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  1. Y’all I’m really sorry. I moved here 4 winters ago and killed winter.
  2. Getting some real icing in Germantown.
  3. Ok y'all. How bad is the Wunderground app now? Anyone have an alternate app after they butchered it to serve 20 ads and not let you choose weather stations or see your location easily?
  4. Wow. I can confirm this snow squall is legit! Near whiteout in Germantown!
  5. Got 1” in my corner of Germantown. Would have been much more if 2/3 of it didn’t melt on contact all day.
  6. Roads are absolutely caving left and right in Germantown just in time for rush. This won’t be fun.
  7. With this second wave roads are starting to cave in germantown. I'm leaving to get my son from daycare now before they get too bad.
  8. Returns are fading. Grass is all white but sidewalks and roads are clear. Not bad.
  9. Not too much longer before the sidewalks cave in Germantown.
  10. Still falling and sticking in Germantown but it feels pointless. Accumulation is very minor even with the snow rates being pretty good right now, and the roads are just wet.
  11. Sticking in Gemantown now. Not on roads though.
  12. Good snow in Germantown, no accums yet though.