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  1. Power is QUITE annoyingly out in my part of Gaithersburg. Trying to figure out how widespread it is. Heck of a time to learn that my central heating doesn't work without power in my APT.
  2. Wow. I hit 18 degrees in Gaithersburg.
  3. 25 at my local station in Gaithersburg. How low can we go?
  4. Its high noon and the local weather station is showing 38. It's cold out there y'all.
  5. GFS first flakes within 10 days
  6. Oh man. The Camry was my first car, and it lasted all throughout college. You can imagine what a college student puts a car through, especially one that procrastinated as much as I did. I didn't change its oil for 10k miles once. Still ran like a charm and lasted many years afterwards when I finally got around to it.
  7. BWI: 15.0" DCA: 17.0" IAD: 19.0" RIC: 6.0" Tiebreaker (SBY): 6.0"
  8. Previous EPS:
  9. 06z, actually it looks like the recent GEFS is a small shift east.
  10. There are now almost as many Gulf tracks as there are Atlantic tracks.
  11. GEFS is on its way, almost ready to post.
  12. Will post GEFS shortly.
  13. Well, things sure got quiet here after MA was not involved