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  1. Light dusting on most but not all non-paved surfaces after about an hour of pretty decent returns in Hyde Park, ~1 mile from the lake.
  2. Hey y’all, based on these trends, should I go ahead and tell my mom in Durham County (about 5 miles NW of the city) to prepare to lose power? Or would that be jumping the gun?
  3. Sure thing! What's the site, just out of curiosity?
  4. What it looked like around 4am when I got up to use the bathroom. It's been fun watching that SUV slowly turn into a "snowmobile" over the last couple of weeks.
  5. Experiencing Alek-like rates now and feeling awful for complaining so much earlier. This is insane
  6. How much for those of us in central Cook who’ve gotten less than an inch so far today?
  7. 5 hours later and we’re finally getting some of the goods as that main lake effect band races south across downtown. My boss just told us all to stay home tomorrow
  8. I know I’m being greedy at this point but I just can’t help it. Probably could’ve gotten away with driving to and from work today!
  9. Not even a flurry now—I knew there’d be some tight gradients across Cook and possibly within the city, but damn. Birds have even started chirping outside of my office because they think the coast is clear now
  10. Okay this is getting ridiculous, still nothing more than a flurry in about 3 hours...
  11. Still hardly a flurry here—looks like I’m stuck squarely between the two established bands lol
  12. Yeah it’s been coming down very lightly here in the IL Medical District (just south of 290) for the last hour or so. Hoping things pick back up before too long.
  13. Point and click with a modest 9-19” now
  14. Woohoo! I was just about to ask my roomies what it looked like at our apartment (Wicker Park). WWA would seem like a good idea at this point even if solely based on impact—I just drove to UIC from the Loop and it was a little dicey.
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