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  1. What's happening today is that I get radar data fine, but am not getting the warnings. The warning window is empty, no polygons plot, and there are no counters next to the tickboxes for which warnings to display on the map. I've got paid versions of GRLevel3 and GR2Analyst, and a few months ago purchased a new Windows 10 system, downloaded then-current versions of the programs from the website and successfully installed them. Or so I thought. This machine doesn't get used much and today I'm using it for what I think is the first time in an active severe event - and warnings do not plot. It's possible that the warnings didn't work before but I didn't catch it. I've tried the GR site forums but get taken to a Facebook group - I don't do Facebook. Google is producing results that aren't working ... so ... help please? Under Warning Settings, for the server, so far I've tried both warnings.cod.edu/ and warnings.allisonhouse.com, with and without the https: instead of http: Thanks!
  2. SharonA

    Severe storms and flash flooding for May 7-13

    I was showing someone how the radar software worked and it served up a very impressive peak of 77.5 dB returns over Houmont Park/Beaumont Place NE of downtown Houston.
  3. SharonA

    Severe storms and flash flooding for May 7-13

    You beat me to it. Didn't have a quarter to compare it to, but ours looked about like that. I had to help wrestle a couple of completely wired kids so getting GOOD photos of the hail didn't happen. "Here" is about a mile NE of the #2030 gauge at Buffalo Bayou at Greenbusch Road - I think that's a few miles N-NW of you.
  4. SharonA

    Severe storms and flash flooding for May 7-13

    I'm currently in Katy, Texas, where it's been sticky-hot for a couple of hours - no thermometer here, unfortunately - as activity initiated mostly further east. But in the last few scans there is some activity starting to pop up around Houston and points south. EMS here is preparing for intense heavy rain and flooding, with Harvey's floods still very fresh in their minds.
  5. SharonA

    April 18, 19, 2019 Severe Event

    The second round has been organizing itself for the last couple of hours and finally develops callable circulation right before it passes me by ... (in S Forsyth County) We've had thunder and light rain for some time, now it's just much louder, much windier, and much heavier rain.
  6. Speaking of fishing, anyone gone striper fishing on Lake Lanier? I've been thinking of trying out one of the guide services, but that sort of thing is more fun (and less expensive!) with a group so I've never actually called one of the services to book.
  7. SharonA

    April 2019 Observations

    South Forsyth County just north of Alpharetta - the first "real rain" just started, accompanied by a couple thunder rumbles. Until the current cell started to move in, the morning was simply a series of wind gusts and the occasional intermittent splattering or drizzle of rain. There was enough wind to blow the remaining flowers off the trees. My little pineapple sage purchases needed to be transplanted ASAP. They are loving the weather we've had this last week and exploding out of their tiny pots.
  8. SharonA

    4/12/19 - 4/13/19 Dixie Alley Outbreak

    Odd juxtaposition of "CONFIRMED LARGE AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TORNADO" with "RADAR CONFIRMED TORNADO" with the east-of-Griffin cell. Usually the confirmed-large-etc source is spotter or EMS. Meanwhile it's just gusting and damp in S Forsyth County, for now. Not complaining.
  9. SharonA

    Post Arctic front snow Tuesday, Jan 29

    Still here, just watching and reading. I don't have much to contribute to the meteorological discussion and this wasn't the banter or Obs thread. We don't have a ton of little birds frantically stuffing their faces, and zero juncos to be found amongst the birds I have tabulated the last two days here. So that would hint it's not going to be Snowmaggedon. back to lurking ...
  10. SharonA

    December 2018 Obs

    There's an optimistic wren singing away outside and I've got the windows open to get some fresh air - 68F outside so far. It was sort of surreal seeing low 60s overnight so soon after having mid-20s kill off the last of the basil and sage.
  11. SharonA

    Major Hurricane Michael

    That was an exhibit plane, one of the displays that every AFB seems to have for visitors. I can't remember if this specific display was bolted down to concrete blocks, or just held by cables. But either way it's impressive to think of what forces it would have taken to break it off the base, even a stripped, fuel-less and therefore much lighter than usual plane.
  12. SharonA

    Michael Banter Thread

    Interesting information. I hadn't realized it was that power-intensive. TILSN. Thanks!
  13. SharonA

    Hurricane Michael

    Yes, and that twisting can result in huge spiral slashes in the trunks. Those pines are super flexible, as the videos show. The twisting and bending action when the upper growth catches the winds can cause spiral-like cracks. If the tree isn't actually blown over or broken off, sometimes those huge cracks end up being closed again, sometimes closing on objects so it looks like the item was shoved through the three when what happened is it was blown into an open crack which then closed around the object. Somewhere here i have a series of B&W photographs from Ocala National Forest after a major landfall. It was acre after acre of bent, broken, and cracked trees and many of them had massive curling cracks. Some others that were still standing had sap drips down the bark that revealed severe internal damage.
  14. SharonA

    Major Hurricane Michael

    IMO that's partly due to the population differential. Once you get away from the coast, central Florida panhandle is very lightly populated outside of small and medium towns dotted around here and there until you hit Tallahassee or Pensacola. A non-trivial chunk of the area impacted by the eastern side of the storm for the first few dozen miles inland was the Appalachicola National Forest.
  15. SharonA

    Michael Banter Thread

    It will be rebuilt. That region is a popular tourist destination and snowbird spot for those who want oceanfront-type activities without paying the prices of Cedar Key and South Florida. Plus, it's several hours closer than South Florida destinations which for a family driving in from the western side of things, coming down the I-65 corridor, that can mean an extra day or two vacation. I'd happily buy a big chunk of land there if I had the money to spare.
  16. SharonA

