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  1. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    A bit late coming into this thread. Are you seeing the GFS coming more in line with the less snow/westerly track?
  2. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    You know some news station somewhere it making maps for the 6 o'clock tonight
  3. Christmas Day Miracle

    Aggressive and early to put maps out this winter
  4. Dec 22-23 snow/ice threat

    GYX backing down on ice totals again this morning. Now only .2 for a good portion of Maine, winter storm warning dropped.
  5. Dec 22-23 snow/ice threat

    Looking like GYX is backing way down on ice totals, now only a 1/10th rather then the .3 they had last night.
  6. Tropical Storm Jose

    Local news here in Maine is running wild posting images of the GFS models bringing it right into Maine. When news was able to put model tracks on the screen is when reporting seems to have gone downhill, people don't understand the uncertainty and just makes them angry when the track changes. No reason the public should be presented with over week's worth of model guidance as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Major Hurricane Irma

    Why would they purposely cut cell service? Power I guess I understand....
  8. Harvey - Main Thread

    Will we get to cat 5 that is the question
  9. February 12/13 SWFE/Coastal Observations

    WCSH6 in Portland is running with the HRRR and backing off on totals. GYX assets that once this thing blows up it will still be big... I don't know who to believe.
  10. February 12/13 SWFE/Coastal Observations

    Is this honestly likely, it's clearing up in Windham ME now, GYX is holding fast at 18-24" right now it's.... not looking very good
  11. February 12/13 SWFE/Coastal Observations

    Just did the first round of plowing the farm, got to be close to 4" already if not more, was giving the tractors plow a run for it's money 19/13.7
  12. Sunday SWFE..Monday Coastal?

    New map from GYX
  13. February 12/13 SWFE/Coastal Observations

    Nice being able to see the pressure drop right down as we get into this thing on my stations here at home.
  14. Sunday SWFE..Monday Coastal?

    They dropped the Blizzard watch for Cumberland, I'm waiting to see what they say in the evening discussion update. I'm a little bummed at that, but we'll see as we get into the winds if we actually get into Blizzard conditions.
  15. February 12/13 SWFE/Coastal Observations

    Coming down hard and light up here, can't get a good measure from all the blowing. 19/13.1