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  1. 144 nails the Bahamas, little stronger than 12Z and west.
  2. I know it's incredibly likely this won't happen, but still funny to imagine snow in September
  3. Charleston except for a small gap in the clouds near the Naval Base where NBC got lucky got screwed
  4. And the storms along the front are starting to get going again
  5. Saw in the news today there's going to be a meeting in Ann Arbor coming up to discuss a warning system for meteotsunami's on the Great Lakes
  6. I'm starting to get jelly of the folks just down to our south, NW Ohio and Northern Indiana keep getting clobbered.
  7. Saturday still looking like it could be a good wind producer
  8. Noticed iembot has been acting up the last couple days, now it's no longer displaying Special Weather Statements
  9. 18Z GFS is pretty damn gnarly for the western portions of the sub
  10. Looks like an MCS could be possible Saturday night, especially in Wisconsin.
  11. This weekend could offer us SOMETHING at least.
  12. That tornado was a damn big surprise. Next shot at Severe for the majority of the subforum looks to be Saturday Night
  13. Could have an interesting situation if the cap breaks mid week
  14. Also models are hinting at some action possibly mid week next week.
  15. A surprising thing to note is the GFS is actually more bullish with it than the NAM.
  16. 0Z GFS would have a nice little severe event Wed. night for Southern MI, Northern Indiana and Northern Ohio
  17. Just gotta say, I do not like the new proposed NWS product format they are taking feedback on at all.
  18. 0Z NAM would pose a pretty significant severe weather threat in Northern Illinois, and at least some elsewhere.
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