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  1. We may never see cold again....lol
  2. I started with a Stevenson/Cotton Region Shelter in 1985 with liquid thermometers and still use them today specifically so I can compare readings. The only thing different is the siting due to moves but I think it's important to be able to compare data to use the same equipment. I do make sure the readings are still valid with a reference instrument though.
  3. I was thinking the opposite. Our cooler weather for most of the summer is making 80s feel downright hot!
  4. 85° here which is enough to break my 2010 82° record. Tomorrow the record is 86° from 2007 so it just happened to fall right (pardon the pun). I've had 86° as late as 10/6/1990.
  5. We may never see freezing again....
  6. Since we had 4 below normal months, it would be perfect for a flip in early December for a wall to wall winter. There's nothing wrong with warm falls.
  7. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst - Charlie Bagley
  8. I thought the eyewall passed to the east of there....closer to Marathon?
  9. I think we are early but only a week or two. I think normal peak for the NEK is about the last week of September so that would make sense. It should be interesting to see what a mild stretch will do. We've been regularly in the 40s at night a couple of mornings in the 30s not too long ago but it looks like we'll just have lows in the 50s.
  10. January 2011 was my snowiest month ever with about 56". That's almost my seasonal average. I'd repeat that. We even had October & May snow...
  11. I had a 24" storm on 2/12/2006. That was a pretty good storm too for rates but yeah, it was one of those winters that just couldn't get going but did have decent periods as well as sucky ones.
  12. You can't make someone understand something. You can communicate something several ways but can't make someone understand something. That's up to the individual. You can't put someone not thinking on the NHC. lol - NHC positions are not political appointments. They are jobs that people need to apply for and no one is applying, how is that Congresses or the Executive branches problem? You can't fill a position if you don't have a qualified applicant.
  13. I wonder why we don't just bury them when we're doing major construction on a road. I would think over 50 years you could get just about every mile buried. There's also the aesthetics. Why do we accept lines on the side of every road but will fight tooth and nail about a single cell tower?
  14. It's also available as an app on my smart TV type devices. I have a Roku and get it that way. They also have a channel called NewsOn which lets you watch live streams of local newscasts across the country. I had issues always getting the live stream but it's great getting local "ground truth" coverage than someone whose never been there and their impressions.
  15. I couldn't agree more. I watched a lot of coverage from the local stations in both Houston and Miami/Orlando and you'd think you were looking at two different events compared to some of the statements coming out of the national media. The locals did a really good job covering it and people were properly prepared.