    October 2018 Observations

    Absolutely gorgeous outside, with some decent strong breezes. Things are getting a chance to dry out after last night's drenching. We didn't get tons of rain from Michael's outermost-NW-bands, but it was several hours of near-continual rain that just moved from light to moderate to misting then back to light, accompanied by gusts I'd estimate as sometimes maybe hitting 35-40. Amusing "jump out of the skin" time last night: the local coyote family was having one of their noisy walkabouts, and thanks to the rain and wind sounds, even with the windows open I didn't hear the usual telltale yips and yapping conversation as they approached. So it was a complete shocker when they broke into howling a few feet away from the house. Like having a horror movie soundtrack on, what with wind in the treetops and WOLVES HOWLING RIGHT OUTSIDE OMG WE ARE GOING TO DIE.
  17. SharonA

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Lots of black bears in that area of the state. That would be an unpleasant visitor to have poking through your rubble pile. Swimmers, climbers, runners - they are resilient.
  18. SharonA

    Major Hurricane Michael

    This. That chunk of the coast - and eastwards to Bald Point - is packed with developments marketed heavily as winter homes and vacation rentals. Which means a non-trivial chunk of the economy is in the management and servicing of those rentals. I'd see the flyers in the hotel lobby for new developments pitching "build your dream retirement home and rent it out for big $$ until you're ready to move in". Eastwards towards Panacea the population density was much lower, btw.
  19. SharonA

    Michael Banter Thread

    That section of the Florida Coast has a high number of winter homes and vacation rentals owned by people From Up North. Lots of calls being attempted to property managers today, I'd bet. If one of my professors wasn't the "Absolutely no extensions. Late homework is a zero" diehards I'd be en route with a volunteer group to spend a week. They need donations and hands. Speaking of volunteering - If you have the time but aren't up to hard physical cleanup-type labor, OBR can still use you - www.facebook.com/OperationBBQRelief/posts/1852743314816447
  20. SharonA

    Michael Banter Thread

    There's been an impressive increase in the continual wind and the gusts just in the last 10 minutes. FFC radar shows western Douglas/east Carroll County as getting some sharp wind changes, which is about what I'd expect. So far it's just lots of rain, and wind well below SVR criteria. No damage at my place (yet) although the line of strongest winds hasn't yet hit.
  21. SharonA

    Major Hurricane Michael

    All those holes to let the air through and a bit of luck not getting hit by speeding debris. That entire video is testimony to the importance of the building envelope staying intact.
  22. SharonA

    Michael Banter Thread

    Actual footage, fer sure. Some of the posts from drone flights were intense.
  23. SharonA

    Major Hurricane Michael

    That stretch of the Gulf coast survives on tourism, ocean-vacation-stuff, aquaculture, some agriculture + timber, and things like the prisons all over the panhandle. This hurricane is going to impact all of those economic sectors. Particularly the tourism. Vacation rental availability has just tanked, and right before the winter high season kicks in. Debris everywhere, and the scallop and oyster harvests will definitely be affected. Mexico City is one of those spots along the highway that's a cluster of homes, vacation rentals, little inns, restuarnts + some tourist-type shops, then blink you've already exited the town. Driving through Tyndall is just a loooong stretch of pinewoods, no-trespassing signs and bear crossing signs. I've driven through those areas many a time on fall migration tracking trips. Methinks next fall there will be a totally different set of landmarks to learn ...
  24. Welcome to the joys of BGE ownership! LoveloveLOVE mine! Pricey but it was worth every penny. I went to the Atlanta EggToberFest several years ago out of curiousity about BGEs, bought a demo, and called husband to tell him to clear a path from garage to back deck, be prepared for some heavy lifting, and by the way he was off the hook, he'd just bought me a Big Green Egg for anniversary, birthday, and Christmas that year. His coworkers the next week: "Surrrrrrre she wanted it for her birthday. What are you getting her next, an outboard motor?" What kind of gasket do you have on it? That picture didn't look like the usual factory-felt or silver-gray high-temp replacement. One suggestion - move that puppy further away from the siding. The heat that comes off of them can get very intense and they stay hot for a long time (which is great when you are doing 800F sears and quick fired-pizzas). I've seen many a photo of siding that was discovered to be warped when they moved the Egg for cleaning or whatever. Downside: It's ruined us for going to to fancy steakhouse dinners. When my team was taken out to Morton's, I found myself realizing the steak we'd grilled at home the previous weekend was much tastier than the $50+ cut they were buying us. Now when I have to eat out I find I'm always analyzing the meal with an eye towards "what did I like / what was neat here that we could try at home?".
  25. SharonA

    APRIL 2018 OBS

    I need to get a real thermometer instead of just say it's short-sleeve-comfy outside. It's bbq weather! The pine pollen drop was not as spectacular this year as in others. Carolina jessamine is in full bloom, and the hummingbirds are all over it. So are the carpenter bees ugh. The honeysuckle is charging along trying to take over, but each year it gets easier to distinguish it from the jessamine and coralvine and trumpet vine so as to pull up only the invasives. This week is WFH, birdsong and breezes coming in through the open windows, while the gang at the office gets snow and freezing rain. My punishment is having to pull up huge amounts of honeysuckle, and still trying to work my way through converting the downed trees from last week's storm line into firewood and burn-pit-stuff. Hoping the line coming through about 12 hours from now isn't as wet or as bad as possible.