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  1. GFS looks good to get some snow in southern ON Saturday night into Sunday. Could see an inch or so in my backyard and more up towards Bruce Peninsula. Borderline thermals so areas near the lake such as YYZ might see some flakes but no accumulation. Pretty good LES signal on the GFS after the system passes to the east. Don't usually see that on the GFS, only the mesoscale models so I think that's a good sign.
  2. The low of 11 this morning was a record daily low at CYKF, smashing the previous low of 15.
  3. Low of 11 this morning with a -2 windchill. Feels like January out there. Picked up about an inch between the front and the lake effect band sweeping over. Sure does look nice out. I'd be happy if these temperatures held off for another month though.
  4. Decent early season Huron band getting going. Should sweep South overly night as winds turn more northerly.
  5. All of the bright yellow trees dropped their leaves today. Windless morning so there were perfect circles of leaves around them. Low temp forecasts overperformed last night and are currently doing so again with no wind tonight. Should cool the ground a touch before tomorrow's snow, likely the first fun event of the season and slightly earlier than usual this year.
  6. Thurs/Fri cold shot is looking pretty legitimate. It's going to feel like a mid-late December kind of day. Thinking we see at least a half inch accumulation when the front passes Thursday and some LES drifts in Thursday night into Friday.
  7. Heavy precip didn't really pan out here, heavier totals ended up to the south. Only about half an inch from the weekend system. Seeing a similarly strange mix of leaves here as well. About 2/3s of trees are totally bare, while the rest are either still green or dull oranges and yellows. Excited about snow prospects for Thursday.
  8. Scratch that, first flakes coming down right now! Nothing sticking but still fun to see. First flakes appeared on Halloween in 2014 as well I believe.
  9. Miserable morning. Lake effect showers, 39F and gusting in the 25-30mph range. Not ideal for biking to work but at least it's only 10 minutes for me. Should also note that I haven't seen any of those flakes yet!
  10. Low of 27 here this morning. Very frosty out there with some fog as well as the sun is coming up. Love these kinds of fall mornings.
  11. Just a gorgeous fall day yesterday. High of 69 and blue skies. A tad breezy but still took the canoe out on the river. Don't think I've ever done that this late in the year. Thursday managed to get in a 48km bike ride. Actually going to camp up on Georgian Bay this weekend. Such a great month! If anything this warmth is keeping me active and healthy.
  12. Colours were a bit more dull this fall but still plenty of beauty out there. Here's a shot from up near Haliburton ON. Always a beautiful leaf change up near Algonquin.
  13. Nice fall system on tap for tomorrow morning/afternoon. Could be looking at some gusts in the 40-45kt range, and with a majority of leaves still on the trees we might be looking at a few power outages. Love a good fall wind storm, one of my favourite weather events. Seeing the leaves blow off the trees is like watching the seasons change right before your eyes.
  14. Beauty day here today. 73/58. Some light showers in the morning from Nate remnants but cleared up by noon. Fog advisory tonight. Keep the above normal coming for October. Best cycling weather. A quick flip mid-November sounds nice too.
  15. Midnight and it's 73 here. Can't remember that ever happening in October. With a 60 dew point it feels like 80. Cold front should be moving through in the next few hours but still looks like a great week ahead.