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  1. I will ride your call because in the back of my mind are all of Tip's caveats about models backing off the heat as we get closer.
  2. Some big rumbles with the line approaching Greenfield. Looks like it's right over MPM's head right now. At .95" now so this should easily push us over 1" for the day.
  3. Cheer up, you have the thrilling Atlantic hurricane season to look forward to... .86" so far.
  4. Up to .28" at 9:20am with moderate rain and more to come.
  5. Yeah, gardens can be watered, grass I don't care about.That being said, many lawns around here are starting to look fried so I'm sure some would appreciate rain. The NAM outcome would not surprise me though, it's been a few weeks of 7/10 splits for W SNE.
  6. Praying we clear out for the Perseid meteor showers mid-week, Wednesday night and Thursday night look like the peak. I swear we have had clouds in the valley for every meteor event the past 2 years.
  7. Buy a few 4 packs of the Heady Topper while you are there.
  8. Your in-box won't accept messages? My phones screen is fried so call me about fire wood. : )
  9. Missed the best severe today but at least we got a consolation prize.
  10. W MA used to at least be the reliable SNE jackpot zone for summer severe but geez, after jp'ing snow all winter now E MA and RI are the severe kings too. #stopstealingourweather
  11. Yeah, I can't believe how quickly that fell apart. Dry air FTL?
  12. Wow, what a flop, looked great on radar and just petered out as it moved NE. Decent rain shower though. See if we can get a few more booms out of it.
  13. Eh' best is going to miss well S. of here towards Whately and N Hadley.
  14. Severe warning up for Greenfield/Central Franklin Co. I can already here the rumbles.
  15. Wow, Pacific typhoon Sodelour with gusts to 190mph!
  16. Loudest thunder of the summer here as that cell came through.
  17. Wot'? Wow, had no idea, after a brief shower this morning it was bright sunshine and puffy clouds all day today with dp's around 60.
  18. Something seems fundamentally wrong about stacking firewood on one of the nicest days of the summer. I wouldn't necessarily say that wood is scarce out here this year but it is certainly a tighter supply and pricier.
  19. They Live was what I will remember him for the most. Was it fictional of factual is the question. ; )