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  1. It's also definitely a use it or lose it type skill. I took a lot of calculus courses at Lyndon but after 30 years I look at a lot of it and don't remember the rules or what certain things were called LOL. I just had no need for it when I got out of school and especially when I moved away from meteorology in the early 90s. Even then I didn't use it a whole lot but it's needed to understand concepts and for research/advanced degrees.
  2. Averages and normals are two different numbers though. While temps rarely fall exactly on each value, they are usually around that number.
  3. I know but I was more responding to the notion that adding layers when it's cold is garbage ideology.
  4. 12° this morning. That broke my previous record low of 15 in 2013. My record low max for today is 34° and record low for tomorrow is 12. Those will probably change too...
  5. If you're shivering, you need more layers. You can always add more layers when it's cold but what to do when it's hot any your body can't cool off? For those that do outside work, that's a big deal. You can be more productive when it's cold but there is a limit. Extreme cold does limit outside activity but so does extreme hot.
  6. Interesting ride to work this morning...50° at home and 39° here in the valley. Cold front can't come soon enough...
  7. I'd like to contribute...
  8. There's an AirNow station on top of Chestnut Hill here in town that's around 975' that was 28° this morning. I do know that station only reports hourly so it might have been 26 or 27 at some point. There's also a station in Union that is around 1K and they were 26° like I was.
  9. 26° here and we picked up graupel/snow grains as well for an official trace. Perhaps next week we add some measurable?
  10. Looks like I picked up a few snow grains overnight for my first trace. Feels like a wintry day after a cutter came through...
  12. First average trace for me is 11/7, measurable it's 11/17.