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  1. anyone know the reason when i watch local on the 8 on the weather channel there temp for nyc is always a few degrees or more than the actual temp..10 minutes ago on the weather channel it showed it was 45 degrees in nyc.. when the actual temp was 39...
  2. tomorrow will be cold and somewhat windy upper 30's low 40's wind chill colder than that....
  3. it's 40 degrees at central park...
  4. i disagree it's still very windy and gusty here in manhattan
  5. have not heard any thunder here in manhattan but the lights did flicker ..
  6. i disagree at this time of year even in the daytime it snows in alaska
  7. today is the first day of spring. so last winter's trends cannot apply to this storm
  8. look on the bright side the totals could be even less
  9. probably will be your biggest snowfall of the season lol..
  10. not only him bastardi said earlier he thinks the storm will come back west.. he said did the gfs pull a coup on the euro... dr g on wpix 11 also lives and dies with the euro...
  11. well the gfs was correct for nyc in that blizzard 2015 when it predicted about a foot of snow.. and the euro kept saying 2 feet 2 feet for nyc...
  12. no kidding i agree with you 100% it will snow again in the nyc area
  13. i rate this winter A-...i live in manhattan can't complain about this winter... we basically tied for greatest snowstorm since records have been kept dating back to 1869.. has our first below zero temps in 22 years.. and a severe thunderstorm and wind event in late february
  14. here in nyc they remove snow much faster today then thy use to do it thanks to snow melt machines.. i remember when the blizzard was winding down. i saw so piled in corners of sidewalks.. then a few hours later that pile was gone.. front loaders put the snow into snow melt machines and there it is gone.. after the december blizzard 2010 here in nyc.. we had that sanitation problem where many accused the sanitation workers of going on strike and that is why many streets remained unplowed for days... this was a very good blizzard gusty winds early and heavy snowfalls rates for hours.. it never stopped snowing.. and only briefly at times the snow lightened up..i
  15. i don't watch amy freeze to know what the weather will be
  16. yes she is but a weather forecaster should be known for the knowledge and the way the present there knowledge on camera..women forecaster should be on the weather channel and not local stations
  17. for january 1996 to be rated that much higher or even higher at all then this storm is just crazy....
  18. this storm reminds of of the 1996 storm though central park only got 20.2 inches.. many areas got over 2 feet to 30 inches...
  19. i live near the upper east side.. near the northern entrance of central park,, and after the snow stopped falling i went out and to me there was was only 15 to 16 inches...
  20. do they take deaths into account for the rating.. cause a lot of people died during the superstorm of 1993 and the 1996 blizzard..
  21. yes it's been amazing seeing it snow all day like this.. only downside it was not on a work and school day
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