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  1. Hi, does anyone know of any custom storm track mods that are free for GR3/GR2? I know that there are the default storm tracks, but I see other people using these custom storm tracks with more information than a line with 15-minute markers? I tried out the PSTC, but that costs more than it's worth imo. If anyone knows any custom storm track mods, please let me know. -Thanks.
  2. Uncle Bobby, I solved my issue by locating my registration key. Program works normally now. I have a server where I can load up multiple instances of GRLevel3 at once and have it run at different radar sites and I'll be able to input them into GRL3. I don't know if i should let the radar images play or if I could leave them stationary.
  3. Thanks. Although, I am going to have to wait a bit to use them. GRLevel3 randomly decided to say my trial period has expired... EVEN THOUGH I HAD A KEY ENTERED. so... yeah... Have to somehow get in touch with someone at Gibson Ridge to help.
  4. Hey, SharonA! I found the radar image scans from KLCH (Lake Charles, LA) of Hurricane Laura making landfall. But they're an rv3x file format? What am I supposed to do with those if I want to play them back or just view them?
  5. Hello, I have been trying to look up this topic for a while and have not been able to find any topic on this. But here's my deal: I use a radar application called "GRLevelX" More specifically, GRLevel3 2.00. I am looking to start weather forecasting and coverage on my own terms, I'll get to my story later on in a different post. The point I want to bring up today, is that I'd like to save the radar scans that I receive from any radar site and have it locally saved to my computer so that I can go back in the future after a hurricane, tornado outbreak or general thunderstorms to have a recap of the radar/velocity images. Would there be some kind of way to do this? It's basically an archive. |Background: I am a young teenager who was originally involved in politics, but then got tired of the debates and the hate. I decided to move to weather, something I have been studying since Hurricane Matthew. I've been looking to start my own YouTube broadcasts to bring coverage to folks who may have the internet but don't have access to television or radio or have access but are tired of news media hype. I've also tried to take this opportunity to educate young youth like myself to get inspired by weather and maybe one day be a real meteorologist who can save people's lives. I am not about the hype and/or the drama, I am about sending people a message with facts so I can help save more lives during times of severe weather. I live in a state that frequently gets storms, hurricanes and tornadoes, it is important that people stay safe. Most people don't take my age group seriously when it comes to weather. With my inspiration about weather and experience, I hope adults can finally get a sense that it's not the age or the looks, rather, the experience and knowledge one has.|