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  1. Bob Chill honking is the only thing I pay attention to. Not snow in Japan
  2. Over 20 years of this disaster. Still can’t believe this clown was allowed to stay owner given everything. But the NFL cares more about money than ethics
  3. We can’t even get tropical storms here in winter. This place sucks for weather
  4. No snow and no more football for many of the posters here. Tough combo
  5. The police also stealing from a bank doesn't make it legal to rob. People can still control how they post and that goes for everyone.
  6. This is just my take but the thread(s) devolving into the constant bickering is a result of many of the posters here demanding a free for all posting. Mods would make more of an effort to keep threads on point. but when some members pushed back and said mods were limiting convo, things were allowed more and this is the result. A bunch of children bickering. You get what you ask for. People didn’t want as much moderation and school admin monitoring the lunch room. And y’all started throwing the greasy pizza because many aren’t happy over pack of snow. And now it’s a food fight. Happiness doesn’t only have to come from weather.
  7. I went into the LR thread to see why so many pages. i didn't have bass players get no ass on my bingo card for 300+ snowstorm discussion.
  8. Glad she's a bit better. Hope it improves
  9. Quick .26” from the spring like downpour. Yay winter!!
  10. We’re fucked. We’ve never been this fucked in the history of keeping track of weather fuckery
  11. Hope she’s ok and gets better soon. Been there as a parent
  12. Its all head fakes outside day 5
  13. All you can do is hope that was the LAST game with Snyder as owner
  14. It might cool down by March. Just in time
  15. I'd honestly take this all day long and 7 days a week. Just want to see ANY snow. A few flakes to see would be lovely.
  16. You could get some BES. Bay effect snow enhancement
  17. Could be some spin up EF0-1s in NJ.
  18. Why even bother with a shade of color for 0.1? Or at least make it brown colored for the mud it will make
  19. Guess I'll just accept it doesn't snow here anymore
  20. Still not enough to cover my onions in the yard. Next
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