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  1. 4.5” in Barkhamsted
  2. Is there a good chance of 6+ inches on the Lichfield-Harford County line In Barkhamstead?
  3. 32° and Light snow in Barkhamsted
  4. More thunder, a couple of rumbles every minute for the last five minutes in Colebrook Ct, Don’t have a thermometer but temperatures droped at least 6°-7° in the last hour
  5. Sleet pellets were quite large, possibly small hail? Impressive lightning and loud thunder just now
  6. Heavy sleet, a rumble of thunder in Barkhamsted, Lasted about 5 minutes
  7. Heavy sleet and a rumble of thunder in Barkhamstead
  8. 33° and light snow
  9. Steady light snow, calm wind, 37° In Barkhamstead
  10. I remember both November and December being very cold in 89, New Years eve was warm, the rest of the winter was mild in Wethersfield Ct, the winter of 95-96 in Farmington CT was one of the best early winters I remember, cold but not extreme cold with many mid size snow events and the January blizzard
  11. Light snow, 19° - 14" storm total so far, just had NE wind gust @ 28 mph
  12. 24° - Heavy snow, 12" as of 11:45, N wind @ 15mph
  13. 25° - wind NE @ 20mph, heavy snow, hard to measure with the drifting, approximately 8" new snow on top of 3" existing snow ice
  14. 32° and flurries, still partial snow coverage, 11' for the month
  15. Quick half inch, just flipped to rain, 33° Still 100% snow cover, 4' total