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  1. Non event here in Murrells Inlet SC a few hrs of wind and rain, got a few gusts over 60 as the eye passed by
  2. 30° flurries 0.75” snow total, Streets look wet but slippery in spots
  3. 36° and light/moderate snow, streets wet, ground dusted in the last half hour
  4. A couple of brief squalls passing through, light dusting & 28°
  5. 29° a little burst of light snow adding to the dusting on top of an inch of cement like snow sleet and ice
  6. 30° and light snow, already a dusting, can see the moon through the clouds
  7. just had a couple good rumbles of thunder
  8. 31° and very light sleet now, 0.25 of snow and about 0.30 of ice, The sleet is so fine when the wind picks up it blows around like snow
  9. 28° and about 70% snow/ice cover, about 1.5” of glacier
  10. 27° Sun is back out, 1.20” snow In less than half an hour
  11. 28° with moderate Snow and fog
  12. 29° Snow started 10 minutes ago, already a dusting
  13. storm total - 19’ snow, there was a mix to sleet yesterday morning that accumulated about 0.25’ after the first 10 inches of snow fell, 30° with wind out of the north @ 2 PM, looks like snow OTG when I get up there next week, I hope there’s another snowstorm when I’m up there It’s a bone chilling 53° with a 20 mile an hour west wind down here in Murrells Inlet SC, we had frost this morning, much talk about the harsh weather we’re having, lol
  14. 23° and moderate snow in Barkhamsted, 2” so far, 60° with a lot of offshore lightning here in MurrellsInlet SC, wind is quickly picking up, Gale warning in effect