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  1. Thought this was different to see. 12 foot culvert rolled at least 100 yards from construction site where the tornado touched down last night.
  2. Might be some tornado damage 3 miles southwest of Herscher. Power poles down and roof torn off shed.
  3. Pic of storm from my backyard this morning as it rolled thru.
  4. Pretty good storm here. Large tree limbs and power lines down county wide. Several roads closed from damage.
  5. Reports of trees and powerlines down in Herscher with that line.
  6. Pic of a snow squall as it came thru this evening. Pretty wild to see.
  7. Wasn't sure if you saw the pic since you mentioned being skeptical, my bad. There was a few decent scans of the VIL as the storm was over Bourbonnais. The storm itself didn't look impressive though. I witnessed about .88" hail where I was at. The sun was actually out for a bit while it was hailing.
  8. Yeah. Had two rounds of storms here with hail, one of which produced some 2" hail in Bourbonnais.
  9. Nice. Was watching WGN news last night and they were showing the parking lot of I-65. Unreal.
  10. How much you have so far? Grant Park up to 7.5". A lot of county roads by there are closed.
  11. I was thinking the same thing here. 4 inch report from Grant Park in northeast Kankakee County. Don't know how accurate that is. Snow having hard time accumulating on the roads around here.
  12. Yeah. Mean here at 9" with a nice cluster between 8"-12". I thought ChicagoWx would be posting since we don't look too bad here.
  13. Yeah, Outside a few runs I thought they've done pretty good so far.
  14. Lol, me too. I use to e-mail him then and he'd always respond.
  15. It was in 1998. Reached at least the low 60s here too. I remember that very well. I was really into snow and cold then and I was miserable that day, lol.
  16. Yeah, I agree. Unless he takes his kids along on business trips with him and they were miraculously more calm than he was. Here is the narrative from the video on YouTube. Very close encounter with the tornado that rolled through Northern Illinois on April 9, 2015. My boss and friend Sam S. took the video and sent it to me soon after. Sam is not a storm chaser and was on his way to Indianapolis. He was visiting from North Carolina on business and had never had any experience with this type of weather. Unfortunately, I had to disable comments due to remarks made that were flat out vile.
  17. Dang, best vid I've seen. Amazing how calm he was.
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