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  1. This thread sure has been quiet lately. SPC has put the Ark-La-Tex region in a 5% tornado probability for later this afternoon (the 24th)...
  2. It felt like early May outside today. High of 87. Tomorrow will be very similar, high of 85. I'm hoping we can get some decent storms out of this system coming later this week.
  3. Definitely looks like Springfield will miss the worst of the storm, with the main part diving hard right to their south. And the storm is definitely winning the battle versus the weaker storms to the west.
  4. That storm looks like it's rooted on the outflow boundary moving south. It will be interesting to see if it can clear itself of the storms to its west.
  5. I tried a test-run of a GoPro time-lapse on my way to work this morning, thinking I might catch some good views with the front/storms moving through. I still have some things to figure out. Luckily, the views weren't that interesting, weather-wise. It was mostly light rain the whole way with a few heavy downpours here and there.
  6. There's also still severe thunderstorm warnings stretching nearly continuously from Wisconsin to Oklahoma and 4 tornado warnings currently in effect.
  7. Could the MODS add MN, IA, KS, and OK and put the date on the thread title? Thanks! I'm doing armchair chasing today, hope we see at least a couple good storms today. It's odd that we're seeing stronger severe events north of the Texas area this early in the season. I'm ready for something closer, I haven't been on a good chase in a couple of years.
  8. Also looks like initiation southeast of Des Moines, IA as well as south of Chicago, IL.
  9. HRRR has some mostly isolated storms going up in Arkansas and southern Missouri this afternoon, I'd be surprised if we didn't see multiple tornado reports if something like that verifies.
  10. Well it looks like this afternoon was mostly a dud. One storm did get going fairly well around Lake Fork, with a severe warning tagged on it. But it never really looked that ominous except for maybe some hail. I was close to heading out the door to catch up with it before sunset, but decided not to. In hindsight I probably should have, I've been wanting to get more experience in shooting with my old GoPro that I haven't used much. The lack of low clouds in the area might have made for a nice show.
  11. Looks like new storms are firing southeast of Dallas.
  12. Keeping an eye out this afternoon. The 18z HRRR is hinting at a pretty substantial UD Helicity Swath sweeping through east Texas this afternoon/evening. Pretty much right along I-20 east of Dallas. I wonder if it is picking up on an outflow boundary being laid down by current storms in NE Texas, with later storms firing east/south of Dallas and latching on and riding it all the way to Shreveport? I stepped outside around noon and the atmosphere definitely had that feel to it. The sun is shining and it is 78/64 in Tyler.
  13. I was hoping for some lightning and thunder overnight... but alas, nothing. Just a steady cool rain. If we aren't going to have any more winter, I'd at least like to get the severe weather season rolling around here.
  14. I bet it's a government conspiracy.
  15. Yeah, it's a serious situation. But I seriously doubt anyone committed any criminal acts. I'm sure these employees were following engineering guidelines. They have a responsibility to store water as well as release it, and after the drought that has plagued the area I'm sure they were in the mindset of keeping a higher pool of water in the reservoir because of it. But the only issue was because of the spillway failure. If mistakes were made it was probably in the inspection process of the structure, but I don't think any of that would constitute being a criminal. Otherwise it's an act of God and they tried to do the best they could to minimize catastrophic failure. If you want to blame anyone, blame the government for not spending enough money on our infrastructure. Go out and look at the number of high-risk dams (and bridges, etc.) in this country. From the conspiracy theory tone of this thread I'm sure you all will be very concerned.