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  1. Good grief guys, everyone gets that he's an idiot but to talk about ad nauseam is idiotic. It doesn't advance the discussion. Besides, there's several comments that are clearly expressions of ones political beliefs which have nothing to do with covid-19. If that's what you guys want, I just pointed out nicely that there is a place for that and it would allow this thread to focus on covid-19 and not everyone stating over and over again how much an idiot the president is and other things about him. Over and over....and over and over.
  2. It has nothing to do with covid-19 and everything to do with the president. All day there's been very little politics until a couple of posters decided that's all they wanted to talk about. We get it but there's a place for it.
  3. If you guys want to talk politics there's a place for that. Please.
  4. No, it's the city in Wisconsin!
  5. I'd love to take a drive down there just for that. Obviously I wouldn't but it's still a fascinating concept.
  6. You have to get up really early to find slots.
  7. My Dad was in Germany up until a month before the war. Even post war they talked about sending packages to the "old country" and my relatives there.
  8. When temps are 10 degrees below normal for highs, what do you call it?
  9. Yep - we are ordering products 10-14 days before we need them. You just have to anticipate what you will need and if you miss the mark just accept it and do without. I grew up with parents who grew up during WWII and the whole idea of rationing and doing without. Along with the Depression, that left a large impact on that generation.
  10. Instead of going out, try online and either get it delivered or pick it up in the parking lot. There's no need to go into multiple stores looking. We've been home since 3/13 and haven't entered a single store since the week before that so it's been over a month.
  11. I think it's up to different health systems. Kevin alluded to the fact that his company was the sole provider of the Abbott system and that they were all going to the government but I asked a couple of our executives and they were in the process of bringing one online. I'm with you as I don't understand why they aren't being deployed more.
  12. Thank you. There were several insulting posts on here last night that should have been removed but it's OK these days to insult and criticize religious persons but then there are other topics that if mentioned would probably get you banned. We spent most of yesterday with political talk and then we moved onto bashing religious people. If that's what this thread has become then shut it down. As someone who only has a few moments between work to check in, I really liked it as a source of on-going information (and I'm not talking about numbers) and discussion about covid but when you have numerous pages loaded with other stuff to find nuggets and then only be insulted, it's not worth it.
  13. I think we are entering what is probably the hardest part of the quarantine. Because of it numbers were kept down. They were kept down so low in some places that I'm sure people are wondering what the big deal was. All the while they don't realize that it's been because they stayed home that the numbers are down. Likewise you have people who have nothing better to focus on but the quarantine and start acting like you describe. Too bad there hasn't been more interesting weather to follow to distract folks here...I know I'm glad I have my work, business and hobbies.
  14. Here we go with the politics again...