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  1. Wow. Maybe after last night smaller ponds might be OK but seems risky. I won’t go out unless there is at least 3” of black ice.
  2. Sometimes you forget to pay your electric bill, I’ve been there.
  3. I’m thinking a hugger is more likely than a cutter but let’s see how the next few days trend on the models.
  4. The AN and dry has been nice for the kids to have extended outdoor play dates at least.
  5. Yeah, I wasn’t really concerned about you, everybody’s metabolism is different. In a past professional incarnation, among other classes, I taught holistic nutrition at the acupuncture college (NESA/MCPHS) One of my tenets, was that whenever patients were having digestive issues, first look at diet and then food combining habits.
  6. Sure, be nice to soften up the ground to get some bulbs in for the spring.
  7. Coffee after spirulina sounds like a recipe for the runs. Powdered greens are best when taken alone and on an empty stomach.
  8. We usually can’t buy dry stretches like this in the summer.
  9. At least somebody’s getting snow.
  10. The official NWS sites must be running well above normal for January.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-europe-55586751
  12. Has not even been cold enough to get pond ice.
  13. It's actually supposed to be "Patience young grasshopper" but we will let Ginx slide on that one. Grasshopper are easily disturbed, mantis are calm and deadly. Kung-Fu was a fun show, I grew up watching it with my dad in the 70's. Carradine actually had very little experience before being cast as the star. The producers turned down Bruce Lee as the lead.
  14. I am 52 and realized I was out of shape and I needed to tighten up. (thanks beer!) So, after not practicing for more than 10 years I got back into kung fu! Very small group (5 people) with an awesome, dynamic 30 something teacher. I’m very sore the next day but I’m going to see it through for years to come hopefully.
  15. Acapulco Gold and Silver Haze are good strains...
  16. Hmmm, didn’t see it, did my subscription not renew or should I check my spam folder?
  17. Yikes! You must be going on close to three weeks this year, no?
  18. Let’s see if you can go a full month, in the middle of winter, without accumulating snow.
  19. I honestly don't know if I have watched watched more bizarre radar than tonight. Just under 1" here.
  20. Next weekend looks tenuous at best, probably a whiff. Really need to get beyond mid-month to see a more favorable set-up for storm chances. It certainly looks like January is going to come in AN in the temp department unless we get some anomalous cold towards the end of the month. The next week looks boring, hopefully get some sunshine out this way to soften the ice pack.
  21. Don't forget tele is just a type of turn, not a rule. I haven't put the free-heelers on in a few years but I always used to switch off between tele turns and parallel turns depending on how things felt on a particular trail.
  22. Between .75" - 1.0" here. It's more than I thought actually, I must have missed a good burst.