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2023 Mountains Spring/Summer Thread

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Nice aurora pics man!

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Thanks! I'm still in disbelief I saw them twice in a month. Looks like I should have stayed out longer because the storm really picked up after midnight.

The tiny fireball in the third one gets me. It's just adorable.

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Just got home from work. Heavy frost from town to home. Had to defrost the windshield.  Current temp is the elusive 20s.... To be exact I'm at 27. The coldest reading in this cold stretch so far. 
I'm at 38 this morning at the house, 27 down at my office in the valley.

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Hard to know what will exactly happen but the models have been showing less and less heavy rain totals the last few days. There were some 4 inch plus runs now most have the majority of our area at 2 or less. 

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