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  1. Sorry, Harwinton. It snowed another inch after I wrote that this morning though so please add 6" more. I would do it but I'm on my phone lol
  2. can you add 5" for me please? I got 4 last night and 1 the other day. Thanks
  3. Can I share the third on Facebook and credit you? I love it.
  4. The snow at uconn is amazing will get pics at daylight
  5. Kevin I am on my phone can you add 23" for Harwinton and 32" for Storrs please
  6. Plow guy is stuck, truck can't handle it. Waiting on a winch...insanity. Can't imagine how it is where it's a foot deeper.
  7. subaru legacy > Subaru Wrx > Honda Pilot
  8. Cmon Phil. If he said 20" and 60 mph it would have been plausible lol.
  9. It was close here, stayed at 33 now 34. Wonder what the roads are like. I guess ill find out in about 20 minutes.
  10. This winter and this thread, summed up in one gif ^
  11. yo Ginx, it's been 6 months and my ankle still hurts. Was that the case for you too? I played basketball last night and it feels like crap today. I'm worried I reinjured something at some point. ugh.