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  1. I'd love one more good shot at a nice event for March, myself! But I cannot blame some of the calls for "just end it and bring on spring!" either. Let's face it, many were disappointed (myself included) by some real underperformers, and I think last week really put the nail into that. Also, honestly, there really doesn't seem to be much of a threat on the horizon. If there were, that might be different. But I just don't see much chance out there in the overall pattern. Won't stop me from keeping an eye out, but it's not like some Marches before where we knew we'd have opportunities.
  2. I agree..there have been some really good March storms in the past 10 years that I've experienced while here. I wasn't in this area in 1993, but was in northeast Ohio on the "western edge" of the Storm of the Century. We got nearly a foot of powder and it was in the teens with blizzard warnings for that one in eastern Ohio. Anyhow, beyond that, 2014 stands as the best year for March events with 2015 a close 2nd. The biggest of all of those was 8" on St. Patrick's Day 2014...which complimented a 5.3" event earlier that month and another 3" on March 25 (2nd year in a row we got decent snow here on my birthday!). And we even got about an inch or so on the 30th that year to close things out. I liked the March 2015 event, 6.5" with temperatures falling through the mid 20s all day. And it stuck around for a couple of days or so. Then of course we had the sleet event in 2017 and the "equinox storm" in 2018 that dropped 5" where I am. I don't know whether we can pull off a good event this year but I haven't paid much attention to the longer range to be honest. I'd love a shot at one final good event, as this year has been disappointing in and near the DC area at least; too many underperformers. I might not care so much about anything in March, except the event last week was really a bust here; even the models (NAM, in particular) that showed warm air entering the mid-levels were at least giving a couple or few inches of snow before a flip to sleet. I didn't see so much as a single snow flake. It was sleet right from the start and not even anything much to write home about at that (1" sleet total), and the event was over by noon. I know many here don't care for March snows because they don't stick around for long. But personally that doesn't bother me. If we could score a 6" or so event where we have one nice, snowy day and it hangs around for a day or so before warming up again, that would be awesome.
  3. Unfortunately, seems all we get is a triple facepalm!!
  4. Say it ain't so, @WxWatcher007 (Reaper)!! You're hanging up the scythe for good, or just for this winter?? Hopefully you'll be around next year! This cannot be the end of the Lord High Executioner, the Reaper of despairing weenie souls! It almost makes me want to jump! What will become of the Panic Room? Will it become nothing but a relic overgrown with weeds, that will be toured by people generations from now when snow no longer exists? Like Alcatraz or the Chateau d'If? Do you still get royalties? Will the casinos and bars still be in working order?? What becomes of the magnificent skeletal staff? Turn those machines back on...turn those machines back on!!!
  5. Haha! Reminds me of the old generic products years ago, packaged in white with black lettering. You'd get things labeled like "Beer" and such. I even as a joke got someone a generic postcard...and yup, it was all white with the word "Postcard" written on it!!
  6. Oh, I mistakenly thought that was a garnish!
  7. I don't know, but PSU might be fringed. Then end up with some serious cicada banding only to have more than everyone else!
  8. I was here for the Brood X emergence in 2004. It was interesting, actually...maybe a bit annoying an noisy, but at the same time kind of cool to be honest. That May was very warm and I think they actually emerged and then disappeared more quickly, peaking around Memorial Day weekend. They definitely got all over the place. I recall playing in a softball game out in Virginia in the league I play on, having to practically swat the damned things away while in the outfield! Here's a photo I got at the time (very low res digital camera back then, LOL!), of a cicada emerging from its shell. I always found it neat how they come out white with black "eyebrows", before they dry and harden into the normal black color with the clear-orange wings.
  9. I say contour it in micrometers around I-95 and southeast, gradually transitioning that to meters as you get far enough north and west of there. But don't put a scale on it. That way, it will give the illusion that I-95 was in the jackpot zone this year!
  10. I think it got re-directed to @psuhoffman's yard.
  11. That model always shows too much mid-level warming.
  12. I have a much less diplomatic way to put it!!
  13. That top image looks like a fart-lighting contest gone awry!!
  14. Does that thing shoot sleet pellets?? Or salt?? Might come in handy... Ahhh, the Panic Room catalog. A fine addition to each room, next to the room service menu! I think I've seen you as one of the 3rd party sellers on Amazon, someone named "Lord High Executioner"? I was looking for snow blowers at the time.