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  1. Here in north Longview we had light rain that transitioned to light sleet and even some "heavy" flurries for about 10 minutes. We have another round of light precip approaching right now, so we'll see what it brings. It's been a nice little surprise so far.
  2. A nice, prolonged period of rain yesterday produced around 2" in Longview. Our power got knocked out at my office, and then my neighbor decided to drive through my lawn and get stuck. SMDH.
  3. A bit of sun so far this afternoon will likely be off and on until evening. It has allowed the roads here to become a lot better, although still with a lot of slush and some patches of ice. Once the sun goes down, these streets will likely become an ice rink again.
  4. We ended up with a couple of inches of snow... maybe 2.5" or so. The roads here in Longview are terrible, as traffic has compacted the sleet/snow/slush into a layer of ice on all streets. I don't advise traveling anywhere today if you don't have to. Streets will refreeze tonight (if we see any melting from the sun later today) and a similar issue with more black ice should reappear tonight and tomorrow morning.
  5. I went outside about 20 minutes ago and it was snowing pretty good. Our vehicles and front yard were covered with about a half inch of snow, but the streets and sidewalks were still mostly just wet. With the freezing temperatures it shouldn't be long for them to ice up and start accumulating snow. Radar still looks decent.
  6. Moderate sleet with a few snow flakes mixing in here in Longview. The streets look wet and it's going to be very icy in the morning. The radar has really started filling in over the last hour.
  7. I just stepped outside here in Longview, and we're getting sprinkles with mixed in sleet pellets. A decent little shower is about 10 minutes away heading towards me so I might check back to see how interesting it gets. There might be a few frozen car windows to the surprise of some people in the morning. *Edit- Well I stepped outside again but it was still mostly just light rain. There was a bit more ice pellets on my vehicle but that's about it.
  8. Purely guesses... 1305 tornadoes; May 1st, eastern Oklahoma.
  9. We received 3-4" of rain the other day here in East Texas. There ended up being a few supercells with tornado warnings and funnel cloud sightings south of I-20. We're in line for another similar storm system on Friday with heavy rain and a marginal severe risk in about the same areas. Flash Flood Watches are up with widespread 2"-4" totals with isolated 5"-6" totals possible. Still glad we're getting rain but too bad it couldn't be spaced farther apart. Besides that, sure am glad to have interesting weather return.
  10. There's a marginal risk for severe weather this afternoon across parts of East Texas. SPC mentions a possible upgrade to a slight risk along a line from Corsicana to Longview later. There will be a chance for a couple of brief tornadoes but gusty winds will be the main threat. We'll be socked in with clouds/rain for the most part, so it will depend on how much destabilization can take place with a warm front lifting northward into the area. At least we've finally got some interesting weather back in the area to talk about. *Edit - It does look like decent destabilization is taking place with some clearing and an associated cumulus field across SE TX. With the warm front lifting north, there is a decent chance that we may end up with higher instability than previously though. Something to keep an eye on.
  11. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm planning on leaving Longview, TX on the 22nd and driving north to Iowa. I am hoping for snow but not hoping for it on my travel days. I don't have a 4x4 vehicle to help me out anymore, either. Not that 4x4 helps you stop any better... Here's to winter weather AND safe driving conditions... (Is there such a thing? )
  12. Only ended up with 0.1"-0.2" IMBY from the showers last night/this morning. Dang. Sure has been a dry/boring fall.
  13. Ended up with another nice, cold, soaking rain yesterday. Probably got around 0.70" or so IMBY.
  14. I ended up with almost an inch of rain from last night's squall line. It was windy enough to wake me up, but there was only a little bit of lightning and thunder. We desperately needed that.
  15. I'm about to start resorting to nightly rain-dances so I can get some appreciable rain IMBY. We got about 0.20"-0.25" last week, and maybe 0.10" from Harvey. The last decent rain was within a week or so before Harvey came ashore. About a month and a half ago.