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  1. The Revs quick Flip Frozen Freakshow

    31° and moderate snow, 1.5” so far
  2. Obs Thread 1/15-17

    4” total from yesterday’s storm
  3. Early Winter Banter, Observations & General Discussion 2017

    And what is with all the stupid ads telling me that I won wonderful prizes from Amazon?
  4. Early Winter Banter, Observations & General Discussion 2017

    I’m just a casual observer and to me it seems like this winter has been pretty good for the NW corner of CT so far, had the strong cold front move thru Nov 9 that ended the warm fall, the first flakes 4 days later on the 13th, Snow on Christmas, a very impressive blizzard, extreme cold following that, several minor and not so minor snow and ice events, really what else could you ask for in southern New England? I spend a lot of time in Murrells Inlet South Carolina and the day before the blizzard there was snow and ice that took 4 days to melt, much of the eastern US has had at least some memorable winter weather, to this amateur weather observer It seems like it’s been a pretty respectable winter so far, there is still three weeks left to solar winter and two months till the first day of spring, If the next two months are like what we’ve seen so far it will be a pretty memorable winter IMHO-
  5. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    total snow 10” - 13” almost waist high drifting
  6. Pre New Years Clipper/Re-developer

    Light snow, 7°
  7. I'm Dreaming of a White Xmas

    5.2 “ total, 29°
  8. I'm Dreaming of a White Xmas

    26° and snow with some sleet, 1” new snow, wind N-NE @ 10mph, gusting to 16
  9. Dec 22-23 Snow/Ice Observations

    24° with Freezing rain and sleet, whenever the precip picks up in intensity it switches to snow, East wind @ 6 mph, Moderate snow at the moment
  10. Dec 22-23 Snow/Ice Observations

    Sleet started 10 minutes ago, 25°
  11. December 9, 2017 - Storm Observations/Nowcast

    4.5” in Barkhamsted
  12. Is there a good chance of 6+ inches on the Lichfield-Harford County line In Barkhamstead?
  13. Early Winter Banter, Observations & General Discussion 2017

    32° and Light snow in Barkhamsted
  14. Early Winter Banter, Observations & General Discussion 2017

    More thunder, a couple of rumbles every minute for the last five minutes in Colebrook Ct, Don’t have a thermometer but temperatures droped at least 6°-7° in the last hour