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  1. It's funny, was just reading this discussion, phone rings and they just cancelled school here in Andover for tomorrow (also was cancelled today). We'll probably total over around a foot or so from the storm, but based on what's being said here, it sounds like the roads shouldn't be too bad tomorrow.
  2. My first check-in of the year. Gotta be right around 6, maybe a little more now in Andover. Really strange night too. It's so bright out there, it looks like it's twilight. On top of that, the wind stopped blowing for a couple minutes, and a whole bunch of leaves just literally fell out of the sky for a couple minutes in my front yard. No idea where they were blowing in from, as there are no trees in that area, and all of the trees around the neighborhood are already bare. They had to have gotten picked up and carried from a long way away, and just came down when they reached here and the wind died out. Never seen anything like that. Kind of freaky really.
  3. I swear this is one of those things most people don't even realize they have until it's gone. Losing power is so common around the state with Eversource and National Grid that people almost get used to it and expect it to happen. It's hard to imagine living somewhere where it doesn't happen until you actually live there. Until I moved to Wilmington, I had no idea what a perk it was, and I still didn't realize it fully until after I left.
  4. Best part of this storm for me wasn't the snowfall, it was that we didn't lose power. Lost power last week for almost 3 days, got it back on Friday, and then lost it again for a few hours on Saturday. I lived in Wilmington for 6 years before moving to Andover 5 years ago, and you guys should count your blessings for Reading Municipal Electric. I think we lost power in Wilmington a half dozen times, and never for more than 4-5 hours that I can remember. Since I've been in Andover, we lose power at least that many times per year, and multiple days without power isn't uncommon. National Grid is the McDonald's to Reading Muni's Capital Grille. Finally got a generator after a stiff breeze knocked out power for 3 days in October, and it still sucks trudging out there to dump gas in it all day and night, and then going to the gas station to fill up the cans, etc. So happy we kept the lights on this time around, probably because there aren't many trees left to fall that didn't already.
  5. I think it all boils down to the way people measure. If I went out there right now and stuck a yardstick in the ground, I'd probably get the 23-24 that is the "official" measurement for Andover. But, if you're measuring every 6 hours, and clearing, and avoiding the compaction (ie. actually measuring snowfall), the numbers can change significantly. I have a feeling 90% or more of the official measurements involve someone going outside after the storm ends and sticking a ruler in the ground. The bottom line is myself, and a number of other local posters, were in this thread all day, and sitting under the same bands Ray was, and his measurements were perfectly in line with what we were seeing.
  6. I can certainly back that up myself. By the way, my name is Greg too.
  7. No doubt in my mind we reached 30". Zero. And it ain't done yet.
  8. I'm 41 years old, have lived in Massachusetts my whole life, and I don't remember ever getting as much snow in a 2-3 hour period as we just got, and it's still coming down hard. If we didn't get a foot in three hours, I don't know what a foot of snow is. Poor dog can't even see over the edges of the path I had to trudge for him to walk through, and his eyes are about 30 inches off the ground when he stands on his hind legs.
  9. What about the one behind it, that looks to be getting into Fitchburg right now?
  10. It is still just absolutely dumping. Is the band even moving?
  11. That house is about 300 feet from where I just took the pic. No wind, visibility is all snow reduced.
  12. It's not even close, I can't wait to see Ray's last hour measurement, because I'm saying it's at least 3". The flake size, coupled with the amount, this is stuff that just piles up as you're watching it. I took the dog out about an hour ago, and then again about 5 minutes ago, and the footprints I made an hour ago (which were on an unshoveled walkway) were basically filled in.
  13. That's what I said about an hour ago. If we keep this pace, we'll be there in less than 2 hours.
  14. Basically at the intersection of 93 and 495 in Andover.