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  1. SUMMARY OF 1000 AM CDT...1500 UTC...INFORMATION ----------------------------------------------- LOCATION...38.7N 87.4W ABOUT 80 MI...129 KM SW OF INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA MAXIMUM SUSTAINED WINDS...30 MPH...45 KM/H PRESENT MOVEMENT...NNE OR 24 DEGREES AT 17 MPH...28 KM/H MINIMUM CENTRAL PRESSURE...997 MB...29.44 INCHES Pressure is falling as it approaches, down to 997
  2. Only really thin clouds out ahead of it today, we might get some heating
  3. Wouldn't be surprised to see some Flash Flood Watches get hoisted
  4. Models are slowly pushing the instability further and further north Monday
  5. IWX just upped the point and click High to 84 Niceee
  6. Only problem is their might not be that much instability due to cloud cover and rain
  7. 12Z is looking better instability wise for Thursday compared to prior runs
  8. Looking like Wednesday and Thursday might give some us some severe
  9. Cell on the TN/Al border is getting its act together quickly
  10. NWS is considered a necessary service, so all employees still get to work, however all tours and other outreach programs are indefinitely suspended. Back pay will be sent out once a CR or spending bill is passed.
  11. From a strong winter storm to now a barely WSW level snowfall for those who get it. Pretty damn sad result we're stuff with.
  12. All the whiny babies on Facebook complaining that WLNS broke into the programming over the Tornado Warning need to get over themselves. Public safety is more important than a damn college football game that won't matter in a day.
  13. Recon has found an extrapolated pressure of 914mb
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