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  1. Whew! Well, that's good to know! I did hear that the "Marrow"vingians might be immune, too! At least, that was a rather "Frank" assessment!
  2. Quite impressive on the outdoor improvements to the Panic Room! I await the disco room, which should be hoppin' this year! (ETA: Yeah, they're not wearing masks nor are they socially distanced! Probably not good to be scapula-to-scapula like that!)
  3. Change "NAM" to "DGEX" or "CRAS" and you're spot on!!
  4. OK, somehow that looks like a meal bizarro-world @Mrs.J might concoct (or she'd have to be high on acid)!! (with all due respect, Mrs. J, all in humor here!)
  5. Ha! That might be difficult. However, a BLT sandwich with fine champagne is actually quite a good pairing!
  6. Ha, that seems to be our problem all too often! But nice to see something interesting out there at least. Good to see you Stormtracker, hope all is well!
  7. Indeed...that only makes it *worse*!!
  8. Vienna sausages and spaghetti-Os is a bit too far just by itself!
  9., no, did NOT! You DID! Such desecration of bacon shall not be tolerated!! Spam, on the other hand...(spam, spam, spam, spam, SPAM! Wonderful spam! Thank you, Monty Python!)
  10. My cue for paying attention to LR snow chances is 10 weeks after Ji cancels winter for the10th time for the upcoming season. So yeah, it's getting close!
  11. Just don't bring back that Vienna sausage and Spaghetti-Ohs dish that you put up in here this past spring! Oh, sh*t, now I've done it!
  12. Very twisted for sure! But a good movie.
  13. I'm doing fine overall, thanks! Just hanging in!!! Can't believe it's Thanksgiving next week.
  14. Looks like that turkey is wearing a Bishop's miter!!
  15. Kinda agree, in long as it's not a "one and done" kind of deal, if the rest of winter is at least OK too. You're right, there's nothing like a HECS, tracking it days in advance and then experiencing it as it occurs! For instance, the excitement before the Jan. 2016 blizzard was awesome, almost better than the storm itself (well, I won't go that far!). A week out, the Saturday before it hit, all the models locked onto something significant. It was just a matter of refining the details after that. I got almost nothing done that week leading into it, awaiting the latest guidance each cycle. And hour and the storm began! Similar feeling for the other HECS events I have experienced in my time here over the years. That said, a winter like 2013-14 was quite something to behold, even as it lacked an actual HECS.