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  1. IR presentation just suddenly exploded with new convection around the eyewall
  2. NHC goes southwest, significantly increases rainfall because of the stall
  3. Appears recon is heading home, just as it starts to look better and better.
  4. Winds in the SE quad are finally increasing too, and convection is rapidly forming in the southern part of the storm.
  5. Recon showing the stronger winds are making it further down now
  6. Yeah this was at 23:13 Versus now (doesn't embed right, click the links)
  7. Someones gotta bite the bullet and make this thread eventually, so I will. Current indications show a moderate to strong El Nino affecting us this winter, possibly leading to some interesting conditions
  8. Agreed, roughly half the spaghetti plot and GFS ensembles show it hitting the western islands. If this was an Atlantic storm we'd be up to 50 pages by now.
  9. 0Z runs trended it closer to the western islands of Hawaii
  10. 18Z spaghetti plot inched it closer to Hawaii again, hopefully it stops trending that way
  11. Thursday eve could be interesting, particularly in the IN/OH/MI border area
  12. They still should've fixed the outlook accordingly at the 1630Z Outlook
  13. I have to agree, Once the Illinois one got going I was expecting an Enhanced at the least.
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