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  1. The clouds kept it from getting to 100F here yesterday. The high was only 97F. The rain missed us, but the huge complex in SW AR pushed out some outflow last night that felt pretty good. Another chance of rain today so I've got my fingers crossed.
  2. 105F yesterday in Longview and we missed the evening storms by 10-15 miles. BUT storms have redeveloped early this morning and we're now getting some pretty good rainfall out of it! Already at 0.88" and counting. Other areas are easily picking up 1"-2"+. *Ended up with 1.19"!
  3. Isn't there an update coming to the GFS? Maybe that'll help fix some of those warm bias issues. Otherwise at least a few folks are getting isolated storms/showers today and there are chances over the next couple of days.
  4. My weather station hit 104F on Saturday before a brief shower dropped a much-needed 0.18". The temperature quickly rose back to 103F AFTER that. Talk about a sauna! The Longview airport hit 107F - they missed out on any rain.
  5. Exactly. In 2011, Tyler, TX had: 81 total days of 100F+ temperatures. 46 straight days of 100F+ temperatures. 28 days of 105F+ temperatures. And only received about 60% of normal precipitation for a 22-month rainfall deficit that reached -33.61". We're not looking at anything quite that bad yet.
  6. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/watch/ww0181.html Tornado Watch with 40/20 probs until 6 pm for a good chunk of central/eastern Texas.
  7. The SPC is considering a tornado watch for the Ark-la-tex region this morning. The HRRR is showing a line of storms/possible supercells in ETX by the 18-20z timeframe.
  8. Absolutely. Also very interesting how many of the same general areas in Texas were affected tonight as they were a few weeks ago. At least for central and east/NE Texas.
  9. The parameters in and near Iowa along and south of the warm front are pretty crazy. One SCP spot showing up of 36. STP up to 6-8. Helicity 400-600.
  10. A good day for margarita's in N TX this afternoon with those lime-sized hail pieces falling... I'll be watching for potential pre-MCS supercells in east Texas later this evening. Obviously there will probably be some QLCS tornado potential too with the main line, along with potential 60-70+ mph straight line winds.
  11. I'm in Longview. It'll probably be closer to midnight before the current group of storms gets here. Unless something goes severe ahead of it.
  12. Well, losing a engine would certainly be a good reason to not fly into a Cat 4 'cane. But what are we doing? Flying WW2 planes into hurricanes? It's 2021 for crying out loud. This program needs more funding.
  13. This has been a great summer so far. Most days in the 80's or low-90's and above normal precipitation. I haven't had to water my lawn once this year.
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