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  1. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Can any Gaithersburg folks let me know what totals look like? I’m on a trip in SW PA and got 3” here. Want it for my log.
  2. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Ground absolutely covered in extreme southwest PA. Wonder how I’m doing out in Gaithersburg. You guys will probably pass me up the ne weekend I’m away!
  3. February Banter Thread

    So I am going to absolutely, 100% confirm I’m the snow bad luck charm. The one time I go to SW PA they are forecast to barely get anything and my home is in 4” contours.
  4. February Banter Thread

    Going to PA for the weekend. Wife's father is in critical condition with plummeting blood potassium and magnsium, a colon infection, and nobody knows what's wrong. :-/ Wish me luck y'all. Gonna have to catch the snow up there.
  5. Weekend Snowfest/Rainfest/Mixed Mess?

    ... I'm going to Pennsylvania this weekend, SW PA. At least there will be snow there hopefully. May miss the big event here though!
  6. February Discobs Thread

    I moved in December 2016. Baton Rouge has had more snow than us since. Yes, I already am WELL aware I’m the jinx.
  7. February Discobs Thread

    Very heavy rain, nice and calming. Reminds me of Louisiana when we get good rains like this.
  8. February Banter Thread

    I have. They do nothing about it. City is even aware of it. A quick search in the moco subreddit makes me think it’s actually fairly common up here.
  9. February Banter Thread

    Gotta love my godawful apartment complex. Every time it rains heavy, stuff gets into my water line. My water is brown and frothy. Yum.
  10. February 7th Snow To Rain Event

    Never got above 33. Hours of 33 plus rain though ruined the icing.
  11. February 7th Snow To Rain Event

    I've been at 32 degrees all day, I no longer trust my daily highs. That being said, this latest round of rain, even at 32 degrees on the ground, has sort of melted everything. Will make for a good re-freeze overnight though.
  12. February 7th Snow To Rain Event

    Back down to 32. There is no way I hit my high today. The high was 44, it's already lowered to 36. I doubt we even hit that. The ice on the trees is melting slowly but there should be quite a bit left when it freezes tonight.
  13. February 7th Snow To Rain Event

    Heavy rain, and none of it is sticking.
  14. February 7th Snow To Rain Event

    My high has been reduced from 44 to 38. Still sitting at 32. Feels a lot like Sunday.
  15. February 7th Snow To Rain Event

    Woah. Second time today this happened - rain got heavier and the temperature dropped back to 31. Getting really significant ice accums now on the trees. I'd say matches Sunday.