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  1. The last couple of days have felt great! Cooler and drier air. Looks like we could be in line for 3-4" of rain over the next few days from TS Beta.
  2. Didn't get much cooldown here last week. Stayed in the mid-80's for highs and was still pretty humid. The mornings did feel much better! Been pretty dry since the early month deluge. Only 0.1" or less a few days ago. May have to start watering the lawn again.
  3. I've had 7.5" of rain at my house in Longview in the last week. Insane. 0.4" from Laura last Thursday 0.45" Saturday night 0.7" Tuesday 1.5" Wednesday morning 4.5" this morning (Thursday)
  4. Got a bit of a surprise line of storms in NE TX late Saturday night. It was falling apart by the time it made it to my house (imagine that), but I still ended up with about 0.45" rain. A lot of rain is forecast over the next few days for much of northern Texas and southern Oklahoma. I'm right on the edge of it - where storms will either stay just west and north of me or will fall apart as they make it here. But several models today showed 2-3"+ for Longview so we shall see, it will be close.
  5. The track shifting east really eased the impacts in Longview. 35 mph gusts and only 0.40" of rain at my house. Glad I ended up with anything at all, 10 miles west of here they got zilch. 10 miles east of here they got over an inch and much more if you keep going.
  6. JFC. Hurricane debris balls... birds... historical hurricane analysis... tracking hurricanes with a ruler... storm chasers on the beach... Would be great entertainment... in a banter thread.
  7. Looks like the west trend of Laura's track has halted and the trend is starting slightly nudge back east. Landfall still expected around the TX/LA border, give or take. Still have a day or a little more to some slight changes but the track seems pretty consistent. If anything I wouldn't be surprised to see it end up east of the latest NHC track, depending on the intensity tomorrow. It's a weird feeling here for me in Longview, I was excited for the prospects of some severe weather but not necessarily prepared for the center of a hurricane to pass over us. We're in a Tropical Storm Warning now, but I'll be surprised if we have much, if any sustained wind over 40 mph. In fact, the forecast from NWS Shreveport is saying 20-30 mph winds with gusts to 45 mph. That seems more like a spring day in the plains, to me. (Except 45 mph gusts here could cause a few more power issues with falling limbs and such.) Any more east shifting with the track is also going to start to reduce the predicted 2-4" of rain totals at my location too. As of now I would be very thrilled with 2", but I'm starting to think it may end up more like 1" generally. Of course it will depend on where Laura's squalls end up and where the rainfall bands set up. But being on the west side is usually not the place for a ton of rain or wind.
  8. Looks like it's about to get interesting around here with Laura popping into the GoM now...
  9. Obviously not a lot to talk about. It's been dry here for a couple of weeks. Some area have been lucky. SW AR had 4"-8" the other day. The MCS's that have tried to build toward my area of the I-20 corridor in East Texas have fizzled. Finally seeing 100 degree temps. Cold front on Sunday/Monday looks to bump temps back into the low 90's with only a very slight chance of rain. Needless to say I've begun watering my lawn!
  10. No rain last week and nothing in the forecast for this week. The real summer has finally arrived. Highs forecast in the upper 90's. Guess it's time to break out the sprinkler!
  11. Storms later yesterday morning ahead of a July 31 cold front (say what??) brought about 1.05" of rain in about 30 minutes. Chances of rain for the next week look pretty slim with drier air moving into the region.
  12. A couple showers last week added up to about 0.25" but yesterday I cashed in on 0.55" from a strong shower produced by the enhanced sea breeze from one of Hanna's outer bands. Another wave is headed this way this afternoon.
  13. Monday through Tuesday (mostly overnight) I finally cashed in. I measured 3.25" in my rain gauge. Pretty crazy how wet we have been over the last week or so. I'm glad I finally got a really good rain since the Texas furnace is about to start crankin'.