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  1. I've chased in this area before, you are limited with bridges to get across the catawba river. Once you get on the other side the road network isn't great and there are a ton of trees everywhere.
  2. Cell near Chester, SC is starting to look better. Riding a boundary and getting the evening LLJ increase, wouldn't be surprised if it's tornado warned in a bit.
  3. quite a few lowerings when the first cell went through. Third one is riding a boundary, probably the most impressive of the 3.
  4. It's been howling all evening here.
  5. Spann on again.
  6. Spann on the air
  7. Cantore said 35k ft debris loft
  8. velocities have came back quite a bit in the past 2-3 scans.
  9. yeah both those cells around there look like they mean business. Velocity NE of Glen Elder is off the charts
  10. The USAF museum is right there as well, right?
  11. cell near La Porte going to make a run right at South Bend