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  1. Your liver is going to be dusting the floor along with your knees at your current pace. I used to be a connoisseur of beer long before it became a thing but gave it up due an allergy that my wife has. I never was was one of those drink to alter my state kind of guys and even in college would just hang out and watch everyone else's altered state along with a couple of friends of mine. Still, I've always enjoyed a good brew, particularly "craft" beers mainly due to the complexity in making the different variants.
  2. That's the sky to my north...awesome looking. Looks like some pretty good rain rates too but I've already had one flash flood for today so I'm OK.
  3. You do realize it's July, right?
  4. Back when I was in college we always referred to pop up type showers as instability showers. I also remember one of my professors saying "the mountains make their own weather sometimes" so they can play by their own rules. I think the whole percentage forecast thing doesn't mean anything to the general public. I think descriptors like "chance of showers" and perhaps a qualifier like "slight chance of showers" or "strong chance of showers" means more. You can also say "scattered showers" or "hit or miss showers" would carry the same weight. People aren't thinking of climo like we do. Even using the word "precip" can confuse them.
  5. Just in time for peak climo at many locations.
  6. Wait, if it's been so humid since June, why am I sitting at #11 "coolest" July based mostly on low temps? June was #7. We've had a few days here and there but for the most part it's been pretty normal to below normal.
  7. Looks like my fax so far today has been 62-63°. The coldest July max I've recorded is 7/12/1990 at 58° so it's not not the coldest. I have 8 other days that tie or break today's temps so I just think it's part of summers in New England from time to time.
  8. It's 63° at Worcester and 82° at my house...I wish I could be there.
  9. Thanks. I couldn't find that. That is nuts. One false move and you're over the edge!
  10. Is the video online? Google is not helping me find this years run...
  11. I took a look at the NOAA database and I count 9 before 1938 that made landfall as a category 1 or higher storm on some portion of New England so even if you were narrowing the definition of "strike" to mean landfall, it fails on that claim. I thought it was but wanted to check. It seemed odd that we would have so many since then but very few before then.
  12. I was reading the Wikipedia article on the '38 Hurricane this morning and a sentence jumped out to me: "It was only the third hurricane to strike New England since 1635." I guess it depends on ones definition of "strike" because Wikipedia lists dozens of storms between 1635 and 1938 but I thought I would through it out to the collective minds here to validate that statement. Were there only three land falling hurricanes between 1635 and 1938?
  13. Except he called for warm September days and you are saying that he called for cool September days. There's a subtle difference. When you have 80s in September it usually cools off at night which it has been. This morning it was in the 50s again and we put up another negative departure day.
  14. Yeah, it's a law of averages. I do think we will be better off next year as long as precip stays pretty normal. I think things were thrown off last year with the drought but things are more normal now but we'll see.
  15. I certainly would not say all, but if you spend any time looking around, you'd see a very large percentage did in some places. I went out one week and saw thousands crawling up just about every tree species, including pines and week later nearly all of them were dead in their tracks on the same trees. I'm sure some survived but something kicked in...