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  1. Are we in NAM range yet?? Nothing here that I've seen, other than some holes near several trees. I guess it's getting close now.
  2. Short Pump cicada it!!
  3. LOL!!! Too funny! Actually, I'm disappointed by the 1st Pfizer shot, I only got the chip that plays dull elevator music. What a rip! Others reported being able to receive better stations. Hopefully the 2nd one is much better!! Can't we get better science juice???
  4. Same here, haven't seen any yet but have seen several holes near trees. Fringed!
  5. Rain shaft from convection today...
  6. Wow, for a moment earlier this morning I thought I had mistakenly entered some bizarre QAnon thread!
  7. I hear you! Got my first one a couple of weeks ago and will get the 2nd (Pfizer) next weekend. I feel better about things, though obviously still cautious (for myself and others, of course). It does feel good to know I'll have both done before Memorial Day weekend! My daughter gets her 1st this weekend.
  8. Nice!!! I take my daughter in for her first Pfizer shot tomorrow afternoon. Carefully working both doses around all the stuff she needs to do this month in case of any side-effects. I get my 2nd one next Saturday. So did your midichlorian count increase as well?? I guess that's better than having a secret chip injected!!
  9. That's quite a lineup!! Looks tasty!
  10. Hahaha!! Never thought it would be possible to get the "weenie" reaction for cicadas!!
  11. Soundings show a good CGZ (cidadic growth zone) moving toward the surface in the coming week or so. We should be rippin 'cadas shortly after!!
  12. Take care of yourself! I've heard that happens for both the 2nd Pfizer and Moderna shots, or at least it's highly variable (either little reaction or feeling out of it for a day). One time years ago, I felt awful soon after a tetanus shot (one of the TDP ones, can't recall which). But the next time I was due for another one, no real issue other than a sore arm.
  13. OK, both of you younger geezers...get off my lawn!!
  14. If you danced like Ron Paul in that gif, I guarantee you we'd all be laughing at you! Congrats on shot #2!!!