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  1. If anyone is up there is a remarkable meteor display in the eastern sky
  2. The most exciting thing that’s happened all summer on Myrtle beach, happened about 40 minutes ago, would this be from Beta?
  3. Non event here in Murrells Inlet SC a few hrs of wind and rain, got a few gusts over 60 as the eye passed by
  4. 30° flurries 0.75” snow total, Streets look wet but slippery in spots
  5. 36° and light/moderate snow, streets wet, ground dusted in the last half hour
  6. A couple of brief squalls passing through, light dusting & 28°
  7. 29° a little burst of light snow adding to the dusting on top of an inch of cement like snow sleet and ice
  8. 30° and light snow, already a dusting, can see the moon through the clouds
  9. just had a couple good rumbles of thunder
  10. 31° and very light sleet now, 0.25 of snow and about 0.30 of ice, The sleet is so fine when the wind picks up it blows around like snow
  11. 28° and about 70% snow/ice cover, about 1.5” of glacier
  12. 27° Sun is back out, 1.20” snow In less than half an hour
  13. 28° with moderate Snow and fog
  14. 29° Snow started 10 minutes ago, already a dusting