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  1. Congrats! Very well deserved.
  2. Does anyone have a link to descriptions of the first order climate stations? I recall seeing a document at some point my career that provided a written description of different stations like BDL, ORH, PVD, BTV, CON, PWM, etc. but I can't seem to find a link to that kind of description. I think they were written by a climatologist and would say something like "The station is located in a broad plain at 500' and is surrounded by hills whose height does not exceed 1000'" and then it would go on to describe the climate of the station and other records. If anyone has a link, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  3. meh...fake snow. It was raining in the valley's. I had some as well.
  4. I would add CEF to that list as well. I would agree that SLK would be king in the northeast but BML is a good one in New England. There's a bunch of sites outside of first order stations though in the NEK, N NH or N ME that I would add if we want to go down that route.
  5. Obviously...lol Thanks for answering the question.
  6. Just like elevation snow is not real snow? I mean, if it doesn't snow at all elevations, it's not real, right?
  7. Did you manage to get below 32° or did it magically stay above?
  8. lol...some how I managed a 13° low as well.
  9. Nah...it was always like this years ago and we liked it!
  10. I think you're confusing the 2 back to back 11/11 snowstorms we had in the 80s with all the other Novembers that did not feature such cold and snow before the 10th. You might also be confusing the end of November with the beginning of the month and then again perhaps you're hitting an overly alcoholic beverage early today?
  11. lol....I did watch the temp drop 2-3° going down the hill and in and out of some of the hollows this morning so I think they had their first teens of the seasons. It was also interesting in that there was fog along the CT River in parts but not others. I didn't notice any fog in the river valley's by me but only going into Enfield. I also noted going in that it was below 32° on the 1K ft hill I go over so quite the range of temps this morning.
  12. 22° here ATM. Solid freeze.
  13. I get the best of both worlds both nights....
  14. I almost spit my water out laughing reading that.
  15. I think you'll freeze before 11/11 or are you talking about since you've lived there?