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  1. I'm in the "wait for a decent warm stretch" to install. I did install for last week (took less than half and hour) and used them for a couple of days. It's nice not having them in because it gives me extra cross flow. I don't see a rush to install them and then not use them for a long period. I'd rather install them when they are needed and then take them out at the end of September even though I probably won't use them after mid-late August. Given the lack of an option for waiting for a warm stretch, I put June in because that's usually when it happens. Sometimes it's earlier.
  2. That map only shows the days departure, not the months. The past couple of days only moved my average temp from coldest May average to 6th coldest May since 1985.
  3. Tolland High had a max of 93° and that's right next to 84. FWIW, It looks like my online thermometer hit 95° but I think that runs a degree or two high on some days. I'll have to see what the thermometer says in my weather shelter for my "official" reading.
  4. lol...I do the same thing. I hit 30 years a couple of years ago and wondered what I should do with the normal - freeze them or keep rolling them. I decided to just keep them recalculating.
  5. lol...with the exception of a few days, I've had my windows open for weeks and have no pollen problems. I know the snow was mostly at elevations which had lower temps yesterday but I was wondering. Back in 1991 I had snow on 4/2 and hit 90° on the 7th so I know it is possible.
  6. 67° here for the low. I did make it to 90° yesterday. Were there any spots up north that had snow over the weekend and hit 90° yesterday? I always like those wild swings.
  7. They must have had some serious easterly flow that month - I have 4 colder May's than 2005. May 1990 & 94 were 1.8° colder than 2005 here at averaging around 51° compare to my normal of 56.6°F.
  8. It's #5 for me and precip wise doesn't show up in the top 10. 2008 was colder and wetter for me but 1990 is near the top of the list for me.
  9. Are you talking here and May 2005? I only had measurable precip on 14 out of 31 days in May 2005. We did have that one 7 day stretch from the 21st that it rained every day but other than that, it wasn't raining every day. I agree that May has been totally manageable at least for our locale but others have not been as lucky in terms of precip. I'm not minding the temps at all. It's been great to get stuff down outdoors and not be sweating. There's plenty of time for nice warm New England summer days before fall.
  10. 33° here this morning...no frost but not a big deal either. We are approaching my average date of last 32° reading (5/12) but my average date of last temps <38° isn't until 5/28.
  11. I've read several comments on how species migration is climate related. How much of species migration is climate related and how much is caused by other human factors? With all the human activity going on across the planet, we know that species will migrate as we do. Just look at rats and roaches which hitched a ride with us centuries ago. Then there are species like Canadian Geese or seagulls which adapt to where they find themselves, not because of climate but because of available food sources. I guess I'm questioning the presence of a creature not because of climate but rather because they wound up here by coincidence simply because they found supportive conditions along the way.
  12. If you have something covering the ground other than grass for a bed, it's mulch: " a protective covering (as of sawdust, compost, or paper) spread or left on the ground to reduce evaporation, maintain even soil temperature, prevent erosion, control weeds, enrich the soil "
  13. Coldest readings in the northeast. Even colder than SLK (unless you includes MWN's 18° minimum).
  14. 31° here. Nice and Frosty. Any word from Fakersville yet? I'm wondering if they made it into the teens.
  15. Some of us are in a drought status.