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  1. Anyway, thanks to @psuhoffman for being an excellent host, my kid absolutely loved hanging out too. It was awesome meeting everyone and we will have to do it again sometime. I appreciated all of the insight into the local weather from the seasoned vets to a new Mid-Atlantic guy like me. Loved that I got to talk hurricanes and such with people. Looking forward to another gathering, perhaps in fall.
  2. lol I'm never gonna live this down.
  3. At least my wife was home so I was able to drop the kid off and don't have to lug him back.
  4. God I feel stupid haha. I had used the bottle opener on it and for some reason put it in my pocket. They feel like my keys too. So sorry! But I guess I get to see everyone again!
  5. I'm On my way! Back by the way
  6. I have someone's keys. I don't know who's. It's got a Carol County Public Library card on it. @psuhoffman If you PM me, I can give you my number, but I can't PM you because you've got PM's turned off.
  7. He decided it was worth more of his time to argue over bringing the dogs leash sans dog than it was to get ready.
  8. Running a touch late, probably will be there at 12:30-12:45.
  9. Alright, I'll be there shortly after 12. Takes a little while sometimes to travel with 2 year old in tow. I'm coming from Gaithersburg, so not terribly far, but far enough that I may need a stop with him, lol.
  10. I'll definitely be coming. When is the best time, @psuhoffman, to show up? When does it seem everyone else will be coming?
  11. Likewise. I left Louisiana to get AWAY from the heat. But I'm quickly learning something that I didn't realize when I moved up here... While Louisiana is hotter, and Louisiana is more humid, at least Louisiana has daily rain storms to break the heat in the summer. Here... well, I have realized that is not the case.
  12. I'll arrive, probably with my 2yo in tow And either with some cash or some food.
  13. Local weather station just broke 100.
  14. The best thing about being fringed by a collapsing thunderstorm though... the nice cold air pump effect is awesome right now. It would be 90 degrees outside but it's 78 instead.
  15. Nooo, I'm in that shield! I can't complain though, I got whallopped yesterday.