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  1. 53° here this morning and up to 73°. Just about peak climo or at least in a week or two so no complaints from me.
  2. Anything in here help? https://www.americanwx.com/bb/notifications/options/ It's under account settings.
  3. Meh...fake dews. The high fake dews allowed the temp to drop to the low 50s this morning. Another nice comfortable sleeping night after a one day "torch".
  4. Interesting. This was a few years after I joined the forum after being away from the weather community for about 10-15 years and I remember not knowing what the heck happened. I remember a post saying something like "this is a big day for the board" and then later that day I didn't see any new posts and it took me several days to figure out what happens...lol.
  5. Awesome shots but I wish people would hold the phones the right way when shooting...you loose so much holding it vertically.
  6. And every year was above normal. How that's mathematically possible is beyond me but in some worlds I guess that's how it used to be?
  7. We had lots of discussions at the end of the month due to it's "historic" nature. There were a couple of long stretches of high dew points and high temps like those posted above.
  8. Not to some. To some the people on the streets prefer what we had the past 5 days but the reality (data) is a lot different.
  9. All of SNE? Where's your data to backup that statement? Without data, it's just an opinion. Others have posted dates and data and not just statements. Where's yours?
  10. Yeah, NNE put up some impressive records. Unless there is data to show for it, opinion does not set the record. Years from now all that will be left is the data and when the data shows other events like this, even as recent as 2013 at my place, it doesn't stand out. Up there yes, down here...not so much.
  11. But, as you are fond of saying, it's not representative of the air mass as a whole so it's "fake". We have fake cold, fake heat and now fake dews.
  12. Yeah, the really impressive stats all seem to be coming out of NNE. Just look at the Mt Mansfield numbers - that is impressive. MWN got so close too. Down here it's been a good stretch, particularly with the humidity. Looking back though, it seems like we went through something longer in July 2015 with 11 straight days having lows around 70.
  13. It's strange to see ORH (84°) on par with CEF (81°) & BDL (84°) at 11am.
  14. Makes me happy to know that snow exists somewhere in New England....
  15. Strange...a little different down here. Dp's are a few degrees lower and yesterday was a couple of degrees "cooler" than Sunday as well (if you can call a high of 90° cool...lol). I was thinking that as I went to bed last night. I have an old house that is poorly insulated and I can have a difficult time fully cooling down my bedroom which is on the south side of the house. On Sunday it was still near 80 in it when I went to bed. The Dp was in the upper 70s and the high was 92° on Sunday. Yesterday I had a high of 90° but with the Dp 5° lower the bedroom was closer to 70° last night. Looks like the 850's temps tick downward till this weekend...looks like a nice CoC weekend coming up?