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Severe Event March 25th 2021

Bob's Burgers

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46 minutes ago, DanLarsen34 said:

Sounds like the Brent-Centerville tornado will end up at EF-3 for a rating. We got so incredibly lucky that this tornado tracked where it did. I have no doubt that if this thing had occurred just a few miles further north, we would have seen EF-4 to EF-5 damage. 

As bad as last week was, it could have been even worse. 

It made up for windspeed by being huge, 1.3 miles wide according to BMX.  Crazy.

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14 hours ago, brianc33710 said:

I thought for sure the Brent to Wilsonville would at least get a low-end EF-4. But we did wind up with a really wide twister.

Do they even classify tornadoes as EF4+ if there is no structural damage of that magnitude?  Very likely it was that strong in the wooded, unpopulated areas.

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On 3/30/2021 at 2:54 PM, eyewall said:

That is impressive. I only wish it was shot in landscape. The amount of lightning is insane.

Vertical orientation is fine for many applications, especially when your subject is much taller than it is wide, or when the perspective calls for a very narrow image.

If they shot in landscape, chances are you wouldn't see the full extent of the lightning.


If vertical shots were good enough for Ansel Adams, they're good enough to be used whenever the situation calls for it. :P

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