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  1. 47/45. Frost chance the next two mornings. Looking forward to a nice weekend. Showers Sunday night to keep vegetation lush.
  2. I'm sure we will squeeze some showers out up this way so no worries.
  3. Not this time but managed .03 1.35" in Sept. Lush, lush summer continues. 58/55
  4. Had a couple of stunning days down in Newport for a wedding. Damn dry in Southeast Mass though.
  5. Same problem. I mounted one on a bamboo pole in the front yard and my wife is not pleased. lol I had a Lowes gift certificate and used it to buy a cheap ($99) Accu-rite (accuwrong?) station. It actually does a decent job with rainfall, wind and DP when compared with the meso sites readings I check it against. The history featues on it suck though and there is no software/pc hook up so I statrted writing my daily hi/lo's on the calendar. Still nice to have the DP which precious few consumer stations have as a feature. Someday a Davis will grace the lawn.
  6. Low 40's here would not be much of an anomaly this time of year. I try and resist heat or wood stove until at least mid-Oct.
  7. Sweet, rain showers. Franklin County is the MA precip jackpot this summer. Surely that will end come winter.
  8. The only real color I've seen is on RT 2 in a few areas around Athol and Gardner.
  9. Hopefully we miss the precip here, vegetation is so lush it's frightening. Rain barrels are full to the brim. MPM is letting farmers hay his yard the grass is so high.
  10. 46F was my early morning low. Gorgeous day shaping up
  11. 75/73. May be the swampiest morning of the summer.
  12. Thermometer says my front yard hit 91F in the sun today. It was certainly tropical down in Northampton this afternoon. Extra shirts in the car ftw.
  13. Hopefully its wagons East with the deluge next week. We are all set out here. Almost 12" Since June 1st.
  14. Check Glen and Bartlett. Glen Ledge Rd has some good elevations, easy access to 302 or 16 and lots of side streets with potential properties. Nordic Ln is another nice street with easy access to Rt 16.
  15. .48" of rain overnight. Nice day shaping up. 65/64
  16. Unprecedented amount of flying insects out getting their last hurrah.
  17. Yikes. Half a million out here (Franklin Co.) would get you a fabulous home on 10+ acres with gardens, a stream and out buildings. lol Of course finding a job is more difficult...
  18. But probably a DP of 78. How was the school today? Dank? 82/77 here atm. Yesterday touched 90F briefly. Only the second time this summer. There has been no wind to speak of here for days.
  19. More comfy at your elevation. 84/78 here. Swampy.
  20. 84/74 atm One of the most humid days of the summr imby. IIRC there have been many a humid first 2 weeks of Sept. in SNE.
  21. That video of the Ct River being sucked up into the circulation is on every local and national news site and pretty much every forum has a link to it.
  22. That corridor from Springfield to Sturbridge seems to have had 3 separate waves of severe move through this afternoon. Amazing! My in-laws house was about 1/4 mile from where a funnel most likely touched down. My father in-law said hardly any rain with the first wave just incredible wind and lightning.