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  1. March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    I seem to recall certain posters here saying how March was no longer a winter month and they weren't coming back. I hear the same thing in the maple community. Producers keep talking about tapping earlier and earlier due to warm outbreaks but also because modern tapping equipment allow for longer seasons and taking advantage of those early warm-ups. Then we hit March and it turns cold again. The public grumbling about the recent March's may also be because they have been repeatedly told that winter is ending earlier due to GW.
  2. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    I guess most co-ops these days do that but when I was a co-op observer I always measured at the end of the snowfall. I believe the guy in Staffordville does that but some of his totals baffle me as too high since we are so closer. I honestly feel like his gets snow blown off the lake when that happens...lol. Your point about a homogeneous record is why I did not support the adoption of the method but for those that have been doing it for nearly 20 years should continue to do so. For me personally, I stuck with the old method for just such as reason.
  3. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    That's the same argument I recall back in the 90s when this "standard" came into being. Many of us argued that it would be impossible to compare systems from the past due to different measuring standards. I, for one, started keeping records with the current standard and never adopted sweeping and measuring every 6 hours specifically so I could compare one storm with another. Likewise, I can compare with anyone else that measures at the end of snowfall. Personally, I think it should never have been implemented but that ship has long sailed and we have a mix now.
  4. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    I think you're misunderstanding my questioning. The forecast was not good for the valley and hasn't been for the past several storms. I also don't think anyone is cheating if they are measuring the same way they have for 30+ years. I think that's the only way that you can compare one storm to another and one measurement to another. That's what I'm questioning so I can compare one measurement with another. The "on the ground" debate is another story for another thread.
  5. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    yeah, that's what I was thinking when I saw the 2.5" amounts. They just seem low. I measured 10.2" a couple of hours ago. That 13" seems high but technically he is a little further east than I am and that band was so close it's possible. Looks like a couple more inches since then and it's snowing nicely. I wonder how much we'll pick up overnight....
  6. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    I'm wondering how some of those really low totals in the valley were measured. I know they got less snow but I had a wide variety of measurements whether I measured on pavement, cement, grass, car, picnic table, truck bed or on my snowboard. My "official" spot is my snow board and that's what goes in the record but I also got much lower readings on any of the ground measurements so I'm wondering if some of those measurements reflect measurements on the ground as opposed to a board? Nice light snow now...hopefully add some more overnight.
  7. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Just under 5" here. It's probably twice that just east of me but I'll take what I can get. Been snowing nicely all day.
  8. The King Regains its Throne

    While I'm not going to deny we warm sector fairly quickly in certain circumstances, over the past 30 years we've averaged continuous snow cover for 67 days each winter and an average peak snow depth of 16". I know that's nothing like the north country but it's not like we live in the 80s and every year is like this year.
  9. The King Regains its Throne

    Or, when it stops snowing or every 24 hours.
  10. The King Regains its Throne

    Same here. Thankfully we still have power. Everything including the lines are covered and weighed down. Any word from Mitch in So. VT? I saw reports of 35" but I don't think that was his location.
  11. The King Regains its Throne

    About 8.7" now so 2"/hr type rates here the past hour.
  12. The King Regains its Throne

    I wish they showed percentage instead of raw numbers. Some of the towns up the NE part of the state are also nearing 100% but because they have so few customers, it doesn't show as bad.
  13. The King Regains its Throne

    About 6.7" here now....S+. Power have flickered several times, even gone out for a few minutes. It's a nice wet snow...
  14. Blizzard 2018 Take II: The Firehose

    This is a nice photo gallery of pictures...not sure if they have been posted before but I thought I would share. http://www.masslive.com/expo/erry-2018/03/a1520f5559/index.html
  15. March 5 - Inverted Trough/Snow Squalls

    About an inch here as well but most of the roads are clear. 28°