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  1. 19° here too. First teens of the season. It was also my first day to average below 32. Next step is a daytime high below 32°.
  2. Same here...nice little squall. We did (or at least I did) have some IP a week or so briefly. This is much nicer though.
  3. MetHerb

    November discussion

    Is that Kevin's driveway in his dreams? There's a lot of "fake" weather around the world it seems...
  4. MetHerb

    November discussion

    Are you thinking of the back to back Veterans Day snow storms in 1986 & 87?
  5. MetHerb

    2018-19 New England Snow

    I'll do it as well...can you PM me the current info? Thanks!
  6. That's interesting. It's fascinating how different species can live different lengths. We had our woods logged back in 1996 and I was interested in this one section of white pines that were a decent size. I counted the rings on the larger ones and they were about 120-130 years old. That makes sense in that the land was a farm back in the 1800s and the farm was abandoned after the Civil War. I left a pair of the largest trees and hoped that they would survive without their surrounding brethren but they have. Hopefully they will be there for a while...
  7. They must have remained cloud free. I was 32° around 10PM last night and temps went up when the clouds rolled in. Beautiful sunrise this morning!
  8. Yeah, that's pretty much where I wound up. I was surprised to see BDL come in so far above. What a fake heat trap...I basically had no really low night time mins but I had 4 record low daytime maxes.
  9. I wish sunshine was one of the values I recorded because I have to agree, at least anecdotally. I always kid my wife about winter life in the midwest - it always seems to be overcast and cloudy there and I was commenting to her how cloudy it's been here. It looks like I was able to erase the positive departures the first 12 days of the month for me. My average temp for the month is 2.7° BN at 47.3°. Every day since then has been a negative departure and the average temp for me was actually my 8th coolest October in 33 years. I recorded 4 record low maxes but no record low temps so most of the departure has been on the cooler high temps, at least for me.
  10. You might have your first inch before 11/1...lol
  11. MetHerb

    Annual end of Oct blockbuster

    Yeah, the temp dropped all day on the 27th and it started snowing here around 4PM and I picked up about an inch. The next day it started snowing around 2PM and the rest is history.
  12. You can have all the fancy tools you want but if it's not freezing at 32°, you have a problem.
  13. MetHerb

    Fall Foliage 2018

    I was just going to say that. You can't even compare the two. Some people need to take advantage of the weekend and drive around the back roads of NE CT. The only problem is all the bare maple trees so a lot of strong color trees have already dropped.
  14. 27° here for the low around 3a. It looks like temps rose a little until right before 6 and then fell off a little bit. Temp stayed below freezing for the night though.
  15. MetHerb

    Fall Foliage 2018

    I know...I should know better.