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  1. 48° no rain, pretty breezy though, had a couple of gusts over 20 mph
  2. 42° and light rain, had a little burst of sleet with a couple snowflakes mixed in a few minutes ago
  3. 33° the rain sleet mix has switched to all snow
  4. 40° with light rain, when the presip intensifies it turns to large snowflakes
  5. still 100% coverage, getting thin though, prolly 3” - a couple decent thunderstorms last night ate a lot of the snow, any places without snow have quicksand
  6. I have never seen a basement in coastal Carolina and from what I’ve heard they are not commen in the south, a mobile home doesn’t stand a chance of a tornado, maybe a bathtub or closet would give you some protection but I doubt it in anything over an EF-1, a strong thunderstorm did considerable damage do mobile homes with hail and straight-line winds here last summer, very sad what happened in Alabama
  7. This was supposed to be be showers down here, Definitely more than advertised down here in coastal Carolina, Thunderstorms started two hours ago and now it’s heavy rain, I really hope there’s still a good snowstorm or two left when I get up to CT Monday
  8. I was in Barkhamstead the last two weeks of Oct through early Dec for a great fall and early winter and thought I might miss some big nor’easter’s and snow when I returned to Murrells Inlet SC before Christmas, I didn’t miss much although winter hasn’t been totally boring in Southern New England unless one wants a 2 foot snow pack from mid Dec until Saint Patrick’s day, boring is mid 40°s and scattered showers for weeks on end, any ideas about what mid March might be like when I get back? Maybe a late winter blizzard?
  9. I know it’s the New England forum but for what it’s worth outside of Richmond Virginia it looks like they’ve got a good 5-6 inches of snow on the ground, possibly a little more
  10. I’m solely an observer so I guess it’s safe to put my banter here, I got up here from South Carolina in the middle of October just in time to see the very warm fall disappear, went back and then returned after Veterans Day to experience the second coldest Nov I’ve seen as an adult, the coldest was Nov 89, the snowstorm before Thanksgiving was impressive and the cold weather after was more impressive, it was 13° this morning and never got over 25° this afternoon, I am returning to MurrellsInlet and I hope I don’t miss anything like I did last year when I went back after New Year’s, I did catch the biggest snowstorm the area had seen in over 35 years, 2 1/2 inches of cement in Murrells, from LittleRiver SC to south of Pawleys Island there was a dry slot otherwise there would’ve been more like the 7” inches recieved from Georgetown down to Charleston, it was very cold for a week after the storm and most of the area was shut down for about five days, of course there was an all out blizzard in Ct when the storm moved up the coast a day later, I missed the March blizzard too, I will be back in early Jan and hope to see the return of snow that is being talked about,
  11. I don’t remember hearing anything about snow tonight but we have .25” so far in Barkhamstead
  12. steady light snow in Goshen Ct, ground covered
  13. 33° snow has picked up in intensity, already a light dusting on grassy areas, roads are wet