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  1. Oh man. Dallas. From sugar to shit
  2. I think this is the part of the storm I am most happy about. Column is fine.
  3. I swear. Grinds my gears. Especially when the people being greedy get the goods every fucking time
  4. You talk like this and all I want is the 1” that might happen tonight. That’s my most snow in 2 years
  5. If we get the snow tomorrow/Tuesday I want props for taking the bullet to get the bad thread out of the way to get a good one
  6. I will gladly take any snow that falls and enjoy our tundra And laugh at the preemptive road treatments
  7. Just saw a couple flurries with temps at 45°
  8. Radar drying up as it nears SE Fx Co. Only thing here will be the temp drop
  9. 47 and sun here. Enjoy the snow!!
  10. Here’s the thing about snow. People here lose their shit because snow in itself is rare. 365 days in a year and in these parts it might snow 10 of those days. That leaves 355 days of dry, sun, rain, clouds, tsunamis, drought, pollen. Snow can make people happy 'cause of how it makes things look. Some like the process. Some are just weenies. It gets incredibly frustrating to come here and read the Deb’s and all the bitching and moaning over something none of us have control over. Weather isn’t against us. It doesn’t hate us, it isn’t here to screw us. It’s just weather being weather. Having been here for as long as I have it’s been a process to learn about weather and how it can do what it wants to. Getting upset was easier to do when one doesn’t understand the process. But having gone thru some tremendous sadness, stress, joy, etc that life throws at a person the “need” for snow just isn’t as high a priority to make my life or others miserable over it. I love snow. I want snow. I don’t live for snow. I live to be here for my family, friends, and myself. I have a kid with certain needs. He needs me to be there for him when needed and not in a pissy mood because my snow went to rain. And when things go to shit storm wise it’s much better to laugh it off or make others laugh because everyone needs more of that in these trying times. I rather smile and try and enjoy the good things like snow when they come. Because they are indeed rare.
  11. I’m less upset about my thread ruining the storm and being locked without asking than I am that @WxWatcher007found a pic of me
  12. Man, the guy that started this storm thread is an asshole. Its like he wanted it to fail. Someone ban him
  13. Wes, please add more. And you have unlimited free trolling of me and my lack of snow.
  14. Thats right, chumps. I'm starting the storm thread before the euro. This will bring it to us because starting threads always works. Weather listens to threads that get started.
  15. Every time a storm To make PSU et all happy. It makes me say
  16. I think the euro DID get the 850 down to bermuda this run. This means we are in the sweet spot in 5 days
  17. I blame that we even mentioned a storm thread
  18. I prefer RevWarMdecoy wet blanket over Heisey. He's more succinct and has better yarns from back in the day.
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