow for PSU, 15 Reapers a-reaping, And a Panic Room in a Pear Tree!!
  3. It's the start of the beginning of the cancellation that will be un-canceled and un-un-cancelled several times.
  4. I don't know if I could imitate @George BM's amazing start-of-the-month Banter thread tales...but just for you Jeb: <@Jebman imitation>Yarn! Yeah, you bet! All you folks in the Mid-Atlantic are going to need TONS of yarn to knit thick sweaters to stay warm in the EPIC ICE-AGE COLD you're going to experience this winter! While you're out shoveling TONS of FEET of SNOW in your warm sweaters and jackets, you'll forget all about PSU's inch! </@Jebman imitation>
  5. Yup! Happy Meteorological Winter to all!!
  6. Insane sunset this evening! Just stunning...
  7. You mean British English? I believe it was Winston Churchill who said, "America and England are two countries separated by a common language."
  8. Looks like you had the extra lean Thanksgiving meal! Cute dog, too! Did you toss him any bones to fetch...oh, wait, perhaps bad idea! ("OK, Spot...hand me back my ribs now!") Hope you had a good holiday as well! The Panic Room was indeed brilliant and funny. I don't know where you got all those images over the years, but they were great! Don't let the crap posts around here drive you away.
  9. I always like a good FAKE PUNT! Like the one FSU pulled against Auburn in the 2014 BCS championship game, that sparked the Seminoles' comeback win!
  10. Wait a minute...all this time I thought the Reaper meant serious bid'niz!!! Now we hear it was all for amusement?!?! But you do have a point, winter can definitely be the most dumb (even dumberer!!) time of year on here!! And in all honesty, I really appreciated your humor!
  11. I know exactly what you mean, and I've seen the same. Kinda annoys me as well.
  12. OMG, it's OVER!!!! If the @Jebman is contemplating a reaping you know it's bad! It would be @WxWatcher007's greatest triumph I suspect, if the Reaper actually takes the ultimate snow optimist's soul!! He might even come out of retirement for that!
  13. I'm not @Bob Chill and don't even play him on Snow-TV , but chiming in here to say good on you for recognizing if you perhaps got "out of hand" with some posts, etc. Hell, we all do that! You cannot change what happened or what was said of course, but it is possible to just move on and better oneself afterward. Don't look back and dwell too much (this coming from someone who tends to dwell waaaay too much at times, which I do!). I'd wager most people would be willing to recognize if one changes for the better, and see you for the better.
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