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  1. I haven't been paying as much attention at the beginning of this season but I'm finally here and ready to start tracking stuff. Things looking OK this winter?
  2. Germantown in a good snow microclimate. 12/4 T 12/11 0.5”
  3. Update: straight up snowing in Germantown! (Well, lots of flurries)
  4. Stray flakes in Germantown, maybe we will get a band.
  5. I mean, that would make them what... 23, 24? You're old (me too)
  6. Ok flizzard might have been strong but I was very impressed! It wasn’t just a few flakes but it was like a snow globe
  7. First flurries in Germantown! I got them too @BlizzardNole
  8. Back for my 4th winter here. Maybe this time I'll break 1' of snow for an event!
  9. It’s a leggings as pants kind of day. 54 here in Germantown when I woke up.
  10. Cool , cloudy morning today and it is absolutely lovely. Broke out a fall jacket.
  11. I'm 100% in support of any and all of this.
  12. Nah haha. I almost moved back to Louisiana because my divorce was getting messy. Still is, but Maryland is the best place for me now. I'm getting used to the place anyway. Maybe one day I'll experience one of those incredible snowstorms.
  13. I am indeed still here and likely will be here for the forseeable future, unless Louisiana gets really cool about some things as they relate to me really quickly. Lol.