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  1. It’s a leggings as pants kind of day. 54 here in Germantown when I woke up.
  2. Cool , cloudy morning today and it is absolutely lovely. Broke out a fall jacket.
  3. I'm 100% in support of any and all of this.
  4. Nah haha. I almost moved back to Louisiana because my divorce was getting messy. Still is, but Maryland is the best place for me now. I'm getting used to the place anyway. Maybe one day I'll experience one of those incredible snowstorms.
  5. I am indeed still here and likely will be here for the forseeable future, unless Louisiana gets really cool about some things as they relate to me really quickly. Lol.
  6. So eh, how about my Saints <3 BTW, are we going to do a get together before winter hits?
  7. Lol the storms are literally splitting around me in Germantown.
  8. Oh my this storm moving into Germantown looks nasty!
  9. Gotta love heat fueled severe warned storms!
  10. People texting me left and right... as far as rain storms go it was pretty good, but not catastrophic like I'd expect with all these texts.
  11. There's a beautiful towering thunderhead in Frederick right now and watching the lightning show from Germantown is so awesome.
  12. Yeah actually that looks pretty real. Looks about exactly like I saw it in person. It also had the same greenish hue to it.
  13. Alright so THAT was a good line and some good thunderstorms. I always joke that the "severe thunderstorms" we get up here are basically what we get every day in Louisiana. This one though, this one was legit.