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  1. I would go for that track, or one 100 west...
  2. I was on my commute home when the warning was issued. I was just south of Winona. I drove towards Big Sandy on Hwy 155. Too much rain and trees to see much, and compound in the fact that my PYKL3 app was not giving me updated velocity scans. I was on the south side of the Sabine River when one of the local TV mets streaming on the radio said the rotation was just south of Big Sandy near the Sabine River. I couldn't see anything so I bailed south to a clearing where I was able to observe some decent rotation to the east but that was it. TV met said there was a confirmed tornado near Hwy 14 and Hwy 16.
  3. I also am free for the first half of next week, and if Tuesday/Wednesday are looking good I might make a two-day chase out of it, depending how things are looking closer to the event, which would be my first multi-day chase.
  4. I also know someone in the area that had skylights broken in their house from about golfball sized hail yesterday.
  5. Well, it was an active severe weather day, but the SPC 10% tornado probabilities earlier pretty much put the Kiss of Death on any spin-ups today.
  6. Gotcha. I wasn't sure if you saw something that made today look better. I still don't know what to make of the today's threat.
  7. Which is it? Lol
  8. Here is the latest from NWS Fort Worth/Dallas on yesterday's tornadoes from Eustace-Canton-Fruitvale-Emory. Tornado #4 could be approximately 51 miles long and have been on the ground for 1 hour and 47 minutes. Tornado #3 was also a long-track tornado on the ground for approximately 40 minutes. On a day when no one expected anything besides brief tornadoes. Wow. It will be interesting to see what the ratings of these tornadoes are. That is a lot of ground to cover so it may take a while to complete those surveys.
  9. Also remember that all it takes is one location to experience the most severe damage for the EF rating to be increased. No doubt though that this was a strong/violent tornado and it was on the ground for quite a ways.
  10. Circulation area between Canton and Van, heading east-northeast, will pass very close to or north of Van, TX. Van was hit by an EF-3 a few years ago.
  11. I-20 is a very busy interstate, and lots of people were in the Canton area this weekend. Ugh...
  12. This circulation is headed directly for Canton First Monday Trade Days.
  13. A new tornado warning along Interstate 30 just west of Sulpher Springs, TX. Ditto on the homework, I have a grad design project paper due Monday morning...
  14. Good call on this area today. Hope you get rewarded. These storms should have another hour or two before the cold front overtakes them.
  15. From 15% hatched tornado this morning to... well... was there even a tornado warning? Jeez, talk about a bust. Yeah I know it happens but this one was pretty iffy to start with.