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  1. I think this is very close to the idea I was trying to express. As with any scientific arena, advances are sometimes fast sometime slow. I agree completely with the common idea that as technologically advanced as we are now, people expect that to carry over to forecasting the atmosphere.
  2. It makes me think that at some point in the future (maybe the way way off future) mets are going to look back on the how, the methods, we are currently trying to apply and wonder what we were thinking. I'm not sure the methods we are relying on are realistically capable of doing it. I don't want anyone to misinterpret what I am trying to say, I am constantly amazed at what mets and many others on here are currently able to do using what we have now. Just can't help thinking that at some point we will gain a different perspective, insight or understanding that will change the way we view and understand the atmosphere. I am a teacher and nothing excites me more then to have a student who shows a genuine, internal interest in weather/meteorology and to wonder if she or he may play a roll in that process.
  3. I get the difficulty modeling for an area as unfavorable (for snow) as ours is; latitude, geography, microclimates, etc. but it seems to me that most modeling, most of the time, misses even the bigger factors for our area. How many times a winter do we see situations like yesterday where even the major factors are miss-modeled or even flat out missed over time? Gulf connection, L pressure location, L pressure formation, speed of air mass, etc. etc.. Fascinating to me to watch the evolution of each storm and to watch us (and by us I mean those of you with so much more understanding then myself!) combine modeling with expertise/knowledge to arrive at a sensible forecast. Grateful to all of you here who have the knowledge and understanding, and the willingness to share it, to at least allow me to stand on the sidelines and observe your input and thoughts. Thanks to all of you!
  4. Also been said "those who have been screwed before are often screwed again."
  5. I visit this forum (Tennessee Valley) when I want to read/learn about the weather. I go to the SE page when I need some entertainment or a laugh. It is always nice to be able to read about the latest brick bashing or sky healing incident. Sorta like a secret soap opera escape. Unfortunately, living where we do, these winters now often result in the entertainment value of the SE being almost as pressing/important as the actual winter weather. Thank you to all of you who post here, it is a daily, often hourly or more habit of mine. I truly appreciate all that each of you bring to the discussion.
  6. Thanks for all you guys/girls do here. Any suggestions on the best radar site to use? Thanks in advance.