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  1. Although as mentioned above, the data is available elsewhere after-the-fact, here's the answer to the original question. This is for Windows 7 and 10. Warning - it is super easy to chew up a ton of disk space saving these things. When hopping between multiple sites, I've racked up 100+ gig for a single big event at times. Files are retained according to setting inside each application, AND those settings are applied as it is running and again when you invoke it. You set the retention period by navigating to File/Configure Polling and filling in the "Keep files for ___ hours" prompt. Note you may have to stop the polling in order to edit the polling configuration. Also, if you set retention to several days' worth, leave it polling for hours and hours, then close things up, the files that weren't purged by the time you closed out will be sitting out there taking up disk space until you go back into that site. Not the program - you have to visit that radar site itself, then the program looks in that directory and sees and wipes the dozens of files from three months ago when you last pulled up that radar. So the moral of the above is - if you want to save the files for later use, move/copy them elsewhere, and do it before the retention period ends or before you visit that radar site again. Also, you can usually recover some disk space by cleaning out the download directories. Files are downloaded every 4-5 minutes to site-specific subdirectories using the paths shown below: /users/{you}/AppData/Local/GR2Analyst_2/{site} /users/{you}/AppData/Local/GRLevel3_2/{site} Also there will be a subdirectory for ptypes, and GRLevel3 has an additional file "grlevel3_log.txt". Site is lowercase in the paths. The two programs diverge at this point - GR2Analyst files will typically be in the 5-10 MB size range but can be much larger if things are hopping (like tonight with Hurricane Laura making landfall) and have the naming convention: SITE_CCYYMMDD_HHMM with no file extension. GR2Analyst file names are the only time in all of this where the site is in upper case. Here's my GR2Analyst data for Lake Charles as of a few minutes ago: Directory of C:\Users\Z\AppData\Local\GR2Analyst_2\klch 26-Aug-20 22:59 PM 13,382,915 KLCH_20200827_0253 26-Aug-20 23:06 PM 13,370,212 KLCH_20200827_0259 26-Aug-20 23:13 PM 13,420,322 KLCH_20200827_0306 26-Aug-20 23:20 PM 13,384,107 KLCH_20200827_0313 26-Aug-20 23:27 PM 13,789,648 KLCH_20200827_0320 GRLevel3 will give you files anywhere from 50k-500k, and I think - but have not confirmed - it downloads only the panels you are viewing, so if you are single-panel BR you won't be getting the additional data for SRV - but don't quote me on that. GRLevel3's naming convention is: site_CCYYMMDD_HHMMSS.rv3x - note file extension Here's Falcon Field (Atlanta) files from earlier today: 26-Aug-20 14:54 PM 454,696 kffc_20200826_184747.rv3x 26-Aug-20 14:58 PM 458,046 kffc_20200826_185300.rv3x 26-Aug-20 15:03 PM 452,248 kffc_20200826_185747.rv3x 26-Aug-20 15:08 PM 455,662 kffc_20200826_190234.rv3x 26-Aug-20 15:13 PM 455,451 kffc_20200826_190732.rv3x 26-Aug-20 15:13 PM 379,694 kffc_20200826_191231.rv3x Hope that helps!
  2. About half an inch overnight. My gauge needs to be resecured so it collect properly. We've had nice regular rains this spring and the container garden is just exploding. Only the stuff in the 3-4" pots has been requiring supplemental watering between rains.
  3. Glad to be getting nice soaking rains in spring, but we could do without the tornados, OK? After missing the first couple of months of the pre-last-date-of-average-frost seed starts period, I'm playing catchup. The garden centers are being stripped bare of seeds that normally languish until they go on 75%-off in October to be snatched up by people willing to risk they won't be viable for spring 2021. And I'm getting the usual frustrations: Salvia coccinea at $1 for a ten-year-supply of seeds is popping up at near-100% germination, meanwhile 30-some Scarlet Runner Beans are *zero* .. suspecting both bean packets (from different suppliers, but same store of purchase) got left out in a seriously-freezing-cold night or something grrrr. Of course, it's the Scarlet Runners that can't be found at any local store and the online suppliers have 2-6 week delays because they're overloaded.
  4. I think it's a boilerplate/template not getting updated. They've sometimes said radar indicated even while the text says Law-Enforcement-reports ...
  5. A few minutes later, starting to cross 75 at one of the busier gas-up-and-eat intersections in south Georgia ...
  6. What causes this one-frame blast of SRV? I've just been assuming it's glitched data or some values the algo couldn't handle, or my settings. About to cross 75 soon.
  7. If you've upgraded to at least v2.82 for Analyst & v2.90 for Level3, and done the warnings server change, then you've got some other issue. My system is Windows 7. I've got a Windows 10 box also running the software, but haven't fired it up lately and to be honest I've forgotten whether or not the warnings work on it. Some systems are configured in a way that they won't let you hit http: any more (it IS less secure). They want https: in which case you'll need another warnings server. So maybe poke around and find another free warning feed and see if that works?
  8. Updating both GRLevel3 & GR2Analyst back in 2019 worked to fix the problem the first time around. Then they went away in Analyst v2.6 somewhere along the line, but I didn't care since I seldom used warnings in Analyst and they still worked in GRLevel3. Then on the event of April 12th it finally got frustrating and I upgraded both programs, debugged a warnings server issue and it works happily again. I'm running GR2Analyst v2.82 and GRLevel3 v2.90, with the warnings server set to IT DID NOT WORK WITH (my fingers automatically type https) and I had to exit the program and go back in for it to pick up the change and work. Here's what I posted over on the owner's forum for it: Downloaded and installed the current non-beta version, 2.82 from this thread: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=10906 You'll need to NOT be running the existing GR2A or you get an error in the installation. Go to View dropdown, Warning Settings, and make sure it's set to: Note that's http and not https Go to Windows dropdown and check Show Warnings Window. It was NOT checked by default on mine. THEN CLOSE GR2A AND GO BACK IN and restart polling. It didn't actually load the warnings right until I did that, and when it did load, the warnings window was this itty-bitty popup way off in left field on my double-sized monitor. I almost missed it and was cursing that nothing worked, until noticing that the COUNTS next to the warning checkboxes were updated, so it was getting data from somewhere. I'm sure other people are using other warnings server settings. I mention specifically because that is what is working for me, as of this very minute.
  9. Just shifted over to very light rain ... sigh ... it was nice while it lasted. Looks like we are just on the edge of the rain/snow line and one exit further north on 400 they are getting MY snow. About 3.5" on deck, 1+ on the ground.
  10. (South Forsyth county, just south of Stony Point airfield) There's about 2" now on top of the deck railings, furniture and tree limbs. The lawn is starting to become smooth-white instead of patchy-white bumps where it stuck to the grass and melted on the ground. Still coming down, although not as intensely as an hour ago.
  11. It's finally switched over to big fat flakes, and lots of them, about 15 minutes ago. The elevated deck is *almost* white covered ... another 5 minutes, perhaps? We'd been getting tease with little flurries of white specks off an on for an hour+ until it finally committed. This is South Forsyth county a bit south of Stony Point Airfield ...
  12. You can click on the map below to get Lat/Long/Elevation, or key in a specific address: