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  1. Wondering if my parents on the NY/MA border or my house in ORH will get more effects from this the way trends are heading.
  2. Same in Auburn now as well (600 ft elevation). Still have 40 degrees here, but this might get interesting.
  3. Not sure if this should have been posted in banter, but thought it was a good camera out of Bermuda. https://www.earthcam.com/world/bermuda/pembroke/?cam=bermuda
  4. Same thing up here in the Worcester area (the sun is trying its best). Nothing like another Orlando morning this summer!
  5. Sitting at 7.5” here on the Auburn/Worcester line.
  6. 17 and sleet here in Auburn. Have about 6” of snow/sleet mix on the ground.
  7. Keep driving...Great Barrington and Columbia County, NY area are magnets for this setup I would say.
  8. Looks like ALB just put up the TOR watch.
  9. We got around an inch or so in Auburn. Just enough to make people forget how to drive.
  10. Pic courtesy of my brother. Taken in eastern Columbia County, NY (Chatham) at 600 ft elevation. Definitely qualifies as an upslope location as well.
  11. Maybe it's just me, but the satellite image (GOES Floater) looks to me like the eye has cleared/ gotten its act together even more in the last few images. Thoughts (I'm leaving it to those of you that know more, which is pretty much everyone)?
  12. WDW closed for Floyd, 9/11, and a power outage in 2002. I was in Orlando for my honeymoon during Charley, but I don't remember it closing.
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