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  1. Driveway is getting covered now in Maryville, road just starting to get slushy looks like there’s something coming up from chattanooga
  2. Looks like we’ve got another pretty good band coming off the plateau, need to keep feeding it moisture
  3. It’s snowing as hard as it has all day, piling up on grass, wood, anything but the road
  4. Decent flakes in Maryville pretty much all snow now nothing on grass yet
  5. We did pretty well over here! We've got the tallest grass in my neighborhood and you can't see a single blade through the snow!
  6. The snow plow/brine truck that just went through my street failed to scoop up any snow, and left a sheet of solid ice behind it. I'd have to think the snow is about wrapped up here. Light snow is possible for the next few hours, though.
  7. Tapered off for a minute, now we've got dimes coming down
  8. Decent snow falling in Maryville now! Just went under the band. 20:1 ratios are fun...
  9. Solid returns showing up in SE Knox. Sky looks ominous from Maryville, but dry here. What's it looking like in Knox?