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  1. From 15% hatched tornado this morning to... well... was there even a tornado warning? Jeez, talk about a bust. Yeah I know it happens but this one was pretty iffy to start with.
  2. Boy, this thread sure has died. An enhanced risk exists across SE OK and north-central to northeast TX this afternoon and evening with 5% tornado prob's.
  3. If I were chasing today, I'd be targeting SE Nebraska in the Seward area and adjust as needed from there. A secondary target would be central Kansas, in the Great Bend to Salina region. Both the NAM and HRRR develop what looks like a nice supercell in the same area, as a tail-end Charlie.
  4. SPC has an enhanced risk across much of Iowa with a 10% tornado area in western/central Iowa.
  5. The Chester, OK storm has a southward storm motion to it, while the Oakwood storm isn't moving much (slightly north?). How cool would it be to be sitting somewhere in between the two storms and see a distant tornado on each? In fact, it would be interesting to hear if anyone knows of such an occurrence, where you are able to see more than one storm from the same location, each with a tornado visible. I've had dreams/nightmares of it happening, LOL. And no, I'm not talking about multiple tornadoes/wall clouds/areas of rotation on one storm, I'm talking about completely separate cells.
  6. Daniel Shaw is streaming the storm. Someone else was radioing in some dust swirls as a tornado. In any case, there may have been a small funnel and there was definitely no condensation to the ground.
  7. Decent looking supercell with a tornado warning just south of Kilgore, TX. Radar indicated at this time. Local news has reports of some wind damage in Arp, TX and a spotter has reported a well defined wall cloud and possible funnel just south of Kilgore.
  8. The storm between Fort Worth and Hillsboro looks a bit ominous on radar.
  9. I think law enforcement should have the right to prosecute anyone who breaks a traffic law after the fact when they post that video to the internet. Maybe more focus should be put on that. Another issue with distracted driving and technology, many chasers have 5-10+ gadgets/cameras mounted in the front of the vehicle and on the windshield. Those should be the passengers responsibility to operate but they are still a hazard to the driver. Just the other day, I saw some chasers post a picture of the inside of their chase vehicle from the passenger side, with stuff mounted everywhere, and in the front windshield. Someone commented, "How can you even see out of the windshield?" to which they replied "This is only what it looks like on the passenger side," but the idea here is that anything mounted in the windshield blocks a portion of your view as a driver. When you start mounting multiple cameras (and a lot of times they are not just tiny GoPro's) in the front of the vehicle, it is making it more dangerous for the driver because you are definitely blocking their view. Law enforcement should look into ticketing these types of offenses, too.
  10. So sad. I enjoyed watching Kelley and Randall's live streams. They always seemed like nice people and were good storm chasers. RIP.
  11. This thread sure has been quiet lately. SPC has put the Ark-La-Tex region in a 5% tornado probability for later this afternoon (the 24th)...
  12. It felt like early May outside today. High of 87. Tomorrow will be very similar, high of 85. I'm hoping we can get some decent storms out of this system coming later this week.
  13. Definitely looks like Springfield will miss the worst of the storm, with the main part diving hard right to their south. And the storm is definitely winning the battle versus the weaker storms to the west.
  14. That storm looks like it's rooted on the outflow boundary moving south. It will be interesting to see if it can clear itself of the storms to its west.
  15. I tried a test-run of a GoPro time-lapse on my way to work this morning, thinking I might catch some good views with the front/storms moving through. I still have some things to figure out. Luckily, the views weren't that interesting, weather-wise. It was mostly light rain the whole way with a few heavy downpours here and there.