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  1. That was indeed a classic rant post...bravo @Jebman! I remember that post well from the time. If ever AmWx could give some kind of literary award for top posts, this would win hands down! Oh, and yeah, that was the year we got screwed for much of the winter. Then things turned around and lined up right for us over the next 3-4 weeks, and we did really well in that time. Very true! I had actually forgotten @Jebman posted that in Panic Room that year (though I did read it at the time)! Back in the early days of the Room, when you didn't have all the fine amenities, waiters to serve you drinks, dance floors, etc.!!
  2. Now to be fair, I think we may have gotten into CFS range a time or two back in late December or early January. But otherwise, yeah, not so much!!
  3. Did @Jebman steal your account info?
  4. Say it ain't so...the Reaper claims Beethoven now?? I guess he wrote his last movement (wait, that doesn't sound right), or left an unfinished symphony!!
  5. You think that one hurts? You should have been here (maybe you were?) for the infamous "Storm Which Shall Not Be Named" in December 2010 (ahem...Boxing Day, oops, I said it!). I think that's what started @Bob Chill and many others harming bunnies and other cute furry animals of varying types when things go wrong!
  6. Close to a lock for a solid #2 seed, I'd imagine? (Assuming things remain constant to selection Sunday).
  7. @Bob Chill, today was an awesome day for a ride (which you probably knew already)!! Yesterday would have been fine too, but I was unfortunately busy and didn't get out. However, I wasn't going to let anything deter me this afternoon. Even to get out there for a relatively short time, it was great to go for a spin. I hope you were able to take advantage of this weather either yesterday or today yourself and hit some trails!
  8. Don't let it bother you too much, though at the same time I might suspect Rvarookie might just be trolling for fun. Seems to happen a lot in here lately, hahaha! There have been a lot of crap posts or worthless ones for what's supposed to be a "discussion" thread here, but it is what it is. Yours are far from the "worst", and I'll admit to making my own snarky non-relevant comments in here too (rather than in Banter). Now, if we ever get a storm mode, different story!! (and at this point, fat chance we'll have reason for "storm mode" any time soon, haha!!)
  9. Well, I can totally get that, when looking at what appear to be "dead zones" of snow events in the climatological record. It's an interesting phenomenon, not sure how much of that is "luck". Then again, we supposedly had no real events the middle 2 weeks of January either, historically speaking. Then 2016 happened... (ETA: I seem to recall some end of February events, even in the metro DC/Balt regions. Feb. 25, 2007...a 5-6" pasting that originally was supposed to be ice and rain. And in 2003, around that same date (25th, there about??), we got a decent event, a couple weeks after PD-II).
  10. Heh! I was just about to say, maybe we could throw in some of your chips from Vegas along with the Monopoly money...if you walked out of there with any remaining, that is!!!
  11. Ahhh, Monty Python's "Deja Vu" episode comes to the rescue!!! Perhaps record-breaking deja vu!!