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  1. Well, I guess something is better than nothing, but this has been very disappointing with such a tropical airmass in place. I keep consistently missing out on heavier showers/thunderstorms IMBY. Today was pegged as "the day" for rainfall and I may have received 0.20", tops. Maybe I'll get lucky and there'll be a rogue overnight storm with the weak frontal passage.
  2. Seems like I've had about 1" of rain total over the last couple of months. The tropical low is finally making its way towards Texas, and will help provide increased rain chances this week. WPC says 1.5" or so for this week... I'd be happy with 0.5" at this point.
  3. Tornado watch issued, mentions 3" hail and a couple intense tornadoes possible.
  4. Missed out on all the storms late last week and over the weekend. Small chances throughout this week, but I'm keeping an eye on the tropics, hopefully this next system can stay far enough west to give Texas some good widespread rain next weekend/week.
  5. Looks like my rain dance worked. Missed the heavier downpours IMBY but still probably ended up with 0.4" or so.
  6. Just a few sprinkles so far IMBY. Clouds for most of the day from the MCS that fell apart to the west did a decent job of holding down temps. There's a few severe thunderstorms in the area but they're mostly just to my south. If I'm lucky I might get grazed by a shower and pick up 0.05" or so. I'm still holding out hope for more development overnight into tomorrow. I guess I better start my rain dance.
  7. Shreveport NWS discussion this morning notes that the early heat is reminiscent of summer 2011, although that winter/spring was much drier than this year.
  8. It's definitely been a pretty boring stretch of weather the last month or so (or more?). At least this week there's been slight chances of afternoon thunderstorms, but I can't seem to cash in on one. NWS has a 50% chance for today so we'll see, I'm not holding my breath. Other than a PDS tornado watch earlier this year (that didn't pan out), and a soggy February, I've been pretty underwhelmed by this spring.
  9. What an awful severe weather season. "There's always next year..."
  10. cstrunk

    Severe weather risk 4/30 - 5/3

    Watch message mentions a tornado or two are possible.
  11. I had to scrape the frost off of my windshield this morning. That's crazy for mid-April.
  12. Had a nice storm blow through last night, and apparently produce a tornado just a few miles away near Diana, TX.
  13. Looks like the risk ended up verifying for me, personally, in Longview, TX. A tornado reported overnight near Diana, TX.
  14. To be fair, I did specifically mention NE KS, where I noted a pronounced HHHR helicity swath moreso than I did in SW IA. SW IA may well be the better play.